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10137New location for Lama Gape/Dzambhala, Tara & Yamantaka Retreat/May7-10/Lincoln, VT

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  • DDCV
    May 6, 2009
      Ven. Lama Gape
      May 7-10, 2009
      New Location in Lincoln, VT
      Contact us for address/directions at
      ddcv@... or 802-453-3431


      May 7
      White Dzambhala
      Wealth and Prosperity Empowermet
      A very special White Dzambhala empowerment will be given as well as the transmission of the practice "Summoning Good Fortune, the Practice of White Dzambhala" which is a practice that H.E. Garchen Rinpoche has encouraged his students to do because of its vast benefits.
      Sug. Don. - $25
      Time - 7 PM
      Location - Private Location in Lincoln, VT

      May 8
      Achi Dharma Tara
      Pure Vision Transmission & Teachings
      Achi Dharma Tara is the the head of the Karma - Activitiy Dakinis and is an emanation of Vajrayogini. This Pure Vision practice is a very recent treasure revelation especially potent for these difficult times when there are many obstacles to accomplishing spiritual practice. This practice also has different activity sections for increasing life force, summoning prosperity, divining the future as well as many other special activity sections that make this practice unique.
      Sug. Don. - $40
      Time - 9:30-12 & 2:30-5 pm
      Location - Private Location in Lincoln, VT


      May 9-10
      Yamantaka Empowerment and Teachings:
      The Protection and Repelling Practice of Manjushri-Yamantaka
      Lama Gape will give the special empowerment of Manjushri-Yamantaka that has been held in the Drikung lineage since the time of the Gyalwang Rinchen Phuntsok. This is a very powerful Wrathful practice that has only recently been given to Westerners. The practice of Manjushri-Yamantaka has the special quality of being able to dispel obstacles, repel unfavorable circumstances, and protect oneself and others from falling under their sway. This practice also has great power in bringing about peace in times when the minds of beings are pervaded by ignorance and aggression. Over the last few years, practitioners have been able to experience the great benefits of this practice in Drubchens that have taken place due to the great kindness of H.E. Garchen Rinpoche. The focus of these teachings will be on practicing Yamantaka as a daily practice or when one encounters obstacles. Lama Gape, has engaged in over 30 Yamantaka Drubchens and has received the precious oral instructions on this practice from many of the most accomplished Yamantaka practitioners. He also recently published a book on the practice of Yamantaka-Manjushri that he wrote at the request of H.E. Garchen Rinpoche. On Lama Gapes book H.E. Garchen Rinpoche wrote "Because I fully trust Lama Gapes experiences of this practice and his ability to convey them, I asked him to compose this commentary, as I felt it would bring great benefit to all practitioners."
      Sug. Don. - $100
      Time - 9:30-12 & 2:30-5 PM both days
      Location - Private Location in Lincoln, VT


      To register please contact us at ddcv@... or 802-453-3431
      Work study and scholarships are available.
      No on will be turned away for financial reasons.
      More info about these teachings can be found at www.ddcv.com

      Teaching Location
      These teachings will take place at a private location in Lincoln, VT.
      Please contact us at ddcv@... or 802-453-3431 for address/directions

      Inexpensive community housing is available for $20 per nignt.
      Please contact us at ddcv@... ASAP if you need housing.
      Other housing can be found at www.ddcv.com under the retreat housing link


      The nearest major city is Burlington VT.
      For $25 pickups can be arranged to have you picked up from airport/bus station/train.


      Bio for Ven. Gape Lama
      Gape Lama was born in 1965 into conditions of political turmoil and exile associated with the Chinese Cultural Revolution.������ Gape Lama had the good fortune to receive instruction at the age of fourteen on the effects of virtuous and harmful actions by the great yogi Tamga, and he completed the four hundred thousand accumulations of the preliminary practices (ngondro) according to the Buddhist Yangzab terma.

      His family having long been associated with Gar Monastery prior to the Cultural Revolution, Gape Lama made great efforts to travel to the Gar Monastery where he received refuge ordination from His Eminence Garchen Rinpoche. He then received full monastic ordination and the bodhisattva vow from the great siddha Karma Norbu, and was admitted to the Gar Monastery. There, he trained in the ritual practices of the tantras of Old and New Schools and other diverse religious activities. He was selected for special training at Lho Lungkar Monastery, including the Eight Heruka Sadhanas, the Embodiment of the Masters' Realization, Vajrakilaya, and the Dechen Nyingpo - Essence of Great Bliss. He served as chant master and, later, as disciplinarian of the Gar monastery.

      Thereafter, he received teachings from many of the great living Buddhist masters including Dzogchen trekchod and thogal from Khenpo Munsel Rinpoche, the entirety of the Drikung Kagyu protectors and the higher and lower tantra sections from HE Garchen Rinpoche, and received from Khenpo Jigme Phuntsok his own terma (mind treasure) of the Kilaya cycle of teachings. At Drigung Thil, he received from Drubpon Tendzin Nyima some of the profound teachings of the Drikung Kagyu such as the Fivefold Mahamudra and the Six Yogas [of Naropa]. He studied the Gong Chig (Single Intention), Essence of Mahayana, The Bodhisattva Way of Life, and the Thirty-Seven Bodhisattva Practices with Drigung Khenpo Namzig. Under the elder Drigung chant master Konchog Samten, he trained in the ritual practices of Chakrasamvara, Varahi, the Yangzab, Sarvavid and Akshobhya.

      Thereafter, HE Garchen Rinpoche asked him to undertake a series of assignments to help reorganize and reestablish Buddhist practice and monastic discipline in monasteries throughout th e region after, in some cases, a twenty-five year breach in the Buddhist practice tradition including Lho Miyel Monastery, Khargo Monastery, and later Tseri Monastery in Sichuan where he reestablished the Great Accomplishment (Drupchen) practice of Yamantaka and gave other teachings. Then, again at the request of HE Garchen Rinpoche, he served as Lama (religious teacher and minister) for two years at Tamgo Monastery in Central Tibet, the former dwelling place of Chung Dorje Dragpa, the fourth lineage holder of the Drikung Kagyu. There, Gape Lama established the summer retreat, set up a yearly teaching schedule, and appointed a chant master, disciplinarian and shrine master.

      Subsequently, at Gar Monastery, Gape Lama took responsibility for instructing the nuns at the Fivefold Mahamudra Meditation Center of Gargon Nunnery. In the year 2000 he went to India and received the complete Drikung Kagyu empowerments, transmissions and teachings during the Drigung Snake Year teachings. Thereafter, he went to Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan. He then came to America to do a Yamantaka Retreat with HE Garchen Rinpoche, and served as the resident Lama for the Mercy and Treasure Buddhist Foundation in California. At present, he serves as a Resident Lama and Chant Master for the Garchen Institute in Arizona, as well as continuing to serve as visiting Lama (religious teacher and minister) at the Mercy and Treasure Buddhist Foundation. HE Garchen Rinpoche has also requested Gape Lama to serve as Chant Master (religious ritual master) all the Gar Buddhist Dharma centers in the West.