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  • han le
    KINH CHUYEN QUY DIEN DAN VUI LONG PHO BIEN ... From: Chau, Hien Quang Subject: FW: NA(.NG NO*. NU I SO^NG To: han le
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 2008
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      --- On Fri, 10/31/08, Chau, Hien Quang <hchau@...> wrote:
      From: Chau, Hien Quang <hchau@...>
      Subject: FW: NA(.NG NO*. NU'I SO^NG
      To: "han le" <sachile2001@...>
      Received: Friday, October 31, 2008, 3:59 PM



      From: Chau, Hien Quang
      Sent: Friday, October 31, 2008 3:59 PM
      To: Chau, Hien Quang
      Subject: NA(.NG NO*. NU'I SO^NG


      NA(.NG NO*. NU’I SO^NG


      Thu*o*ng nhu*~ng ai co`n na(.ng no*. Nu*o*’c

      Bao dda(‘ng cay , tu?i nhu.c co^’ ga(‘ng vu*o*.t qua

      Ddu*o*`ng dda^’u tranh la(‘m ba~o ta’p phong ba

      Nhu*~ng ddo`n phe’p CU*.C DDO^.C cua? lu~ su’c sinh co^.ng phi?

      Ne^’u co’ ddu*o*.c nhie^`u ngu*o*`i DDO^`NG TA^M ,HO*.P Y”

      Na(‘m tay nhau quye^’t lie^.t vo*’i lu~ a’c gian

      Nga(.t no^~i Phe Ta ga’nh ch.iu la(‘m PHU~ PHA`NG !!!

      Ngay ca ? nhu*~ng ai cu`ng chung chie^’n tuye^’n ? !

      Vi` co’ kha’ nhie^`u ke ? HAI MANG , no^.i tuye^’n

      Thu*a` co* ba^’t y’ DDA^M SAU LU*NG !!!

      La(‘m ke? mo*` ma(‘t tru*o*’c ba ? lo*i. danh

      Cua? ke? thu` tung ra , kho^’ng che^’

      Thu*o*ng nhu*~ng ai co`n THA THIE^’T vo*’i Que^ Hu*o*ng

      Du` bie^’t ra(`ng la(‘m OAN NGHIE^.T, DDOA.N TRU*O*`NG !!!

      Phu ? va^y nhu*~ng ai MO^.T LO`NG MO^.T DA.

      Lu~ gian ta` mai phu.c to^’i dda

      Du`ng TIE^`N mua chuo^.c  lu~ ma(.c a’o Phe Ta

      Nhu*ng lo`ng da. tru*o*’c sau ba^’t nha^’t !

      Cuo^’n theo chie^`u gio’ kha’ ddo^ng !

      La`m Phe Ta ra^’t nho.c lo`ng

      Cho^’ng ddo* ? nhu*~ng DDO^.C CHIE^U  qua’i a’c !

      Co`n NU*O*’C thi` va^~n co`n TA’T

      Ai bi. MUA CHUO^.C , ma(.c ai

      Co`n la.i nhu*~ng ai va^~n giu*~ ta^’m lo`ng tha ?o ngay

      Cu*’ tie^’n bu*o*’c cho dde^’n ho*i tho*? cuo^’i

      Du` tro` ddo*`i la(‘m no^~i BUO^`N nhie^`u ho*n VUI !!!

      So^’ng sao cho xu*’ng dda’ng mo^.t kie^’p ngu*o*`i .

                                                      KIE^`U PHONG ( Toronto )


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