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Thoughts for the Week -- December 6-12, 1999

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  • Mark Roth
    ====================================================== The Messiah and Satan (Matthew 4:1-14) ANTICIPATING TEMPTATION. When I went in for my drivers permit
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 5, 1999

      The Messiah and Satan
      (Matthew 4:1-14)

      ANTICIPATING TEMPTATION. When I went in for my drivers' permit test, I
      didn't just pop into the Division of Motor Vehicles on a sudden whim. Oh
      no! I set the date I would take the test, then I kept that important date
      in mind. I did not want it to catch me by surprise in a state of
      unpreparedness. I studied that manual, believe me.

      "Well," you might say, "that obviously works for written tests like that. I
      don't know of anybody that has access to the devil's temptation schedule
      for them."

      True enough. So let me illustrate this again, this time with some students
      I had as a teacher. I had a reputation as a lover of pop quizzes. My
      reputation and their experiences taught some of my students the wisdom of
      preparing for the unknown. They would take five or ten minutes right before
      classtime to bone up on the subject. They weren't about to be caught
      unprepared if they could help it. Could they predict a pop quiz ahead of
      time? Of course not. But certain signs tipped off the observant and the wary.

      "Yeah, sure. But the devil isn't that predictable. Is he?" I don't know.
      Even so, I believe certain signs should trigger our Temptation Early
      Warning Systems.

      WEARINESS. Would you rather play checkers with a tired player or an alert
      one? Would you rather play volleyball against a tuckered-out team or
      against a fresh and vigorous one? The answer may depend on your level of
      sportsmanship, right? Well, I don't think the devil strives for good
      sportsmanship. So do you feel fatigued or sick, beware! Please note
      weariness isn't limited to the physical realm. If you are "down"
      spiritually or emotionally, you better watch out!

      SUCCESS. I like the challenge of a strong opponent, especially one who has
      won a few games in a row. And if he's cocky or has become careless because
      his success, all the more interesting for me. Sometimes it seems the devil
      operates that way as well. Furthermore, if my opponent's success has been
      at my expense.... Sometimes it also seems the devil responds that way as
      well. Have you been winning spiritually? Praise the Lord! And watch out!
      (By the way, have you ever noticed that success often produce weariness?)

      CRITICISM. A critical spirit invites testing, and often experiences defeat.
      Numerous times I have observed a person judge another harshly in some area
      only to be later tested and defeated in the same area. Have you harbored a
      critical attitude? Then take heed to yourself; your own test in that area
      may surge from around the next bush.

      DEFEATING TEMPTATION. More important than knowing yourself and knowing your
      enemy is knowing (and in a sense, owning) your Ally and your weapons. Do
      you? Jesus in you (the hope of glory) will surely lead you to victory!

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