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This Week In Doctor Who Spinoffs - June 13, 2009

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  • Benjamin Elliott
    This Week In Doctor Who Spinoffs June 13, 2009 - Volume 1, Number 24 The weekly guide to Sarah Jane Smith broadcasts, podcasts, and other matters. by Benjamin
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      This Week In Doctor Who Spinoffs
      June 13, 2009 - Volume 1, Number 24
      The weekly guide to Sarah Jane Smith broadcasts, podcasts, and other matters.
      by Benjamin F. Elliott

      Still waiting for an airdate for K9. Guess it's going to be a while.

      Sarah Jane Stations:


      CBBC http://www.bbc.co.uk/cbbc http://www.bbc.co.uk/sja
      Sarah Jane Adventures repeats.
      Sunday 5PM BST 9a. "Secrets Of The Stars" pt 1 of 2
      Sunday 5:30PM BST 9b. "Secrets Of The Stars" pt 2 of 2
      Monday 5:15PM BST 12a. "Enemy Of The Bane" pt 1 of 2
      Saturday 20 June 8AM, 21 June 5PM BST 10a. "The Mark Of The Beserker" pt 1 of 2
      Saturday 20 June 8:30AM, 21 June 5PM BST 10b. "The Mark Of The Beserker" pt 2 of 2
      22 June 5:15PM BST 12b. "Enemy Of The Bane" pt 2 of 2 (end of Monday repeat run)
      27 June 8AM, 28 June 5PM BST 11a. "The Temptation Of Sarah Jane Smith" pt 1 of 2
      27 June 8:30AM, 28 June 5:30PM BST 11b. "The Temptation Of Sarah Jane Smith" pt 2 of 2

      HONG KONG:

      ATV World http://www.hkatv.com/v3/world/world.html
      Saturday 20 June 8AM 4b. "Warriors Of Kudlak" pt 2 of 2


      SciFi http://www.scifi.com http://www.scifi.com/doctorwho
      DirecTV 244 DirecTVHD 244
      Dish 122 DishHD 122
      16:9 Letterbox. Sporadic repeats of Series 1. Series 2 has not been scheduled yet.
      22 June 9:30AM EDT 1. "Invasion Of The Bane" 90 minute slot
      22 June 11AM EDT 2a. "Revenge Of The Slitheen" pt 1 of 2
      22 June 11:30AM EDT 2b. "Revenge Of The Slitheen" pt 2 of 2
      22 June Noon EDT 3a. "Eye Of The Gorgon" pt 1 of 2
      22 June 12:30PM EDT 3b. "Eye Of The Gorgon" pt 2 of 2
      22 June 1PM EDT 4a. "Warriors Of Kudlak" pt 1 of 2
      22 June 1:30PM EDT 4b. "Warriors Of Kudlak" pt 2 of 2
      22 June 2PM EDT 5a. "Whatever Happened To Sarah Jane?" pt 1 of 2
      22 June 2:30PM EDT 5b. "Whatever Happened To Sarah Jane" pt 2 of 2
      22 June 3PM EDT 6a. "The Lost Boy" pt 1 of 2
      22 June 3:30PM EDT 6b. "The Lost Boy" pt 2 of 2


      Nickelodeon Australia http://www.nickelodeon.com.au http://www.foxtel.tv
      14 July 7:30PM AEST 7a. "The Last Sontaran" pt 1 of 2

      K9 - Coming later 2009. Network Ten in Australia and Jetix/DisneyXD in the UK are expected to air it. Other broadcasters unknown. 26 episodes in this first batch.


      This section is always open to discovering new Doctor Who/Sarah Jane/K9/Torchwood material of note. If you think your webcast/podcast (or somebody else's) belongs in this section, e-mail me.

      Doctor Who: Podshock http://www.gallifreyanembassy.org/vortex
      Live Talkshoe broadcasts - http://www.talkshoe.com/tc/23358
      call in number (724) 444-7444 call id 23358
      1) Home to the longest continuously running weekly-ish international Doctor Who chat show done in podcast format. Hosted by Louis Trapani, Ken Deep, and James Naughton, with frequent contributions/co-hosting by Dave AC, Mike Doran, and a cast of many. There is a feed for studio shows and a feed for live shows.
      2) Also home to the Sonic Newsdriver, Louis Trapani's periodic rundown of new Doctor Who news.
      3) Also home to the Hitch-hiker's Guide To British Sci-Fi, a podcast covering a mix of shows, including Doctor Who.
      Current episode:
      -Podshock Episode 152. The Gallifreyan Embassy turns 24. The forums at Outpost Gallifrey are turning off. BBC America turns to HD. Doctor Who's future in Canada turns to SPACE. The hosts turn to Mike Doran in preparation of the Canadian Doctor Who Convention Who Party 14. James Naughton was not able to turn up for this one (though he did appear in podcast land this week). How many more turns are there? Turn in to find out.
      -Coming soon - Podshock Episode 153. Recorded Thursday, while I was at work rather than a phone. Why would that matter? Well, you never know.

      Radio Free Skaro http://www.radiofreeskaro.com
      The 3 Canadians (Warren, Steven, Chris) get together on the weekends for about an hour or more to discuss the latest in Doctor Who, Torchwood, and Sarah Jane in a fairly amusing manner. When one is away, the 4th Canadian (Katrina) will play. They recently completed a series of bonus features on Wednesdays in varying styles.
      Current episode:
      #144 - "Square Peggs" - Warren's job makes him miss another episode, with Katrina stepping in. Much news and rambling occured. Then they started watching The Long Game, the episode that many people in British Columbia had problems seeing on first broadcast due to a local election blowing out those CBC stations (the BC stations aired The Long Game 4 days later). Odds are the three hosts on this episode were not in British Columbia in 2005, but the inconvenience people like Warren's friends in BC might have experienced has been partially remembered by SPACE's pickup of all 4 previous series of modern Who, in a press release that was new-ish when this episode was recorded. SPACE is unlikely to have regional breakouts for election coverage.
      #Bonus - "Warren Frey interviews Ron Moore" - While Warren was off missing Radio Free Skaro, he was doing some interviews. And if you have a video interview with Ron Moore of modern Battlestar Galactica on your hands, you throw it onto your podcast feed, even if Doctor Who is never mentioned. Warning - the video is just under 8 minutes long, but the file size is very large.
      Coming Soon:
      #145 - "Kill Off Your Father's Day" - One week before Father's Day in the US, Canada, UK, and various other countries - the gang of 3 to 4 Canadians look at the Doctor Who episode - Father's Day. Warning to first time viewers of the episode - the Doctor Who episode takes place in November, and has nothing to do with the holiday.
      And on Sunday July 26:
      Commentary on "Planet Of The Dead", scheduled by coincidence just a few hours after SPACE's premiere of the episode in Canada and just a few hours before BBC America's premiere of the episode in the USA.

      DWO Whocast http://www.thewhocast.com
      Trevor from Australia and Marty from the UK talk Doctor Who with themselves, others, and teddy bears dressed as doctors. Now with a rock version of the opening theme, the Whocast continues to ask the questions that pop in to their heads. Regular correspondent - James. Frequent guest - Michael of the Tin Dog podcast.
      Current episode:
      #123 - News updates/feedback. After a few news headlines, the Whocast started looking at their mail. But there was a distraction. The power of Karen Gillan's red hair was calling out like a siren, luring conversation over. Not even to Karen herself, but to her hair. If Karen's companion role is bald and she's wearing a cap during her Doctor Who run, these two will be very annoyed.

      Tin Dog Podcast http://www.tin-dog.co.uk
      UK based podcast looking at the latest in Doctor Who, Torchwood, or Sarah Jane Adventures. New episodes ever 2 weeks or so.
      Current episodes:
      #92 - Delta And The Bannermen. 1987 - The Tin Puppy is horrified by the story Delta And The Bannermen. Then his Betamax* fails to record the story, allowing Tin to forget the story for 22 years. 2009 - with the release of the DVD, Michael returns to face a story that scared him (for the wrong reasons) the first time. Does the memory cheat? If the tension is too great, the iTunes descriptions gives away his reaction.
      *Weirdly, my family's VHS machine ate the tape it tried to record Delta And The Bannermen on, so I only saw 15 minutes on the first local broadcast. First time the machine did this - not the last. 18 months later another station aired the episode - the VHS did not record at all. On the third attempt the credits got chopped off on both ends and the picture/sound were very poor, but I got to see the story at last. Very frustrating when your recorder thinks it should have editorial control over what you watch.

      CIA - Cultdom In Audio http://ciashock.podomatic.com
      Live Talkshoe broadcasts http://www.talkshoe.com/tc/30659
      call in number (724) 444-7444 call id 30659
      West, Dave AC, Colin, and other Doctor Who fans liked the live Doctor Who: Podshocks so much that they wanted to keep talking afterwards. The resulting show covers Doctor Who, anything else sci-fi related, and can go wildly off in all directions. Chats open 15 minutes before the scheduled start time.
      Current episode - Wizard's List of the Top 25 Science Fiction Shows Ever. Part 3 - Shows 4 to 1.
      Upcoming episodes:
      Sunday 2PM EDT/11AM PDT/7PM BST - 94. Superheroes Run Amok!
      21 June 2PM EDT/11AM PDT/7PM BST - 95. Bring A Book
      28 June 2PM EDT/11AM PDT/7PM BST - 96. The Man Behind The Curtain

      Two Minute Time Lord http://twominutetimelord.com
      A bite-sized commentary and revew show. Host Chip's interest was rekindled by the 2005 revival. He believes in balancing old fandom and new viewers, respect for the past and breaking the rules. He tries to keep his pontifications to 120 seconds, because we're ALL in a hurry these days.
      Current Episodes:
      #28 - Giving Kids A Voice. Doctor Who is a family show aimed at all ages. Yet so much of fandom in general (and podcasts in particular) gets aimed straight at an adult audience. Maybe the voices of children should be heard in the podcasting halls.
      #29 - Torchwood Series 4? Matt Smith's first enemy? Shock horror - Russell T Davies has an idea for Torchwood if it is renewed for the 4th series! Shock horror - Matt Smith's Doctor might encounter a monster that the Doctor has met before! What do you do when the spoiler rumors are of things that are rather obvious.

      Staggering Stories http://www.staggeringstories.net
      A wild, wandering podcast with Doctor Who and the other flavours of the moment winding together roughly once every 2 weeks. The website's main focus is on stories collected through the years. They like Daleks and Pertwee's head, don't they? (Disclaimer - I wrote a Mr. Dalek story for them, and they published it. I'm infiltrating all these podcasts and sites. Bwa-ha-ha.)
      Episode 47 - "When Assassins Go Deadly" - Andy, Adam, Keith, Fake Keith, and Jean look at the DVD release of the famous Tom Baker serial The Deadly Asassin. Ashes To Ashes is getting to them. A choose your own adventure game fails to get out of hand, much to everyone's surprise. And other stuff that looks odd on the page but has caused several listeners to crash their cars over the years.
      Coming soon - Episode 48. "When An Old Member Of The Team Starts Another Show"

      The Flashing Blade Podcast http://www.flashingblade.org.uk
      Tony Gallichan returns to podcast land with new podcaster Jo! to look at Doctor Who and matters of interest. Tony grew up with UK fandom and knows all the cliches. Jo! - didn't. No, Jo! is not Freema Agyeman in disguise pulling an elaborate hoax. She does seem insistant on having an ! at the end of her name, though. Flashing Blade wants to be known as the podcast that would like a nice cup of tea.
      Current episode - 1 The Pilot Podcast. Recorded in May, before Tony and Jo! had a website ready or a launch date. Tony and Jo! recount their visit to the Radiophonic Workshop concert, review The Five Doctors, compare their fan histories, and teach the importance of taking care of your tea.

      The Minute Doctor Who Podcast http://web.mac.com/backintheussr6/The_Minute_Doctor_Who_Podcast/Podcast/Podcast.html
      Video (sometimes just audio) podcast looking at Doctor Who projects. Episodes are usually under 5 minutes long.
      Current episodes - 15. Audio installment where the 1960s novelization Doctor Who and the Crusaders suggests that the Doctor's grand-daughter Susan might have a tie-in with modern British politics. Expose to follow.
      16. Video installment. Luke exposits that Planet Of The Spiders was not the last Jon Pertwee Doctor Who story. Nor was The Five Doctors or Dimensions In Time. So, if Pertwee was not in Pertwee's last story, which story was it. Luke solves the confusion in your minds.

      Doctor Who Review Today http://www.talkshoe.com/tc/22756
      Live editions Late Fridays 1AM EDT/10PM PDT/6AM BST every couple of weeks
      Robert Carrie King reviews Doctor Who topics (DVDs and news, mostly) on this Talkshoe program. Frequent cast member on CIA: Cultdom In Audio.
      Most recent episode - June 12/13. Episode 36. The Missing episodes of Doctor Who and, from new Who, The Impossible Planet.

      The Tennantcast http://tennantcast.com
      Kelsey, Kari, and friends get together to dish on the latest David Tennant news. And at least for 2009, that still includes Doctor Who. They answer Chip's thoughts about younger podcasting - these are the youngest Who-related podcasters I know of. Their current plan is to do an episode each week, as they are enthused by their topic and believe that practice makes better podcasts.
      4 - After the Tennant round up, Alex Day is brought in to discuss his Trock Band, which has done a collection of Doctor Who songs as part of their material. What is a Trock Band? Ah, they knew they had a hook somewhere. Also, thoughts on animated Who and what would make conventions more appealing to the tween/teen/twentysomething fans.

      The Wailing Fangirl http://www.talkshoe.com/tc/22228
      Samantha (Romana 2) explores Doctor Who and fandom in Australia, sometimes with the aid of the ladies of the Gallifreyan Time Love Brigade. Frequent cast member on CIA: Cultdom In Audio.
      Current episode - 8. A look at the First Doctor's Era.
      Coming soon - they were planning to gush poetically when Planet Of The Dead arrived. Planet has aired in Australia, so you never know when the Gallifreyan Time Love Brigade will strike.

      A Podcast Of Impossible Things http://podcastofimpossiblethings.blogspot.com
      Cardiff-based Doctor Who fans get together to discuss the latest Doctor Who and do a full length commentary on new Doctor Who episodes.
      Current episode:
      Planet Of The Dead - the commentary.

      Bigger On The Inside http://www.earth-2.net
      Mike and Dan decide to do their own podcast exploring each Doctor Who story in broadcast order. It is a very different style from Jonathan's. Again - can they pull it off? Part of the Earth-2 family of podcasts. Warning - explicit language (swearing). If your headphones leak any sound at all - do not listen at work.
      Current episode - 14 - The Massacre and The Arc. A gripping, high quality historical is gatecrashed by Dodo. Earth's destruction is witnessed in Doctor Who for the first time. Steven makes ethical choices and the production team tries to modernize the show with a hip kid. These issues and more to be discussed in this episode.

      A Whovian's Quest http://www.whovianquest.com
      Jonathan Rainer is podcasting his experiences as he watches Doctor Who. In original broadcast order. From 1963. Without a gap. Can he pull it off?
      Current episode - 13 - The Web Planet. Includes an update on the delays in the interactive website Jonathan is planning.

      Hoo On Who http://hooonwho.com
      Fan reviews of recent Doctor Who DVDs by David Hooie, frequently with a guest co-host.
      Current episode - #10. Pyramids Of Mars, reviewed with guest host James Naughton of Doctor Who: Podshock. Now all 3 official Podshock hosts have appeared.

      Tim's Take On ...
      Tim Drury's podcast on various issues. Still checking it out at press time. Available on iTunes.

      The Big Finish Podcast http://www.bigfinish.com/podcast
      Big Finish podcasts at least once a month to discuss their Doctor Who and other projects (Sapphire and Steel, Stargate (!), Dark Shadows, Bernice Summerfield, etc).
      Current episode - May magazine episode. Nicholas Briggs updates us with the newest information from Big Finish about their present and future.

      Tachyon TV http://www.tachyon-tv.co.uk
      Irregular and irreverant podcast looking at the world of Doctor Who with a funhouse mirror and coming out the other side holding a plush toy that wasn't really the one you wanted but you'll keep it anyway because you can give it to your girlfriend to impress her. It's that kind of show.
      Current segment - a short appeal by "Rula Lenska".

      MMM Commentaries/Fantragic http://www.mmmcommentaries.com
      Roving Australian podcasting gang. Commentaries on Doctor Who episodes, Star Wars films, some Stargate stuff, and others. The Frantragic episodes look at Doctor Who and other sci-fi news. Fantragic episodes are on a different iTunes feed from MMM Commentary episodes.
      Current episode - commentary on the 2008 movie of Iron Man.
      Current Doctor Who episode - The Curse Of Fenric - DVD Extended Version.
      MMM noticed that no commentary was done for the recut movie version of The Curse Of Fenric on its DVD set either. So MMM does their own, along the line of their recent commentary for Battlefield's DVD Extended Version.

      The Two Doctors http://www.blogtalkradio.com/thetwodoctors
      call in number (718) 664-9807
      Jim Iaccino and Kenn Gold look at the latest SciFi broadcasts in the US, with emphasis on fitting in Doctor Who, Dollhouse, Smallville, Supernatural, Fringe, Torchwood, and the other big scifi shows of the moment. Everything is based on US premiere dates rather than UK. Approximately 90 minutes per episode. Show airs live with a text chat and can be downloaded later.
      Next episode - Late Sunday Midnight EDT/9PM PDT/Monday 5AM BST

      TV Talk Radio http://blogtalkradio.com/shaunomacradio
      Weeknights 6 to 8PM EDT (3 to 5PM PDT) [Friday 7PM EDT/4PM PDT]
      Shaun O'Mac Daily (of the Jericho "nuts" campaign) hosts a daily 2 hour show covering all things TV. Doctor Who is sometimes discussed in the 2nd hour of the Friday show with Two Doctors co-host Kenn Gold. Listen and chat live through the website with archives appearing right after the show finishes.

      PBS Stations With Doctor Who Rights That Could Air Again:
      A - BOUGHT SERIES THREE: (rights expire at date unknown)
      B - BOUGHT SERIES TWO: (rights expire March 31, 2010)
      1) UNC North Carolina 58.1,17.1,30.1,4.1,36.1,33.1 http://www.unctv.org
      Charlotte DirecTV 58,892 Charlotte Dish 4,8662
      Greenville, SC DirecTV 33,892 Greenville, SC Dish 4,8190
      Norfolk, VA DirecTV 2 Norfolk, VA Dish 2,7271
      Florence, SC DirecTV 31 Florence, SC Dish 31,7845
      Greenville, NC DirecTV 25 Greenville, NC Dish 19,7737
      UNC's third run of Series 2 is airing on its UNC-ED digital cable channel. UNC has the right to air Series 2 for one additional cycle beyond that.
      2) KCPT 19.1 Kansas City, MO http://www.kcpt.org
      Kansas City DirecTV 19 DirecTVHD 19 Kansas City Dish 19,8436
      KCPT has the right to air Series 2 two more times.
      3) KVCR 24.1 San Bernadino, CA http://www.kvcr.org
      Los Angeles DirecTV 24 Los Angeles Dish 24,8014
      KVCR has the right to air Series 2 two more times. While KVCR's main viewing area is east of the Los Angeles area, it is considered in the LA Designated Market Area and both satellite services carry it as a Los Angeles local station.

      Other stations that are not currently airing Who or Sarah Jane but may still have rights:
      1) HUNGARY (airing as Ki Vagi, Doki?) - Cool TV http://www.cooltv.hu
      Series 2 completed.
      RTL Klub http://www.rtlklub.hu http://doctorwho.gportal.hu
      Series 2 Repeat Run halted, it appears.
      2) JAPAN - BS-2 http://www.nhk.or.jp/bs Series 1 and 2 Completed.
      NHK 3 http://www.nhk.or.jp Series 1 and 2 Completed.
      3) ISRAEL - Yes Stars http://www.yes.co.il
      4) UKRAINE - ICTV
      5) BELGIUM - LaDeux http://www.ladeux.be - all episodes dubbed into French - Series 3 completed.
      6) NETHERLANDS - Nederland 2 http://nederland2.nl - Series 2 completed.
      7) DENMARK - DR 1 http://www.dr.dk/tv Series 1 Repeats Completed.
      8) FINLAND - TV2 http://www.yle.fi/tv2 - No additional airdates at present
      9) NORWAY - NRK3 http://www.nrk.no http://www.nrk.no/programmer/sider/doktor_who
      Series 1 repeat run completed.
      10) SOUTH AFRICA - SABC 2 http://www.sabc2.co.za/portal/site/sabc2
      The Sarah Jane Adventures Series 1 - not on schedule.
      BBC Entertainment South Africa http://southafrica.bbcentertainment.com http://www.dstv.com
      Doctor Who Series 3 completed. Next airdate unknown.
      11) POLAND - TVP1 http://www.tvp.pl - Repeat run completed.
      12) SWEDEN - SVT 24 and SVT HD http://www.svt.se
      13) GREECE - Skai TV http://www.skai.gr - Between seasons.
      14) ICELAND - RUV http://www.ruv.is - English with Icelandic subtitles - Series 1 and 2 completed.
      15) TURKEY - Cine 5 http://www.cine5.com.tr
      16) THAILAND - Channel 7 http://www.ch7.com
      17) ITALY - Jimmy http://www.jimmy.tv
      Voyage Of The Damned has aired - rest of Series 4 airdates TBA.
      RAISAT Smash http://www.smash.raisat.it
      Sarah Jane Adventures Series 1 - dubbed into Italian. Pan & scan 4:3 image. completed run?
      18) NEW ZEALAND - UKTV New Zealand http://www.uktv.co.nz http://nzdwfc.tetrap.com - Series 2 completed.
      Prime TV http://www.primetv.co.nz http://nzdwfc.tetrap.com 16:9 digital; 4:3 pan and scan analog.
      The Waters Of Mars - airdate unknown.
      19) AFRICA/MIDDLE EAST - Showtime Arabia http://www.showtimearabia.com
      ShowSeries 1 (all airings 2 hours earlier on ShowSeries 1 Extra) - Series 3 Encore completed.
      20) DUBAI - Dubai One http://www.dmi.ae/dubaione/default.asp
      More info needed. Doctor Who was seen airing on this station over Christmas.
      21) ROMANIA - TVR2 http://www.tvr.ro - Series 3 completed.
      22) FRANCE - France 4 http://www.france4.fr - Series 4 completed.
      23) SOUTH KOREA - KBS2 http://www.kbs.co.kr http://www.kbs.co.kr/2tv/enter/doctorwho/index.html
      Primary language Korean, English language as secondary audio. 4th series completed.
      24) SPAIN - SciFi Spain http://www.scifi.es http://www.plus.es - Series 1 and 2 repeat run completed.
      25) GERMANY - SciFi Germany http://www.scifi.de Series 1 and 2 repeats. Dubbed in German.
      26) CANADA - BBC Kids http://www.bbckids.ca - Next airdate for Classic Who unknown. Next airdate for Sarah Jane Adventures unknown.
      27) UK - BBC HD http://www.bbc.co.uk/bbchd - home of HD versions of Doctor Who and Torchwood episodes. None scheduled.
      BBC Radio 7 http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio7 - available via UK digital radio, UK digital TV, live streaming worldwide via Windows Media Player and RealPlayer, archived one week via iPlayer (inside the UK) and RealPlayer (all over the world) - next show airdate unknown
      28) CROATIA - HRT2 http://www.hrt.hr - Series 3 completed.
      29) AUSTRALIA - ABC1 http://www.abc.net.au/tv http://www.sfsa.org.au 16:9 widescreen digital, 14:9 cropped letterbox analog.
      The Waters Of Mars - airdate unknown.
      30) SWEDEN - TV4 Science Fiction http://www.tv4.se http://www.tvplaneten.se
      Digital SciFi station. Classic Who completed for now.

      Thanks for reading. Until next week, take care.

      Doctor Who is a BBC Trademark. Copyright 2009.
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