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Quinton Tormanen, Gold Vault (Gauntlet for the TI)

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  • Adam Haase
    Greetings. I was wondering if anyone knew how to contact Quinton Tormanen? He wrote games for the TI back in 89-91 thereabouts for Comprodine software. I
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 30, 2002

      I was wondering if anyone knew how to contact Quinton Tormanen? He
      wrote games for the TI back in 89-91' thereabouts for Comprodine
      software. I actually met him at the TI convention in Portland, Oregon
      in 1990.

      He put out several games, most of which were distributed by Comprodine
      directly, and later by Asgard. They were all extremely high-quality
      and very entertaining. They were:

      Backsteine - Araknoid/breakout clone, very well done, highly reccommended

      War Zone - Vertical scrolling game, simple but challenging

      Living Tomb - 3D dungeon game, faster than Tunnels of Doom but more
      linear. Still very good, excellent cinematics.
      Not too long ago, I called Comprodine Software, which was still listed
      on Bruce Harrison's site as 'active'. I spoke with the owner, and
      found out that Quinton had released two more games before disappearing
      from the TI scene, War Zone 2 and Mine Field. (The latter being a
      minesweeper-style game.) I ordered copies of them, naturally.

      Anyway, when I met him at the fair, he showed me some of his work in
      progress, in particular a game he called Gold Vault, which was a clone
      of Gauntlet for the TI. It was really impressive, not the least of
      which was the fact the levels were 3-4 times larger than Gauntlet's!
      (I got lost several times.) However, it wasn't finished, and I
      foolishly didn't ask for a copy to play around with.

      Now of course he's long gone, and the game was never released, but if
      anyone here knows how to contact him, I'd like to find out if I could
      still get a copy of that incredible piece of coding for the TI,
      unfinished or not. Since he left a long time ago, and Comprodine
      doesn't even know where he is now, it's a long shot to say the least.
      Well, wherever he is, I'm sure he's still doing very well.

      Adam Haase
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