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11006Re: [TBG] turning the wheel

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  • Sherab Gyatso
    Jun 26, 2013
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      > So, in closing, let me say that I will study the texts Sherub has mentioned to me, however, since you folks seem so unfortunately set in your ways, and that may be a product of how you follow your venerable Teachers (surely not their Teaching, for I can say without fear of being wrong, that the Great and true Teachers of humanity do not teach such close mindedness, in fact just the opposite as a reflection of the Para Para Guru of all Teachers-the Buddha), so, please take my name off of your e-mail address list.
      > Nameste'

      As I said, do not get upset. Just remember that talking through e-mail on spiritual topics often sounds argumentative. Unfortunately even when it is not.

      Buddhism in America right now is well, something with thousands of books published.

      My personal library is just under a thousand, I have read a third of it.

      But that is what it takes, very important to think that there is more, and try to go out there to get it, to get there.

      Get more and more books, read as many as you can.
      Meditate and go to teachings,
      Participate in group retreats.

      Take a look here, two excellent websites:
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