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[thoughts] Made in God's Likeness (September 3-10, 2007)

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  • Mark Roth
    Thoughts for the Week Mark Roth http://www.anabaptists.org/clp/youth/ ... This edition goes out today to 4078 subscribers. Thank you! ... I m sorry this is so
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      Thoughts for the Week
      Mark Roth

      This edition goes out today to 4078 subscribers. Thank you!

      I'm sorry this is so late in the week. It was ready to go on
      Monday...and somehow
      it just didn't get done. :(

      (Genesis 1:26-31; 1 Peter 2:5-12)


      Your parents may or may not have planned for your
      conception. That makes no difference; Ephesians 1:11 refers to
      "the purpose of Him who worketh all things after the counsel
      of His own will." The timing and location of your birth were
      predetermined by God so that you might effectively fulfill His
      plan for you. And He has brought you to this place and point
      in time in order to use you.

      You were born so that God might call you "unto the
      fellowship of his Son Jesus Christ our Lord" (1 Corinthians
      1:9). Imagine! God made you so that He might enjoy your
      comradeship, your companionship, your friendship, your
      fellowship! Do you "begin the day with God...go through the
      day with God...conclude the day with God"? That is one of the
      reasons for your birth! Might He feel let down? I hope not.

      You were born as raw material from which God might build a
      person "conformed to the image of His Son" (Romans 8:29).
      What experiences and influences do you allow in your life that
      God can use in the process of reshaping you? If we could see
      the damage we do to His handiwork when we read the wrong
      things (for example), we would not be so careless. Evaluate
      your life to see if you are cooperating with or working against
      God's work in you. Make yourself available and moldable.
      You were born with a high purpose -- to become the
      conformed image of Jesus!

      You were born to reproduce yourself, to "bring forth fruit"
      (John 15:16). As God perfects His work and His image in you,
      He expects your help in accomplishing that same work in
      someone else. "We are laborers together with God" (1
      Corinthians 3:9)! Now this business of reproduction is a
      sobering thing. I will be reproduced in others. God purposes
      that such a reproduction be in "the image of His Son." So how
      is your life before others? Are you an example of and to the
      believers? That's your mission! Your success here contributes
      to that of others.

      "Awesome!" suffers from chronic overuse, but it certainly
      serves as an appropriate reaction to God's purposes for you. I
      challenge you to find other biblical reasons for your birth. I
      can think of four others -- "created in Christ Jesus unto good
      works" (Ephesians 2:10), "be witnesses unto Me" (Acts 1:8),
      "shew forth the praises of Him" (1 Peter 2:9), and "be to the
      praise of His glory" (Ephesians 1:12).


      How often have I heard (and said) that God is so
      self-sufficient that He doesn't need anybody or anything? Well,
      I've come to the place of doubting the truth of that. I agree
      that the triune God is entirely and perfectly self-sufficient and
      whole. However, I'm coming to the place of believing that He
      does in fact need us.

      If He didn't need us, why make us in His image and likeness?
      I believe God made us to provide Himself with a type and
      level of companionship and fellowship which He could not
      find in anyone else, not even in His triune self. So, does He
      need us? It sounds like it to me!

      Another dimension of that concept is that He made us to
      provide a bride for Jesus. Does He need us? I don't know how
      else to express it!

      Shall I deny Him? Today, shall I dare neglect the role for
      which He created me?


      Psalm 104:31 says that "the LORD shall rejoice in his works."
      That concept interests me, because I enjoy the times I am able
      to rejoice in my own works. When I succeed in building or
      repairing a mechanical device or a computer application, I
      rejoice. My rejoicing goes beyond the immediate sweetness of
      success; it extends to the times I use that device or application.
      Success is wonderful and a worthy cause of rejoicing! And in
      a small measure, that should help us see creation (ourselves
      included) from God's perspective.

      "The LORD shall rejoice in his works." That concept also
      sobers and challenges me. You see, it reminds me that, in a
      sense, God's rejoicing depends on me. As His physical and
      spiritual creation, am I functioning according to His design
      and intent, thus bring glory and rejoicing to Him?

      Psalm 104:34 declares that "I will be glad in the LORD." May
      the Lord be glad in me as well!


      Man and woman are more than visible, tangible physical
      bodies. God created us after His image and in His likeness!
      We climaxed God's creative activity! In a theoretical sort of
      way, these are marvelous pieces of information. They establish
      our worth, even though we don't amount to much physically.
      They provide the foundation for our fellowship with the
      Almighty and with one another. While these and other blessings
      have their practical results, what difference does being in
      His image and likeness make in your daily living? Where the
      rubber meets the road, what kind of imprint does this make?

      The God of mercy, love, kindness, peace and patience made
      me once in His image. The God of forgiveness and reconcil-
      iation later recreated me that I should bear the image of His
      Son. Therefore, my contacts with other individuals ought to
      be characterized by mercy, love, kindness, peace, patience,
      forgiveness and reconciliation. I wonder how I'm doing!

      The God of order and cleanliness chose to make me in His
      image, so I try not to litter. God saw everything that He had
      made...and there wasn't one piece of litter. Man has so allowed
      God's creation to "go to pot" that one tossed-aside gum
      wrapper or paper cup won't make that much difference.
      However, I am still in God's image, bound by Genesis 2:15.

      The God whose likeness I bear is high and set aside from
      everything else. I believe He has set me high and aside from
      everything else under me (Genesis 1:26,28; Psalm 8:5-8). I am
      neither plant nor animal. Even some Christian textbooks toss
      me into a common pot with all animals. I am called a mammal,
      and I object. I am firmly fit into the animal kingdom, and I
      protest. I refuse to accept such evolutionary, anti-biblical
      classification (1 Corinthians 15:39)! I am in God's image!


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      Mark Roth

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