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[thoughts] Sunday School Lessons for July 12, 2015

Let Us Go On -- God does not do His work in you all in a rush. No Tolerance for Corrupt Officials -- And yet there's a message for me. Let Us Go On Hebrews
Mark Roth
Jul 11

[thoughts] Sunday School Lessons for July 5, 2015

Our Better High Priest -- He offered Himself to God for us. No Rest for the Wicked -- God changed their portion. Our Better High Priest Hebrews 4:14-5:10
Mark Roth
Jul 3

[thoughts] Sunday School Lessons for June 28, 2015

Entering Into Rest -- No entrance for the unfaithful and unbelieving. God Will Never Forget -- We must refuse to take advantage of another. I'm brief today
Mark Roth
Jun 27

[thoughts] Sunday School Lessons for June 14, 2015

Jesus, the Perfect Man -- He who is perfect makes us perfect. God Is Not Fooled -- So just how sincere is my worship? Before my Sunday School comments, links
Mark Roth
Jun 12

[thoughts] Sunday School Lessons for June 7, 2015

Jesus, Superior to Angels -- What of it? God Passes Judgment -- Is our home congregation ripe for God's judgment. Jesus, Superior to Angels Hebrews 1:4-2:4 How
Mark Roth
Jun 4

[thoughts] Sunday School Lessons for May 31, 2015

Maintaining a Faithful Church -- A faithful church remembers her citizenship. The Greatest Is Love -- Called to a certain kind of being. Maintaining a Faithful
Mark Roth
May 26

[thoughts] Sunday School Lessons for May 24, 2015

Pressing Toward the Mark -- We aim for honor, purity, goodness, and alertness... Gift of Languages -- Certain things associated with the Holy Spirit's
Mark Roth
May 23

[thoughts] Sunday School Lessons for May 17, 2015

Learning the Mind of Christ -- Lordship, not learning, leads to the life of Christ. One Body; Many Members -- Which is more important, the eye or the hand?
Mark Roth
May 15

[thoughts] Sunday School Lessons for May 10, 2015

Practicing Contentment -- Weed seeds that contribute to discontentment Gifts of the Spirit -- For the church's two basic ministries. Practicing Contentment
Mark Roth
May 9

[thoughts] Sunday School Lessons for May 3, 2015

Living for Christ -- Anything less is nothing. Worse than that, actually. Work Together for the Truth -- We can help truth along, even if we aren't the ones
Mark Roth
May 2

[thoughts] Sunday School Lessons for April 26, 2015

The Delusion of Lip Service -- It is not enough to merely say and do the right things. Watch Out for Deceivers -- Our spiritual success depends entirely on the
Mark Roth
Apr 24

[thoughts] Sunday School Lessons for April 19, 2015

Called to Be Servants of God -- He has so much that needs doing and so little time and so few workers. Trust in God's Love -- He knew we would struggle with
Mark Roth
Apr 18

[thoughts] Sunday School Lessons for April 12, 2015

The Permanence of Marriage -- But from the very beginning, God had a better plan. Love One Another -- To show my love for others I must live it by The
Mark Roth
Apr 11

[thoughts] Sunday School Lessons for April 5, 2015

Witnesses of the Resurrection -- When the unsaved want to find Jesus, do they go to you? Believe in the Resurrection -- We who believe in Christ shall also
Mark Roth
Apr 4

[thoughts] Sunday School Lessons for March 29, 2015

The Death of Christ -- Jesus died to set us free to live in victory. The Son of David -- In the midst of the merry making, they missed a significant point.
Mark Roth
Mar 26
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