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Re: Equip Bonanza gone/Lucky winner

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  • myti994@yahoo.com
    Hi everyone. I was the lucky recipient of the huge ti lot. I started with a ti when I was 13 yrs old, and now am getting my granddaughter into it (her name is
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 4, 2001
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      Hi everyone. I was the lucky recipient of the huge ti lot. I started
      with a ti when I was 13 yrs old, and now am getting my granddaughter
      into it (her name is katie,and this is her yahoo account). Mrs. Bush
      is an incredibly nice person to talk to on the phone, and even better
      in person(she remembered my name from when I was a dallas ti member
      too many years ago!). I am going through the stuff now, but is so
      much, will take the rest of the year to do it.Hi Jon! Heard many nice
      things about you.Hope you will convert the disks you got, and very
      interested to see if I am still listed in one of them somewhere(my
      main reason for going to get the stuff). Will soon convert the disks I
      have for upload, and then start scanning the docs,but will gladly hand
      it off to Charles if he is interested in it, as it is really too much
      for one person(me),as soon as I look through it and finish remembering
      the good old days.Will go back Tuesday for the rest of the club
      records,newsletters,and more ti stuff. Tim

      --- In ti99-4a@y..., Jon Guidry <jon@g...> wrote:
      > Hey everyone,
      > The equipment bonanza has all been spoken for. A few people here on
      > list requested some stuff and a gentleman from Houston came and
      picked up
      > the rest (yes, you heard right... his minivan was full and he has to
      > back Tuesday to pick up the rest). The guy that picked the stuff
      > please write a note to the list telling us who you are.
      > Mrs. Bush thanks everyone for the offer to grab the TI stuff. Now
      she can
      > have her game room back. I do request from the people (er.. person)
      > got the documentation and the disks to please scan the stuff
      whatever is
      > not on the ftp.whtech.com FTP site and upload it in PDF format when
      you get
      > time. It'd be really nice if you converted the disks you got too to
      > format. :-) If you do not have the capability, please check with
      > Good as he does excellent jobs of scanning TI items. There are also
      > people who will transfer disks to PC99 format.
      > The person who grabbed all the equipment (I believe) also got around
      > spare TI keyboards. I'm not sure what he's going to do with these
      > keyboards (they are beige), but they are excellent replacements for
      > your keyboard goes out in your console. Check with the gentleman
      (once he
      > posts) to see if he'd be willing to get rid of any of these spare
      > keyboards. He also has a box full of spare module cases (white -
      > that have TI information on the bottom.
      > Again, thanks everyone for your interest in this. I had a wonderful
      > days visiting Ms. Bush and also visiting Mr. Louie and Mrs. Jackie
      > Guion. I thank them all for their hospitality and great
      > Thanks a bunch,
      > Jon
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