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23157Re: [thrower] Stolen Knives & Hawks

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  • John Bailey
    Nov 11, 2011
      I feel your pain Ed... I had 6 (prototype) Bo-Kri's stolen when they were shipped from Boker Germany to my home. All UPS would say is: "The package arrived at the hub, mangled and nothing inside", "We discarded the package."
      All we had to go on was their word for it. GREAT! If anyone knows how to pack knives for shipment, it's Boker. Cutlery. So I know someone rapped them off.
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      Sent: Friday, November 11, 2011 11:50 AM
      Subject: [thrower] Stolen Knives & Hawks


      I sent out a box of knives via USPS from my home to Austin for the recent championship there. Some piece of crap stole them in transit or right after they arrived.

      The items were: a Gene High MM Hawk with a grooved custom handle, 5 Cold Steel 14" Pro Flights, a customized 16" Timber Rattler bowie, a customized Tim Bass bowie, 1 belt with a bowie knife buckle, 3 CS hawk handles, 2 custom left handed cross draw sheaths for the 2 bowies.

      Please help me watch ebay & craig's list, etc. for these things. Contact me at aslow(at)comcast(dot)net or 609.404.0862 with any info you might find. I'm offering $100usd and a custom made Jersey Bowie made by me for info that directly helps me find the dirtbag & get my stuff back!!
      Please help me by posting this on any and all groups or places where throwers hang out. Thank You all for in advance for helping me.

      "How long you live, has nothing to do with how long you're dead, but what you believe has a lot to do with where you'll head". (j.bailey).
      www.LashandSteel.com and www.Throwingknives.com
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