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Re: Introduction and Suggested Books

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  • tassytigerclone
    Hello, Did you ever get a response to your question regarding recording the Discovery Channel s cloning program??? E-mail me if you didn t. I recorded it with
    Message 1 of 3 , May 2, 2003

      Did you ever get a response to your question regarding recording
      the Discovery Channel's cloning program??? E-mail me if you didn't.
      I recorded it with difficulty (thunderstorm here too).

      It's interesting to see folks collecting items/material relating
      to the Tassie Tiger. In a year or so I hope to visit Tasmania and
      plan to photograph any Thylacine folk art I run across. In the town
      of Mole Creek, there's a bar (or lounge if you prefer), the Mole
      Creek Hotel Tiger Bar, that is completely decorated in a Tassie Tiger
      theme. One wall has a large mural with Tassie Tiger figures on
      motorcycles... sounds weird, but a photo I received of the whole wall
      looks good.

      There are various artists in Tasmania that will do commission
      work on Thylacine art requests. I recently had a large Huon Pine
      coffee table delivered from an artist near Hobart... it came in a
      huge crate as big as a medium sized fridge... very well packed. The
      top is about 4 feet long and has a nearly life-sized Thylacine carved
      in high relief. It didn't come cheap, but it's museum quality. If
      anybody's interested in a pic... e-mail me.

      On ebay recently, there was an auction for what at first looked
      like a mummified Thylacine head, but the ears were wrong and there
      was a distinct striped pattern visible over the entire head extending
      onto the muzzle, very unlike a Thylacine. I was stumped as to the
      identity of the creature... until I read the end of the listing and
      discovered that it was a piece put together by a taxidermist from
      bits & pieces of several Australian carnivores. Missing were any
      parts that could have come from a Tassie Tiger.


      --- In thylacinesforever@yahoogroups.com, coyote_125@a... wrote

      > Anyway, got a small question. Did anyone record the
      TLC/Discovery Channel
      > special on the whole cloning project? If you do, can you please
      drop me an
      > email? Had a thunderstorm take down my powerlines and I missed
      it. Been pissed
      > ever since.
      > Anthony Smalley
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