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Re: Time for me to move on.

Sorry to see you go but we understand the reasons.
Jay Truesdale
4:03 PM

Re: Time for me to move on.

Stephen, You will be missed in the aikido community here in St Louis. I really have enjoyed training with you over the years. What a pleasure it has been. They
Apr 27

Re: Time for me to move on.

Good luck sir, you will be missed On Apr 25, 2017 8:21 PM, "stephenmurphy1484@... [threeriversaikido]"
Josh Lanahan
Apr 27

Re: Time for me to move on.

Stephen, I have been out of the dojo for some time now, but I know you will be missed at TRA.   You were smooth and effective and one of Sensei's  "go to"
Terry Hildebrandt
Apr 27

Re: Time for me to move on.

Good luck to you Stephen... Andre McFadden, Sent from iPhone 6S
Andre McFadden
Apr 25

Time for me to move on.

So as most people within the dojo know (those that are Facebook friends), after a good chunk of work, I've been hired by a landscape architecture firm. The
Apr 25

Testing Sunday

Just a reminder, there is testing this Sunday at 4pm for kids and for adults. Please arrange with a senior to coordinate cleaning. If you do not feel you are
Apr 24

Another language lesson

I've talked before about my study of the Japanese language as it relates to my ongoing aikido training. I share with my classes things that I have learned that
Apr 14

Re: 4/13/17 Thurs. 6pm Substitute Needed

All, Nick Brekalo will be covering tonight's 6pm adult class. Please join him in my absence, as an OG at TRA, he has a great deal of insight and can provide
Andrew James Maminta
Apr 13

4/13/17 Thurs. 6pm Substitute Needed

Any BB's/upper ranks available to cover teaching adult class tomorrow night at 6pm? Any assistance would be most appreciated! -Andrew aka Kwon
Andrew James Maminta
Apr 12

Re: Potluck and Test

- 3441 Oxford, Maplewood - 4pm - BYOB; bring a side dish or dessert; bring a friend or potential new student - Because On Mar 26, 2017 8:28 PM, "Jay Truesdale
Johanna Winfield
Mar 26

Re: Potluck and Test

Where? When? Why? On Fri, Mar 24, 2017 at 7:45 PM, aughey@... [threeriversaikido]
Jay Truesdale
Mar 26

Potluck and Test

There is a potluck scheduled for the afternoon of April 1st. RSVP Sensei ASAP. The next test is (tentatively) scheduled for Saturday April 29 10am for kids
Mar 24

The Last Samurai

The movie, The Last Samurai, is often talked about at the dojo. It is currently available on Netflix streaming. If you haven't seen it or even if you have
Feb 14

Re: Door wedge

I have one. I'll bring it next time.
Jay Truesdale
Feb 11
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