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    Walid, Thank you ... From: wmaalouli To: ti99-4a@yahoogroups.com Sent: Monday, December 05, 2011
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      Thank you
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      From: wmaalouli
      Sent: Monday, December 05, 2011 9:14 AM
      Subject: [TI-99/4A] Re: IDE CARD FOR BID ~ SALE


      You're right, it's 12 hours not 24. Here are the rules:

      Your ability to end a listing early depends on the amount of time remaining in the listing and whether the listing has received any bids.

      If there are 12 hours or more before the end of the listing, you can end the listing early without restrictions. If there are any bids on your item when you end the listing, you'll be asked whether you want to cancel the bids or sell the item to the high bidder.

      If there are 12 hours or less before the end of the listing, your ability to end the listing early depends on whether there are any bids on the item and whether the item has a reserve price.

      Number of bids on the item

      Can the listing be ended early?

      No bids, including no canceled bids

      Yes, as long as there aren't any canceled bids.

      1 or more bids

      Yes, but you must sell the item to the high bidder.

      1 or more bids, but the item's reserve price wasn't met



      --- In ti99-4a@yahoogroups.com, "LARRY CORREA" <cess120@...> wrote:
      > I agree with what is being said. It does look like someone is going to get it for nothing. I would cancel the current bid and re-list it with some protection for your self James. I believe the 24 hrs maybe incorrect, but check the rules.
      > Larry C
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      > Sent: Sunday, December 04, 2011 8:59 AM
      > Subject: Re: [TI-99/4A] Re: IDE CARD FOR BID ~ SALE
      > Yep, looks like someone is going to try to take advantage of the rules to the disadvantage of James.
      > On 12/04/11, wmaalouli<wmaalouli@...<mailto:wmaalouli@...>> wrote:
      > Unfortunately, it does not look like you listed this card as a reserve item, and there is already 1 bid on it for $10. You cannot withdraw an auction if there are bids on it within the last 24 hrs of bidding, so you have about 5 hrs to change your mind. Otherwise, you will need to honor whatever winning bid you get. I suggest you cancel the auction and relist it with whatever reserve you see fit.
      > Walid
      > --- In ti99-4a@yahoogroups.com<mailto:ti99-4a@yahoogroups.com>, "Postle" <postle@> wrote:
      > >
      > > The TI-99/4A IDE Card, E-bay Item number: 270860914343 costs are listed below. I will not sell the card at a lost. $212.61 is my personal reserve on this item.
      > >
      > > Postle
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