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[thoughts] Honesty in Seeking God (January 5-11, 2004)

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  • Mark Roth
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      I have no control over and hereby disclaim ads/links above.

      If you're going to buy at eBay or Amazon.com,
      please use my gateways!

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      (Job 9:32-35; 13:20-24; 19:25-27; 23:10-12)


      If you had the choice, which would you rather be: wrong or
      corrected? When you have done something wrong and don't realize it,
      do you wish to remain blissfully wrong or do you wish to be shown
      your wrong and be corrected? It seems so many people, including me
      too often, dislike and resist being corrected. Amazingly, they seem
      to prefer being wrong!

      So what is your disposition toward sin and shortcoming in your life?

      Job was very confident of his own innocence. He did not believe his
      suffering revealed or proved any unrighteousness in him. I would
      say he was understandably defensive about his integrity and
      guiltlessness. He resisted (and, it seems, resented) being falsely
      accused by his friends. Because of all that, I don't know how he
      meant this: "How many are mine iniquities and sins? make me to know
      my transgression and my sin" (Job 13:23). Though it could be taken
      as self-righteousness defensiveness, I'm inclined to believe that
      it actually was sincere openness. I believe Job truly wanted to
      learn about himself and any hidden or ignored sin or shortcoming in
      his life.

      That's how I want to be. I want God to make show me my errors and
      sins. I don't want to continue being wrong; I want to be right --
      even if it means being corrected. And I want that enough that I'll
      even accept God's correction through another (Galatians 2:11; 6:1;
      James 5:19).


      I am blessed by the realization that God knows *me* as well as
      knowing *about* me. I am encouraged also by the assurance that He
      knows the course of my life even before I experience it. As Job put
      it, "He knoweth the way that I take" (Job 23:10).

      Today I am living in unfamiliar territory, as it were. I have never
      been through this day before. I have no idea what's coming; I don't
      know what to expect. The foreseeable future isn't -- that is, I
      can't foresee the future. I can't see even one second into the
      future. "But he knoweth the way that I take"!

      God knows the agenda for my life for today. He knows if my life has
      any tomorrows left -- and should there be any, He knows my life's
      agenda for them as well. Unlike me, He knows what's coming because
      from the very beginning He has known the end and all that will
      transpire in between (Isaiah 46:10).

      One way in which this foreknowledge of God blesses me is that I can
      be sure that He does all He can to prepare me for what's coming. He
      knows when I will be tested by adversity and when I will be tested
      by prosperity. Not only does He know *when*, He also knows *how*.
      Knowing all that, He strives to prepare me for the test so that I
      might pass it successfully, so that "when he hath tried me, I shall
      come forth as gold" (Job 23:10). Isn't that terrific!

      Being assured by that, I purpose once again to stay the course, to
      continue walking in the Way. "My foot hath held his steps, his way
      have I kept, and not declined" (Job 23:11). Nothing else makes


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