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Wednesday Night Adult Class for 5th Kyu and up

The Wednesday evening 6-7 pm class that was previously "black belt only" is being opened up to those who have achieved 5 kyu or higher. Sensei will be teaching
Johanna Berken
Apr 21

Re: A Little Help - Again

Terry, Unfortunately, I'm not able to cover class tonight. I have an appointment/open house this evening. -Andrew Sent from my iPhone
Andrew James Maminta
Apr 21

Re: A Little Help - Again

Terry, I'm unable to teach tonight. Dan On Sunday, April 19, 2015, Terry Hildebrandt hildebrandt_terry@... ... -- Dan Woods danwoods.gm@...
Dan Woods
Apr 21

Re: A Little Help - Again

Sorry to be missing for so long but I still cannot do this. I'm usually getting home from work at 6. - Stephen Murphy.
Apr 20

A Little Help - Again

I apologize for asking for assistance for this Tuesday nights class two weeks in a row.    Thanks to John F. for taking last Tuesday nights class and Andrew
Terry Hildebrandt
Apr 19

Saturday 4/18 Aiki-Kids Class 10am-12pm

Just FYI, George Jr. will be out of town, however, I will be covering, so class will be in session. -Andrew aka Kwon
Andrew James Maminta
Apr 18

Re: A Little Help Needed

I can cover the class tonight. 4/14. John F.
Apr 14

Saturday 04/19 kids class

We are going to be out of town, i need someone to teach the Kids Class on Saturday April 19. thanks, jr.
Apr 12

Meaning of "Osu"?

All, To those not familiar with the term 'Osu' (pronounced 'Oss') and maybe for those like myself who would perhaps just like to better understand the meaning
Andrew James Maminta
Apr 11

A Little Help Needed

I am not able to teach Tuesday night April 14th.  Can someone fill in for me? Terry I am not able to teach Tuesday night April 14th. Can someone fill in for
Terry Hildebrandt
Apr 9

Severe weather plan

If there is severe weather during an aikido class and you need to take shelter, please go to the bottom of the nearest stairwell. Secure the door and stay
Apr 9

Wednesday Class 4/8/15

Today's class has been cancelled due to weather conditions.
Apr 8

Shin Gane Aikido Dojo Test

I would like to invite everyone to the Shin Gane Aikido Dojo rank test this Wednesday night at 7:30 pm. We have two students testing, one for sixth kyu and one
Mike Swederska
Apr 5

A dojo thought

A Dojo Thought At the end of class I asked if there were any questions. A new student to aikido raised his hand and I asked what his question was. Like all new
Mike Swederska
Apr 3

no class Easter Sunday

there will be no kids class Sunday morning because of Easter. Have a blessed celebration with your family. John
Apr 2
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