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Re: A Yorkshire man's knife throwing adventure.

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  • tykespike01
    Hello all, Don t ask me how I got this wrong. I heard this programme going to be aired in February and as I filmed it last November I presumed it was this
    Message 1 of 9 , Feb 1, 2009
      Hello all,

      Don't ask me how I got this wrong.

      I heard this programme going to be aired in February and as I filmed
      it last November I presumed it was this February.

      WRONG !!!!

      Apparently it's going to be next February !!! DOH !!


      Regards from over the water,

      Little John

      -- In thrower@yahoogroups.com, "tykespike01" <tykespike01@...> wrote:
      > Hello all,
      > I think I have told some of you that I had been hired by the History
      > Channel to do some experimenting with a shongo, which is an African
      > multi bladed throwing knife. They had a theory that it could hook
      > round a warriors shield and then slice him. One of these knives was
      > made for me and I started to experiment with it.
      > It is about 18" in diameter, with a small handle, and 5 blades/hooks
      > on it, all very sharp.
      > To achieve a hook effect I had to use a sidearm throw and this was
      > very inefficient because of poor accuracy. But when you threw it
      > overhand, against 1/2" plywood, it was devastating.
      > So I set off last Monday, to go to Cardiff, Wales, a journey of 240
      > I had managed to persuade the film production company that they should
      > do a comparison between regular knife throwing and the shongo, which
      > they did. The filming was done under very spooky conditions, lots of
      > back lighting and smoke effects. It looked great.
      > Then they asked me to try the shongo against a shield and mannequin.
      > As I thought, the sidearm throw was rubbish to achieve the accuracy
      > they wanted ( If you didn't want accuracy and just threw this in
      > battle it would be very effective because whatever person you hit
      > would be sliced !! ) I just couldn't hook it onto the shield, at the
      > right point, after 20 throws.
      > So it was suggested I try the overhand throw at the shield and
      > mannequin. I knew I was much better at this throw so I took careful
      > aim and launched the shongo at the target ( that is, purely an exposed
      > set of shoulders and head above the shield )
      > The shongo then sliced through the air and
      > then.................................................if you want to
      > know what happened next you will have to watch Ancient Discoveries, on
      > the History Channel, which I understand is being broadcast in the USA,
      > next February !!! LOL
      > Actually this is not the end of my adventure in Cardiff.
      > After finishing the filming I checked into a local hotel, then popped
      > out for some food. Went back to the hotel and fell asleep. Great.
      > But not for long.
      > I was woken, at 2.30 am, by a sharp pain in my lower back and knew
      > exactly what it was. ( I have had 3 previous kidney stones ) After an
      > hour of pacing about trying to ease the pain I finally had to ask for
      > an ambulance and was taken to hospital, where I was given copious
      > amounts of morphine ( I'm told the pain is the nearest thing I'll ever
      > experience to childbirth !! )
      > So there I was. 240 miles from home and stuck in hospital, no visitors.
      > I was eventually discharged 32 hours later.
      > What an adventure !!!
      > Regards from over the water,
      > Little John
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