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[thoughts] Preparation for the Messiah (November 30 - December 6, 2009)

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  • Mark Roth
    The link to the International Bible Study from Ruth 4:13-17; Matthew 1:1-6 is at the bottom. Thoughts for the Week Mark Roth
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      The link to the International Bible Study from Ruth 4:13-17; Matthew
      1:1-6 is at the bottom.

      Thoughts for the Week
      Mark Roth

      This edition goes out today to 4362 subscribers. Thank you!

      (Matthew 3:1-12)


      "Make his paths straight" (Matthew 3:3) -- Is that part of my calling today?

      If so, how is that done?

      Will I accept (without complaint or self-pity) the discomforts of the

      How do I overcome the fear of man which causes compromising of the message?

      What has repentance produced in the garden of my life?

      Is it possible God has purging to do in my life?


      (originally written in mid-1998)

      John the Baptist identified himself as a voice, specifically, "the voice of
      one crying in the wilderness." John cried for repentance. John cried out
      the news of the coming One. John cried forth that the kingdom of Heaven
      was at hand. John was a voice, John had a voice, John used his voice to
      prepare the way for Jesus.

      Have you found *your* voice?

      Then came the day when Jesus appeared on the scene of John's ministry.
      John saw Him...and used his voice: "Behold the Lamb of God, which
      taketh away the sin of the world."

      John was not so caught up with his ministry and his message that he
      missed seeing Jesus. John was not so consumed with himself and his
      surroundings that he missed seeing Jesus. John was not so aware of the
      people that he missed seeing the Person. John was not so busy exposing
      and condemning hypocrisy that he missed seeing the True One. I wish
      this were true of me.

      I can get so involved with these devotional commentaries...that I can
      actually miss seeing Jesus. I can become so involved with mission board
      work and school board work...that I miss seeing Jesus. I can get so
      bogged down with my failings (and successes)...that I miss seeing Jesus.
      I can become so consumed in my pursuit of solutions to interpersonal
      problems and family foul-ups...that I miss seeing Jesus.

      My friend, how can I point out *he Lamb of God to others if I have
      missed seeing Him myself? Life is not about commentaries, boards,
      failings (and successes), and problem-solving. Life is about Jesus!
      Because Jesus is life. And Jesus is the One who takes away the sin of the

      Have *you* seen Him?

      Have *you* found your voice?

      Would men know you've been with Jesus? They need to know by your
      voice. They also need to know by your life. Let your life develop into
      one that points to Jesus, "Behold the Lamb of God!" May those around
      you see in daily walk and action that you have His life divine. When
      they are near you may they feel His presence near.

      We will never be the voice crying in the wilderness. I believe, though,
      that God calls each one of us to be a voice calling in the moral
      wilderness in which we live. And wilderness it is, grinding steadily
      toward absolute, all-encompassing vileness and depravity not seen since
      Noah's time. This corruption already stealthily and gently smoothers our
      God-ward sensitivity, slowly and steadily invading our hearts like smoky
      tendrils wafting gently and seductively on the numbing breezes of our

      Noah found refuge in his ark. Your refuge is in the Lamb of God. But
      you will not reach that refuge if you do not see Him! Nor will you help
      others to safety if, having seen Him, you do not find your voice.

      Have you seen Him today? Did you even look for Him?

      Imagine John, preaching and answering questions...but scanning the
      crowd, looking for the One his spirit would identify as the focus of his
      message. And then..."Behold the Lamb of God!"

      This concludes my comments based on the alternate lesson developed by
      Christian Light Publications. To read my comments on the passage for
      the International Bible Study, click here:
      A Son Is Born
      (Ruth 4:13-17; Matthew 1:1-6)


      Thanks again for subscribing!
      Mark Roth

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