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Xin giu'p LY' TO^'NG ve^` My~

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  • LeChanNhan@aol.com
    Xin quy ddo^`ng hu+o+ng bo? chu t thi` gio+` quy ba u giu p cho Ly To^ ng ddu+o+.c so+ m ve^` My~ ba(`ng ca ch gu+?i ngay thu+ va`/hoa(.c fax cho To^?ng
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 30, 2003
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           Xin quy' ddo^`ng hu+o+ng bo? chu't thi` gio+` quy' ba'u giu'p cho Ly' To^'ng ddu+o+.c so+'m ve^` My~ ba(`ng ca'ch gu+?i ngay thu+ va`/hoa(.c fax cho To^?ng Tho^'ng va` Ngoa.i Tru+o+?ng Hoa Ky`.
           A /  DDi.a chi? To^?ng Tho^'ng Hoa-Ky`:

                     The President
                     The White House
                     1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW
                     Washington, DC  20500
                     Fax: (202) 456-2461
                     Email: president@...
                     Ca^u mo+? dda^`u:  Dear Mr. President:
                     Ca^u ke^'t thu'c:  Most respectfully,
           B /  DDi.a chi? Ngoa.i Tru+o+?ng Hoa-Ky`:
                     The Honorable Colin L. Powell
                     Secretary of State
                     2201 C Street NW
                     Washington, DC  20520
                     Fax: (202) 261-8577
                     Email: secretary@...
                     Ca^u mo+? dda^`u:  Dear Mr. Secretary:
                     Ca^u ke^'t thu'c:  Sincerely yours,
           C /  No^.i dung (xin tuy` quy' vi.; sau dda^y chi? la` mo^.t ba?n go+.i y'):

                     1 /  Please be kind to see that Ly Tong is transferred from Thailand to the United States, according to the 1982 Thai-US Treaty of Cooperation on Execution of Penal Sentences which allows prisoners who have served at least one-third of their jail terms to be transferred to prisons in their home country.
                     Ly Tong was sentenced to seven years and four months in prison on December 25, 2003.  He had been incarcerated since November 11, 2000 on his return to Thailand from a mission to drop anti-communist leaflets on Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam; he had thus already served more than one-third of the punishment.
                     2 /  Although in jail, Ly Tong vehemently supported the Iraq War, by publishing many articles urging his compatriots worldwide to agree with him in support of President George W. Bush and also going on hunger strike in protest against Saddam Husein.
                     3 /  Ly Tong, a US-trained fighter pilot serving in the US-backed R-VN Air Force, was lauded by President Ronald Reagan; has been commended by various US federal, state and city legislators; and cherished by the Cuban-Americans and Vietnamese communities everywhere as a Freedom Fighter.  His transfer to the United States will surely help him feel at his ease at home, get rid of numerous inconveniences and dangers, and avoid probable conspiracy to harm him by the communists who want to kill him and who are operating in Thailand.

           D /  Sau ca^u ke^'t thu'c, xin ghi ho. te^n, ddi.a vi. xa~ ho^.i (ba(`ng ca^'p, nghe^` nghie^.p, chu+'c vu., v.v...), ddi.a chi? bu+u ddie^.n, so^' ddie^.n thoa.i, so^' fax, ddi.a chi? email, v.v...
                     Vi` la` vie^.c ca^`n, xin Quy' DDo^`ng Hu+o+ng vui lo`ng giu'p ngay cho .  Xin cha^n tha`nh ca'm o+n ta^'t ca? Quy' DDo^`ng Hu+o+ng, va` ki'nh chu'c mo.i ngu+o+`i mo^.t na(m mo+'i 2004 an khang va` thi.nh vu+o+.ng
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