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Van Co^ng VC bi dong bao Phan Doi

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  • kenny2do
    Sinh Hoa.t DDa^ u Tranh DDa(.c Bie^.t Cu?a Co^.ng DDo^`ng Ngu+o+`i Vie^.t Vu`ng Thu? DDo^ Hoa Thi.nh DDo^ n Hoa Thi.nh DDo^ n (Huy`nh Mai Hoa) Trong tho+`i
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 10, 2004
      Sinh Hoa.t DDa^'u Tranh DDa(.c Bie^.t Cu?a Co^.ng DDo^`ng Ngu+o+`i Vie^.t Vu`ng Thu? DDo^ Hoa Thi.nh DDo^'n

      Hoa Thi.nh DDo^'n (Huy`nh Mai Hoa) Trong tho+`i gian ga^`n dda^y so^' lu+o+.ng ca'c ddoa`n va(n co^ng Ha` No^.i dda~ ddu+o+.c nha` ca^`m quye^`n co^.ng sa?n Vie^.t Nam ddu+a ra ha?i ngoa.i tri`nh die^?n nga`y ca`ng gia ta(ng mo^.t ca'ch dda'ng ke^? theo ddu'ng ke^' sa'ch va` tinh tha^`n Nghi. quye^'t so^' 36 ma` chu'ng vu+`a cho ban ha`nh va`o cuo^'i tha'ng 3 vu+`a qua. Ca'c ca nha.c si~ ddu+o+.c gu+?i ddi ra ha?i ngoa.i gio+` dda^y kho^ng co`n la` nhu+~ng te^n vo^ danh tie^?u to^'t nhu+ tru+o+'c ma` la` nhu+~ng te^n tuo^?i dda~ ddu+o+.c chu'ng dda'nh bo'ng du+o+'i danh hie^.u nghe^. si~ nha^n da^n u+u tu' nhu+ Ba.ch Tuye^'t, Ngo.c Gia`u, Ho^`ng Va^n, Ba?o Quo^'c v.v... DDa^y la` mo^.t trong nhu+~ng a^m mu+u tha^m ddo^.c nha(`m ta.o su+. hie^.n die^.n cu?a ca'c nghe^. si~ dda~ ddu+o+.c u+u a'i mo^.t tho+`i tru+o+'c khi mie^`n Nam Vie^.t Nam ro+i va`o tay co^.ng sa?n nha(`m ga^y chia re? va` ma^u thua^?n trong co^.ng ddo^`ng ngu+o+`i Vie^.t quo^'c gia ha?i ngoa.i, ddo^`ng tho+`i cu~ng vi` su+. me^.t mo~i ma` gia?m ddi cu+o+`ng ddo^. cho^'ng ddo^'i.

      Nha^.n thu+'c ddu+o+.c ye^'u to^' quan tro.ng no'i tre^n ne^n Co^.ng DDo^`ng Vi`e^.t Nam Vu`ng Hoa Thi.nh DDo^'n, sau mo^.t phie^n ho.p kha^?n ca^'p, dda~ quye^'t ddi.nh to^? chu+'c mo^.t cuo^.c bie^?u ti`nh dde^? pha?n ddo^'i buo^?i tri`nh die^?n mang chu? dde^` DDe^m Tie^'u Vu+o+ng Nha.c Ho^.i du+. tru` va`o to^'i thu+' Sa'u nga`y 1 tha'ng 10 na(m 2004 ta.i nha` ha`ng Yanni Total Wedding o+? so^' 7203 ddu+o+`ng Little River Turnpike tha`nh pho^' Annandale tie^?u bang Virginia vo+'i su+. co' ma(.t cu?a Ba?o Quo^'c, Ho^`ng Va^n, Ha` Phu+o+ng va` Ca^?m Ly dde^'n tu+` Vie^.t Nam. Xin mo*`i qui' vi. va`o ddo.c va` coi hi`nh a?nh cuo^.c bie^~u ti`nh du*o*'i ca'i link du*o*'i dda^y

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