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  • Cittamani
    Mar 10, 2009

      Great to see people who have been to Kopan and other FPMT places.

      Kopan was a life altering event for me.  First went to the month long Novenber course in 1975.  I took refuge with Lama Yeshe as we were so fortunate to be with him during his brief time .

      Again in 1983 / 84 I was there again, also the 30 day autumn course.  In 1983 was Lama Yeshes final visit to Kopan before he went to Calif and died there, spring 1984.  He put me into individual retreat just before he left and I was still in retreat when he passed away.

      I went to McLeod ganj for the fire offering at the Namgyal temple and LamaZopa was there, Tushita center,  after the ceremonies for Lama Yeshe.  Again, for me the final time I returned to Kopan in fall of 1984 for the full 30 day course at Kopan.  They were all auspicious.

      Lama Zopa I consider my guiding Lama.  He has done such amazing work for the dharma worldwide.  So many centers and now working for the Mongolian peoples who have struggled for so long to keep their practice of Buddhism alive.

      FPMT education programs are carefully developed, a learning program for every one; from beginners thru a Masters program.  Many are stued at home courses but also some resident programs.


      In Italy at Lama TsongKhapa Institute the residential Masters Program:


      Sarva mangalam,

      Yeshe Gawa [not ordained, just my refuge name from dear Lama]

      ---  ariunn <no_reply@...> wrote:

      > Hi Tom,
      > I was in Kopan 2004 with Ven. Gyatso.
      > --- In tibetanbuddhistgroup@yahoogroups.com, tom talylor
      > jedimasterham@ wrote:
      > >
      > > Well personally, I think the FPMT has great
      > programs. The first one that I did was the one
      > > month Lam-Rim program at Kopan Monastery in Nepal. It was very well
      > put together since they've done the one month course for around 30
      > years now, and it's usually taught by western buddhists who knew Lama
      > Yeshe and Lama Zopa Rinpoche since the beginning of Kopan and the
      > FPMT. Like the teachers we had were Thubten Gyatso, an australian doctor
      > > turned monk, and a nun named Robbina Courtin (if i've spelled it
      > correctly..).
      > >
      >  Both were great because they could relate to the typical western life we already 
      > > know, not to mention that they would also give us
      > a western and Tibetan viewpoint on Buddhism if we needed it.
      > Additionally, we'd have teachings from other great lamas, like the
      > abbot there, Khenrinpoche Lama Lhundrup, and Denma Loche
      > Rinpoche, H.E. Dorje 
      > > Change Rinpoche, and so on. 
      > >
      > >
      > The other place I was at was the Milarepa Center in Vermont, a small retreat
      > > center that hosts events every couple weeks or months. Being a volunteer there, I found out that everyone puts a lot of time and effort preparing for the events. Like when one of the Dalai Lama's old teachers came to teach and give empowerments, (ie. Kirti Tsenshab Rinpoche) everything had to be perfect. So from what I've seen, the FPMT does put a lot of 
      > > hard work into their events and programs. Besides that, living at their places, in Nepal and the
      > US, offers a great learning atmosphere and diversity of viewpoints on Buddhism. Ok, 
      > > hope that helps a bit. Email me if you need have any specific
      > questions. Cheers,
      > >      
      > >
      > > --- On Sun, 11/30/08, Steve Cody bolox123@ wrote:
      > > From: Steve Cody bolox123@
      > > Subject: Re: [TBG] FMPT
      > > To: tibetanbuddhistgroup@yahoogroups.com
      > > Date: Sunday, November 30, 2008, 7:24 AM
      > >
      > > Hi TomThanks for your reply.It was just some general info i was
      > after regarding the FPMT.how are their study programmes structured
      > ?what qualifications and experience do their teachers have ?what was
      > your experience like living at a centre ?ThanksSteve
      > >
      > > --- On Sat, 29/11/08, tom talylor <jedimasterham@ yahoo.com> wrote:
      > > From: tom talylor <jedimasterham@ yahoo.com>
      > > Subject: Re: [TBG] FMPT
      > > To: tibetanbuddhistgrou p@yahoogroups. com
      > > Date: Saturday, 29 November, 2008, 9:50 PM
      > >
      > > hey there, I volunteered and also studied with the FPMT. If you've
      > some questions, I might be able to help out somewhat. Cheers,
      > >            Tom
      > >
      > > --- On Sun, 11/23/08, bolox123 bolox123@yahoo. co.uk> wrote:
      > > From: bolox123 bolox123@yahoo. co.uk>
      > > Subject: [TBG] FMPT
      > > To: tibetanbuddhistgrou p@yahoogroups. com
      > > Date: Sunday, November 23, 2008, 8:40 AM
      > >
      > > Any of you fOlk have any knowledge or experience of the FMPT ?
      > >

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