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TWIDW Update: WQED/WQEX and Maryland Public TV

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  • Benjamin F. Elliott
    (Note to Shaun, Siobahn, Jason, and Roger - this is an update, not a new column. Please don t replace the entire column with this notice.) Forgot to put a
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 26, 2002
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      (Note to Shaun, Siobahn, Jason, and Roger - this is an update, not a new
      column. Please don't replace the entire column with this notice.)

      Forgot to put a couple of changes into the This Week In Doctor Who column
      that I found out about at the last minute.

      1) WQED/WQEX 13,16 Pittsburgh, PA http://www.wqed.org/ . WQEX 16 signed off
      the air on Wednesday, April 24, and at last word was going to be off until
      Saturday, May 4 (if work finishes on time). They are removing the analog
      transmitter and replacing it with a new transmitter which will be able to
      send out WQEX 16, WQEX-DT 26 and WQED-DT 38. WQED currently simulcasts its
      whole lineup on WQEX, as it has since November 1997, so everyone who gets
      both WQED and WQEX by antenna just needs to tune into WQED 13 to see the
      shows (including Doctor Who) until WQEX returns. On Cable, Cable systems
      will broadcast WQED on both WQED and WQEX's channel positions. On satellite,
      WQEX never requested must-carry, so there is no difference at all. The only
      people who currently see the WQED/WQEX simulcast who will be unable to see
      Doctor Who and other shows during this period will be ones whose antenna
      will bring in WQEX 16, but not WQED 13. Just be advised so you don't get
      confused and miss anything. WQED 13 is airing pt 1 of "Black Orchid" at
      Midnight late Saturday night. Full details at
      http://www.post-gazette.com/tv/20020423tvnote0423p4.asp . Thanks to PBRTV
      http://pbrtv.tripod.com/ for their coverage of the Pittsburgh market, and
      postings links to story about news developments there.

      2) Maryland Public TV http://www.mpt.org/ will be starting Doctor Who late
      most weeks for the next month or so. After "Genesis Of The Daleks" started
      at 12:20AM instead of Midnight last weekend, I checked, and MPT had updated
      their online schedule. They are airing a locally produced show called
      "Independent Eye" Saturdays at 11PM. Originally each episode was listed as 1
      hour long. Now, each episode is a different length, as the indpendent films
      included in each run for different lengths. So Doctor Who will start at
      varying times until June:
      April 27 - 12:14AM - Revenge Of The Cybermen
      May 4 - Midnight - Terror Of The Zygons (Independent Eye pre-empted)
      May 11 - Midnight - Planet Of Evil
      May 18 - 12:03AM - Pyramids Of Mars
      May 25 - 12:21AM - The Android Invasion
      June 1 - don't know yet, final week that Independent Eye will air

      This has been a report from This Week In Doctor Who.

      Benjamin F. Elliott
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