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2858Next adult Testing for May

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  • Shur-Way
    Apr 29, 2014

      Next kyu will be held on May 30th 6 pm at Three Rivers Aikido. Yes this is a Friday night. Cleaning will happen the entire week of classes prior to the day of testing. Please get with your sempai NOW to get signed.


      Testing fee is $65.00 plus an extra $15.00 for a new passport if needed. If you need a new passport You will have to have a passport picture at time of registration. Also please turn in your passport to Mike Swederska when you pay him for your testing.

      The dead line for sign up and getting your testing fee paid will be may 23rd one week before the test.  A late fee will be charged totaling up to $100.00 after the dead line of May 23rd.  


      Please do not pay anybody but Mike Swederska Sr. If you miss Mike Swederska in the dojo to pay your testing fee please leave it in an envelope with your name on it. Please put your testing application with your sempai signature in the envelope with your proper fee amount. Then please call or email Mike Swederska to let him know.




      Mike Swederska will start collecting testing fees as of April 29, 2014.


      Any question please contact Mike Swederska 314 799-1998 shur-way@...


      Sensei Mike Swederska

      Instructor: Soto-Deshi, San-Kawa Dojo

      Shin-Gane Dojo Cho

      314 799-1998




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