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[thoughts] Fussing and Complaining (February 5-11, 2001)

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  • Mark Roth
    Yahoogroups placed the above message; not I. Pathway Readers: http://www.anabaptistbooks.com/catalog/titles/245.shtml Now for this week s thoughts.... ... This
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      Yahoogroups placed the above message; not I.

      Pathway Readers:

      Now for this week's thoughts....

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      Jesus and His Striving Disciples
      (Luke 22:14-30)

      What were you fussing about?

      "How come I'm always the one that has to give in to you?" We all know that
      in human relationships (even among Christians) a lot of give and take must
      be given and taken. But how testy we can get if we think we're doing all
      the giving and "they" are doing all the taking! If this kind of situation
      is getting you down, tell the Master about it . . . and ask Him to keep
      giving through you.

      "You people want to do most of the jaw work and not much of the back work
      in this church!" Have you ever noticed how some people love to do the "high
      profile" committee work but manage to rarely make it to church's mowing,
      cleaning, painting, building, and digging projects? Doesn't that just stick
      in your craw? Especially if this is the second time in four months you've
      had to do all the mowing by yourself? Sometimes it seems we want to serve
      the Lord . . . if others will serve alongside us in the same capacity (and
      carry their share of the load, of course). If you get to thinking along
      these lines, tell the Master about it . . . and ask Him to keep you serving
      Him . . . and the Church. Even if you have to do it all by yourself . . .

      "You are majoring on minors." Life, even the Christian life, has big issues
      and minor matters. We understand and accept that. But we get touchy when we
      think folks get the majors and minors all tangled up. By way of
      illustration, I ask you, The status of men's top shirt buttons (latched or
      unlatched) in a service--is that a major or a minor? Hmmm. Are you certain?
      I'd say it's a minor. That is exactly why I button it. It's not that big a
      deal to me, so I button it. Why should I make it a major by unbuttoning it?
      So the next time you think a minor is getting major attention, search
      yourself to see if you yourself are enlarging it! Ask the Master to help
      you keep the minors minor.

      By the way, only on rare occasions are these complaints expressed directly
      and exclusively to the offender. Most of the time, we prefer to accuse one
      person to another. That abjectly fails to qualify as following "after the
      things which make for peace, and things wherewith one may edify another"
      (Romans 14:19). Rather, it is uncharitable, despicable, cowardly and
      unchristian. May the Lord help me (and the rest of us) to "edify one
      another" (1 Thessalonians 5:11).

      Why be the greatest?

      If *my* heart reveals what lies in *other* hearts, then the answer is that
      we want honor and respect, we want a following, we want to have our way, we
      want to be in charge, and on and on. By the sounds of it, we want to take
      the Lord's place! God forbid we should aspire to anything like that, eh?

      Greatness is found in service. But make no mistake, this service doesn't
      serve others with the intent of achieving greatness. This service is an
      expression of the selfless ambition to love and bless others . . . for
      *their* sakes. *That* is greatness!

      Striving in the presence of Jesus?!

      Somehow I suspect we figure we would never do what those disciples did that
      night. Imagine striving, quarreling and arguing in front of Jesus. Why, of
      all things! We would certainly show more respect for the Lord than *that*.

      Yes, indeed. But we so easily forget that any striving, quarreling and
      arguing we do *is indeed* in the His presence! Let's not forget His
      continual presence.



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