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[thoughts] Real Men (November 6-12, 2000)

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  • Mark Roth
    I have no control over the above message and its link(s). Thoughts for the Week are archived online at http://www.anabaptists.org/clp/youth/ ... This edition
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      I have no control over the above message and its link(s).

      Thoughts for the Week are archived online at

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      Solomon Begins His Reign
      (1 Kings 2:1-4; 3:3-10)

      The church needs real men.
      Knowledge or wisdom -- which will you seek after?

      What's a real man? Have you seen any lately? (Maybe you did and just didn't
      catch on that you did!)

      A real man is, of course, a male of the species. But he is much more than
      that. A real man is, like David, "after God's own heart." So let's see how
      David put it to his son Solomon: "shew thyself a man; And keep the charge
      of the LORD thy God, to walk in his ways, to keep his statutes, and his
      commandments, and his judgments, and his testimonies" (1 Kings 2:2,3).

      Are there many men like this in your congregation? If you're a (young) man,
      does this describe you?

      God wants every one of His men to know where they stand and to stand there
      firmly and unflinchingly...as long as they are standing where He wants them
      to stand. Some men (and women, too, for that matter) stand where they stand
      and will not compromise from that position one little bit because it is
      *their* position. Their stand has nothing to do with whether or not it is
      God's position. Contrariwise, God wants us to stand on the Rock and not
      move from there, because it is the Rock. Period.

      Young ladies, please don't feel left out as I direct myself particularly to
      the young fellows just now. Believe me, you stand to benefit very directly
      if men will be real men. Besides, these words to the fellows may well be
      useful to you as well...at least in knowing how to measure real manhood.

      KEEP THE CHARGE. Find in the Scriptures the commands that go to men in
      particular. Keep them. Have you been given specific responsibilities and
      duties at home, at school, in the church? Fulfill them. Sooner or later,
      these responsibilities will include various facets of leadership. Lead!
      Keep this important truth very much in the forefront: *All* men have
      received a charge, not just the *ordained* men. Be strong and very
      courageous. May the Lord (and the rest of us) depend on you?

      WALK IN HIS WAYS. What would God say? What would God think? Where would God
      go? What would God do? You live that way. Don't follow the ways that *seem*
      right to a man; walk in the ways that *are* right to God. Whether it's
      business or home, church or community, services or board meetings, walk in
      His ways! That means being a thinker and a contributor, a doer and an
      asset. Real men don't just warm their chairs with their passive bodies or
      heat the air with their overactive mouths and zeal; they *think* and they
      *contribute*. And they do so because they *walk* in His ways. Be strong and
      very courageous. May we all (including God) depend on you?

      TESTIMONIES. Real men see the expressions of God's will as things to be
      kept...carefully, zealously, faithfully, earnestly, joyfully. Real men
      don't see God's commandments as instructions to be avoided when possible.
      Real men delight themselves in doing His will! Real men make no excuse for
      disobedience and allow no room for justifying carelessness and laxness with
      God's Word and will. Be strong and very courageous. May we depend...?

      The world loves technology. Know-how reigns supreme. In our age, head
      reigns over heart, and intellect over spirit. Let it not be so among us.
      May we not be misled into a love affair with amoral knowledge. Let us, as
      Solomon, choose wisdom first.

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