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Re: [TI-99/4A] [OT] Dual Layer DVD question

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  • Gregg Eshelman
    Record to a disk image, usually an ISO, the use a virtual drive program to mount it and see how it plays. Then you burn the image to your dual layer DVD ...
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      Record to a disk image, usually an ISO, the use a virtual drive program to mount it and see how it plays.

      Then you burn the image to your dual layer DVD

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      Subject: Re: [TI-99/4A] [OT] Dual Layer DVD question
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      Date: Monday, October 31, 2011, 9:45 PM

      Virtual Drive, now that's an idea. Wonder if a thumb drive/memory stick will do the trick. I will give all of these a try.  
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      From: Dano
      Date: 10/31/11 16:30:39
      Subject: Re: [TI-99/4A] [OT] Dual Layer DVD question

      I would recommend using a virtual drive for your testing over a DVD-RW.  That way you can create an image on your HDD, test it, get your overall size/time, and if everything looks good burn it to the final DVD-R.  If your going to have corruption it will be with the burning process.

      Virtual Drive is one example of a virtual image handling program.  There are many others and quite a few burning programs now have virtual image support built in.


      On Mon, Oct 31, 2011 at 2:55 PM, Tom Wills <tom.wills@...> wrote:

      Actually I wasn't planning on leaving whatever I do transfer from a VHS tape to a RW DVD on that DVD. Just after I am satisfied with the transfer, then I'll copy it to a DL DVD write once disc. The trouble with tapes, you can't be 100% sure of how long the recording really is, no matter what they say. I just did one that say 100 minutes, but it was more like 107 minutes. Go figure. And when I have tapes of movies well over 2 hours, well, I think you get the idea.




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      First, I don't have an answer to the RW part.

      However, typically RW have extremely slow write times.  In CDR-RW you max write speed is 4x.  Which isn't too big of a deal but when your only writing 700MB worth, but at 8.5GB it would mean hours of burning time.  In my experience, re-writables are not very reliable either.  I gave up using them because I'd honestly feel safer on CDR or DVD-R.  DL-DVD's really aren't that much more expensive.  Check out www.NewEgg.com for excellent pricing and superfast shipping.  While you're there be sure to read the feedback for the items you're looking at, there's a lot of tips there (some good some bad).

      Secondly, I can't say that I'd recommend Dual layer DVD's for anything you want to keep safe.  I've had more problems with Dual Layer DVD's than any CDR or SL-DVD hands down.  I've used no less than 25 DVD burners of every variety with equal success (or lack of).  And I've burned probably around 1000 DVD's.  SL-DVD's seem extremely reliable and I trust them for my backups of personal documents.  To me, the risk involved in DL isn't worth it.  Don't go cheap.  Verbatim is typically a good brand of DVD.

      That's doesn't necessarily solve your problem though, if you're converting content that is over the time limit of a single layer.  I'd just split up the content over multiple disc's instead.

      Others may have different opinions but again, I've had more problems with dual layers than anything else.  They rate right up there with the old Colorado 120 Tape Backups for reliability.

      If I have anything useful to suggest - MAKE SURE - your burning software does a "verifty" test when done burning.  DL's are notorious for failures without notice.  And, you don't find out until you sit through hours of video when it starts skipping half way through your, one of a kind, home video.  Then the sinking feeling kicks in and you hope like hell you still have the original around to do it over again.

      Blueray might be something to look into as well, but cost will be higher (for now).

      Best of Luck!


      "Long Live the TI-99/4a!"

      On Mon, Oct 31, 2011 at 12:58 PM, Tom Wills <tom.wills@...> wrote:


      I know we have lots of smart people here, so I am going to ask a question that so for those smarter than I am.


      First, the background for the question. I have not found an answer to. I am looking for a dual layer DVD that is rewritable like in a CD. The reason being I am trying to transfer some of my older VHS tapes to DVD's before they break, wear out or whatever. The problem is they are too long for a standard DVD which will only hold about 103 minutes. I know I can easily get a DL DVD, but I have not seen any rewritable ones. Why rewritable? If the first transfer doesn't work right, I wouldn't want to waste a good DL DVD as they are not cheap.


      So, not for the question, do they even make a rewritable Dual Layer DVD? Or am I just plain out of luck? I have had no luck in locating any, thus the reason for my asking here.




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