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[thoughts] The Lamb Is Worthy! (May 3-9, 2004)

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  • Mark Roth
    ... I have no control over and hereby disclaim ads/links above. ... If you re going to buy at eBay or Amazon.com, please use my gateways!
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      I have no control over and hereby disclaim ads/links above.

      If you're going to buy at eBay or Amazon.com,
      please use my gateways!

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      (Revelation 5:1-12)


      The Lamb is worthy!

      He was slain for our redemption. He was slain for our cleansing. He
      was slain for our peace. He was slain for our healing. He was
      slain. For me. For you. For us.

      The Lamb is worthy!

      To Him belongs power. The Lamb has power to control, to govern, to
      conquer. He also has power to heal, to bless, to free, to
      strengthen. His power is unequaled, unrivaled, unlimited. May His
      power be over us, in us, and through us.

      The Lamb is worthy!

      To Him belong riches. He owns the cattle on a thousand hills. And
      the fish in a thousand lakes. And the minerals in a thousand mines.
      And all the wealth of a thousand galaxies. He also owns the riches
      of mercy, grace, and longsuffering. He will supply all my need, all
      your need, and all our need.

      The Lamb is worthy!

      To Him belongs wisdom. Wisdom that confuses the "wise" and
      enlightens the simple. Wisdom for planning the universe, for
      executing the process of redemption, and for arranging the workings
      of life. Wisdom so complete that it cannot be instructed. Wisdom so
      simple and direct that even a child can know it. Wisdom so
      exquisite that it confounds the wise of this world. Wisdom so high
      and so hidden that the powers of darkness can neither know it nor
      thwart it. Wisdom for our lives.

      The Lamb is worthy!

      To Him belongs strength. Strength to calm the storm, to cast out
      demons, and to make water rise to the tip of a giant sequoia.
      Strength to make the sun stop, and even go backward. Strength to
      raise the dead -- physically or spiritually or both. Strength to
      protect, to provide, and to guide. Strength for our encouragement,
      for our correction, and for anything and everything else we need.
      And I know He watches over me.

      The Lamb is worthy!

      To Him also belong honor, glory, and blessing. But I'll not write
      three more puny little paragraphs skirting the edges of His

      "...Worthy is the Lamb that was slain to receive power, and riches,
      and wisdom, and strength, and honour, and glory, and blessing"
      (Revelation 5:12). The Lamb was slain, so the Lamb is worthy.

      Let the kingdoms of this world have their national holidays and
      solemn remembrances. We have the Lord's Supper! Let them have their
      kings and heroes, we have the Lamb! After their kings and heroes
      lose their luster, and after their holidays and remembrances cease
      to move them, we'll still be singing the praises of the Lamb Who is

      The next time you observe of the Lord's Supper, include this
      awareness. And I'm sure you will thus partake in a worthy manner.

      As you remember what the Lord did for you, remember the glory that
      was set before Him. Then remember that the servant is not greater
      than his Lord. Then set your face toward Him and redirect your
      steps after His.


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