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    TI-99/4A On-Line User Group Policies and Guidelines TI-99/4A ON-LINE USER GROUP POLICIES -- Last Updated: August 1, 2010 -- Due to the changes in the way
    Message 1 of 4 , Sep 1, 2010
      TI-99/4A On-Line User Group Policies and Guidelines


      -- Last Updated: August 1, 2010 --

      Due to the changes in the way eGroups does things, a few mandatory items are now just recommendations, and one that it is hoped that members will adhere to.

      All members/Subscribers of the TI-99/4A On-Line User Group are expected to adhere to the following policies. If there are any questions, contact the Manager/Moderator of this user group, at admin@....

      IMPORTANT NOTICE: With exception of the E-Mail list server, all functions of this user group have been ported over to the TI99ers On-Line-User Group at http://ti99ers.org.

      Members who do not follow the polices and guidelines listed below, after being given a chance to comply, will be removed from this User Group.

      All Members are encouraged to use their real names. The definition of a real name is both First AND Last name. Nicknames, such as Joe in place of Joseph, will be considered a Real First Name. Please, no handles, business names, or other such misrepresentations of the Member's real name.

      No foul or off-color language will ever be tolerated. This is to be a friendly place to be. Repeated offenses of this policy will result in removal from the User Group Roster.

      Flaming or Spamming of this group or any member of this User Group will not be tolerated.

      A few guidelines for all to follow regarding subject matter of messages

      "On Topic" subjects include:

      1) Anything dealing with the TI-99/4A and/or Geneve 9640 including any enhancements (such as emulators), programs, programming, hardware, problems, solutions, and so forth.

      2) Anything related to TI Compatibles.

      3) Anything related to people being able to connect to eGroups and fully use its resources. Including non-TI operating systems and/or browsers and the like.

      4) As the TI Community, we are in reality one big FAMILY, right? As part of that family I am interested in joyous events (marriages, births,etc.) and not so joyous events (illnesses and deaths). As a family, we all want to be informed of other's joys and sorrows.

      5) Jokes. What's wrong with an occasional piece of humor. We all need to have our spirits lifted every now and then.

      Off Topic or Things that are not appropriate for this group include:

      1) Problems with your non-TI hardware or programs if NOT related somehow to the TI-99-4A . There are other User Groups and list servers for that

      2) Anything off color, and there should be no need to elaborate on that.

      3) Bashing of anyone, TI99'er or not.

      4) Political statements. Again, there should be no reason to elaborate on this.

      If we all abide by these simple guidelines, your visit to the
      TI-99/4A On-Line User Group should always be a pleasant one.

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