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RE: [thrower] September Throw

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  • Tim Bass
    I ll see what I can arrange on the dancing and singing part. Tim Kemosoon Bass ________________________________ From: thrower@yahoogroups.com
    Message 1 of 4 , Jun 1, 2007
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      I'll see what I can arrange on the dancing and singing part.

      Tim "Kemosoon" Bass


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      Your family is coming to mine - I will come to yours (and probably
      Vicky). Ink me in as a paying customer and I want a cabin with dancing
      girls and western music :)

      And NO! Joe D is NOT a dancing girl & Alamo is NOT a singer!!

      Tim - this is a great thing you're doing stepping in this way. Any help
      you need talk to me in Jersey.

      Sp eD

      Tim Bass wrote:
      > Well as noted in the newsletter, we are going to have the
      > Southeastern U.S. Knife Throwing Championship in Charlotte this year
      > instead of Chapel Hill. If I could ask a favor, if you are
      > interested in attending could you let me know? I am trying to plan
      > this and scrambling a bit. A little feedback would be very helpful.
      > The venue I am considering is the Carowinds campground. They have
      > cabins that can be rented that have two queen size beds and four
      > bunks. The cost for the cabins is about $140 per night but I am
      > trying to get that reduced. I will post some pictures of the cabin
      > layout so you get an idea but there are also hotels nearby. If four
      > guys want to share the cabin, which would be very comfortable the
      > price is very reasonable. The cabins are air conditioned with
      > kitchens and baths and are only a couple years old. Todd and friends
      > stayed there when they were doing the Freakshow Deluxe last year.
      > The throw would be in a field right at teh campgrounds and the site
      > is right at the edge of Charlotte. The airport is about 15 miles
      > away. So if this sounds like a good start so far and you may be
      > interested please let me know so I can try to plan with some idea. I
      > would appreciate it. If you have any questions or suggestions please
      > send them along. Thanks folks. I will be at Eds in a couple weeks
      > and would love the opportunity to discuss this with everyone while
      > there also. See ya soon.
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