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TWIDW: This Week In Doctor Who - January 3, 2009

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  • Benjamin Elliott
    TWIDW: This Week In Doctor Who January 3, 2009 - Vol 12, No 1 The weekly guide to Doctor Who broadcasts worldwide since 1998. by Benjamin F. Elliott
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      TWIDW: This Week In Doctor Who
      January 3, 2009 - Vol 12, No 1
      The weekly guide to Doctor Who broadcasts worldwide since 1998.
      by Benjamin F. Elliott

      Today - 5:35PM GMT BBC One:
      Doctor Who Confidential - The Eleventh Doctor (35 minutes, title
      Well, time to end the speculation. The BBC is announcing the new
      actor to play the Doctor in this Doctor Who Confidential special.
      Obviously, if you read this after the episode airs, you already know
      who the next actor is, as the news will spread like wildfire. If you
      were expecting Doctor Who Confidential - The Ten Doctors - apparently
      that was a fake to keep us all off guard. Welcome, new actor -
      whoever you are.

      David Tennant will do 4 more Doctor Who specials to air across the
      next year. The new actor takes over for Series 5 - 13 episodes to air
      in 2010.

      The Other Upcoming premiere broadcasts:
      Saturday 3 January:
      KBS 2 South Korea Late 12:40AM Partners In Crime
      Sunday 4 January:
      KBS 2 South Korea Late 12:40AM The Fires Of Pompeii
      Tuesday 6 January:
      BBC Entertainment Asia 7PM and 9:50PM and 2:20AM Thai time - Last Of
      The Time Lords, pt 3
      BBC Entertainment India 7:50PM and 10:40PM Thai time - DWC The
      Valiant Quest
      France 4 8:35PM CET - A.T.M.O.S., pt 1
      France 4 9:25PM CET - A.T.M.O.S., pt 2
      Wednesday 7 January:
      BBC Entertainment India 10:30PM and 2:05AM - Last Of The Time Lords,
      pt 3
      Sunday 18 January:
      BBC Entertainment South Africa 7PM and Midnight CAT - The Runaway
      Sunday 25 January:
      ABC Australia 7:30PM - The Next Doctor (60 minutes)

      ABC Australia will get The Next Doctor on Sunday 25 January at
      7:30PM, just one month after the UK premiere. This is being counted
      as fast-tracking. So far no other networks are known to be fast
      tracking the episode. The closer we get to a simultaneous worldwide
      experience, the better, so congratulations Austrailia!

      You may notice the slight title change on the column. Today is a
      slight relaunch of the column to make things easier to find. The
      Doctor news will be much bigger and overshadowing, but I already made
      the changes and can't delay the launch.

      1) TWIDW: This Week In Doctor Who (which you are reading now) is all
      the Doctor Who schedules for Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia
      (plus any appendant islands).
      2) Doctor Who schedule info for the Western Hemisphere is in TWIDW:
      Western Hemisphere Who Schedules.
      3) Torchwood schedule information is included in TWIDW: Torchwood
      This Week http://groups.yahoo.com/group/torchwood .
      4) Sarah Jane, podcast, and other spinoff info is in TWIDW: The Sarah
      Jane Schedules. To reduce clutter for the Doctor Who schedules, the
      lists of stations with Doctor Who rights that are not currently
      airing the show will be over here.

      Outpost Gallifrey News Page readers will get the Doctor Who and Sarah
      Jane sections looking pretty much as it has done.

      For press releases on Doctor Who, keep an eye on the BBC Press Office
      http://www.bbc.co.uk/pressoffice and C21 Media
      http://www.c21media.net .

      Corrections and updates are welcome at thisweekindoctorwho-
      owner@yahoogroups.com , TWIDW on AOL IM , and thebfe on Yahoo
      Messenger. The listings:


      New Series General Information:


      BBC One http://www.bbc.co.uk/bbcone http://www.radiotimes.com
      16:9 Widescreen Digital,14:9 Cropped Letterbox Analogue
      Saturday 5:35PM GMT "Doctor Who Confidential: The Eleventh Doctor"
      (premiere!, 35 minutes, the new Doctor will be announced in this
      Easter 2009 4-15 "Planet Of The Dead" estimated 60 minute length
      Later 2009/2010 "The other 3 specials - final episodes with David
      Tennant as The Doctor"
      2010 "Series 5 - 13 episodes - starring the person being announced

      BBC Radio 7 http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio7
      available via UK digital radio, UK digital TV, live streaming
      worldwide via Windows Media Player and RealPlayer, archived one week
      via iPlayer (inside the UK) and RealPlayer (all over the world)
      Online until Sunday "Doctor Who Commentary: The Next Doctor" (60
      minutes, new)
      Radio broadcast of the online commentary tying into the new Doctor
      Who episode. The commentary will also be available on iTunes and on
      the BBC's Doctor Who website.

      BBC HD http://www.bbc.co.uk/hd
      Sunday 6PM GMT "Doctor Who at the Proms" (concert, 60 minutes)


      BFBS http://www.ssvc.com/bfbs/tv
      BFBS 1:
      Friday 4:20PM GMT 1-01 "Rose" (start of repeat run)
      16 January 4:20PM GMT 1-02 "The End Of The World"
      BFBS 2:
      Saturday 5:30PM, Sunday 5:30AM GMT 4-14 "The Next Doctor" (60 minutes)
      Saturday 6:30PM, Sunday 6:30AM GMT DWC 4-14 "Doctor Who Confidential
      Christmas 2008" (60 minutes)
      BFBS Navy:
      Saturday 5:30PM GMT 4-14 "The Next Doctor" (60 minutes)
      Saturday 6:30PM GMT DWC 4-14 "Doctor Who Confidential Christmas 2008"
      (60 minutes)
      Friday 4:20PM GMT 1-01 "Rose"
      16 January 4:20PM GMT 1-02 "The End Of The World"


      ABC1 http://www.abc.net.au/tv http://www.sfsa.org.au
      16:9 widescreen digital, 14:9 cropped letterbox analog.
      25 January 7:30PM 4-14 "The Next Doctor" (60 minutes, Australian
      27 January 7:30PM Series 2 repeats begin


      France 4 http://www.france4.fr
      Saturday 1:25PM, Sunday 10:30PM CET 4-02 "La Chute De Pompeii"
      Saturday 2:15PM, Sunday 11:20PM CET 4-03 "Le Chant Des Oads"
      Tuesday 8:35PM, Late Thursday 12:15AM, 10 January 1:20PM, 11 January
      10:30PM CET 4-04 "A.T.M.O.S." 1ere partie
      Tuesday 9:25PM, Late Thursday 1:10AM, 10 January 2:15PM, 11 January
      11:20PM CET 4-05 "A.T.M.O.S." 2ere partie
      Tuesday 10:15PM CET 4-00 "Voyage Of The Damned" (repeat, 75 minutes)


      KBS2 http://www.kbs.co.kr
      Late Saturday 12:40AM 4-01 "Partners In Crime"
      Late Sunday 12:40AM 4-02 "The Fires Of Pompeii"

      ASIA (regional channel):

      BBC Entertainment http://asia.bbcentertainment.com
      All times Thailand - adjust for local time zone. Subtitles available
      in Chinese, Korean, and Thai.
      Series 3 - First Run
      Sunday 3:10PM 3-12 "The Sound Of Drums" pt 2 of 3
      Sunday 4PM, Tuesday 11:40AM DWC 3-12 "The Saxon Mystery"
      Tuesday 7PM and 9:50PM and 2:20AM, Wednesday 8:30AM and 11:55AM, 11
      January 3:20AM 3-13 "Last Of The Time Lords" pt 3 of 3
      Tuesday 7:50PM and 10:40PM, Wednesday 9:20PM and 12:45PM, Friday
      9:20AM, Saturday 10 January 6:35AM and (late) 1:30AM DWC 3-13 "The
      Valiant Quest"
      13 January 11:45AM, 14 January 12:35PM DWC 2-12 "Welcome To
      Torchwood" (used as promo for Torchwood on BBC Entertainment Asia)
      Doctor Who takes a break for the premiere of Torchwood.


      BBC Entertainment http://india.bbcentertainment.com
      Series 3 - First Run
      Sunday 10PM and 2:20AM 3-12 "The Sound Of Drums" pt 2 of 3
      Wednesday 10:30PM and 2:05AM, Thursday 7:50PM, 11 January 8PM and
      2:25AM 3-13 "Last Of The Time Lords" pt 3 of 3
      Doctor Who takes a break for the premiere of Torchwood.

      BBC Entertainment South Africa
      http://southafrica.bbcentertainment.com http://www.dstv.com
      Series 1 and 2 repeats plus Series 3 new
      Monday 11:58AM CAT 1-01 "Rose"
      Tuesday Noon CAT 1-02 "The End Of The World"
      Wednesday Noon CAT 1-03 "The Unquiet Dead"
      Thursday Noon CAT 1-04 "Aliens Of London" pt 1 of 2
      Friday Noon CAT 1-05 "World War Three" pt 2 of 2
      12 January Noon CAT 1-06 "Dalek"
      13 January Noon CAT 1-07 "The Long Game"
      14 January Noon CAT 1-08 "Father's Day"
      15 January Noon CAT 1-09 "The Empty Child" pt 1 of 2
      16 January Noon CAT 1-10 "The Doctor Dances" pt 2 of 2
      18 January 7PM and Midnight CAT 3-00 "The Runaway Bride" (Series 3
      19 January Noon CAT 1-11 "Boom Town"
      20 January Noon CAT 1-12 "Bad Wolf" pt 1 of 2
      21 January Noon CAT 1-13 "The Parting Of The Ways" pt 2 of 2
      21 January 1PM, 22 January Noon CAT 2-00 "The Christmas Invasion"
      22 January 1PM CAT 2-01 "New Earth"
      23 January Noon CAT 2-02 "Tooth And Claw"
      23 January 1PM CAT 2-03 "School Reunion"
      25 January 7PM and Midnight 3-01 "Smith And Jones"


      HRT2 http://www.hrt.hr
      Saturday 11:45AM EET 3-02 "The Shakespeare Code"
      Saturday 10 January - pre-empted
      17 January 11AM EET 3-03 "Gridlock"



      BBC Online http://www.bbc.co.uk/doctorwho
      "Shada" - starring Paul McGann and Lalla Ward. 6 episodes. A retired
      Time Lord in Cambridge needs the Doctor's help to recover a Time Lord
      book before the scientist Skagra can find it.
      "The Scream Of The Shalka" - starring Richard E. Grant. 6 episode
      story. The Shalka prepare to conquer the Earth from below. Can the
      Doctor be convinced to save the day one last time?
      "Real Time" - starring Colin Baker and the Cybermen. 6 episodes. The
      Doctor and Evelyn Smythe research a temple that has been yanking
      scientists out of time, bringing them face to face with the future of
      the Cybermen. (NOTE - While Real Time is listed on the website, only
      the audio version is working. The video versions are not working at
      this time. Please, someone at the BBC - fix this.)
      Doctor Who Confidential http://www.bbc.co.uk/doctorwho/confidential
      The 13 episodes from Series 1 of the BBC Three series all online via
      Real Player in the CutDown format used for repeats and the Series 1
      DVDs. Also, numerous video diaries and trailers.

      BBC Three http://www.bbc.co.uk/bbcthree http://www.radiotimes.com
      Doctor Who Confidential http://www.bbc.co.uk/doctorwho/confidential
      First broadcaster of Doctor Who Confidential.
      Friday 9PM GMT 4-01 "Partners In Crime" (50 minutes)
      Friday 9:50PM GMT DWC 4-01 "A Noble Return" (10 minutes)
      12 January 7PM GMT 4-02 "The Fires Of Pompeii" (50 minutes)
      12 January 7:50PM and 4:10AM GMT DWC 4-02 "The Italian Job" (10/15
      13 January 7PM GMT 4-03 "Planet Of The Ood"
      13 January 7:45PM GMT DWC 4-03 "Oods And Ends" (15 minutes)
      14 January 7PM GMT 4-04 "The Sontaran Stratagem" pt 1 of 2
      14 January 7:45PM GMT DWC 4-04 "Send In The Clones" (15 minutes)
      15 January 7PM GMT 4-05 "The Poison Sky" pt 2 of 2
      15 January 7:45PM GMT DWC 4-05 "Sontar-Ha!" (15 minutes)
      16 January 9PM GMT 4-06 "The Doctor's Daughter"
      16 January 9:45PM GMT DWC 4-06 "Sins Of The Fathers" (15 minutes)
      18 January 7PM GMT 4-07 "The Unicorn And The Wasp"
      18 January 7:45PM GMT DWC 4-07 "Nemesis" (15 minutes)
      19 January 7PM GMT 4-08 "Silence In The Library" pt 1 of 2
      19 January 7:45PM GMT DWC 4-08 "Shadow Play" (15 minutes)
      20 January 7PM GMT 4-09 "Forest Of The Dead" pt 2 of 2
      20 January 7:45PM GMT DWC 4-09 "River Runs Deep" (15 minutes)
      21 January 7PM GMT 4-10 "Midnight"
      21 January 7:45PM GMT DWC 4-10 "Look Who's Talking" (15 minutes)
      22 January 7PM GMT 4-11 "Turn Left" (50 minutes)
      22 January 7:50PM GMT DWC 4-11 "Here Come The Girls" (10 minutes)

      Watch http://www.uktv.co.uk http://www.justwatch.co.uk
      All times 1 hour later on Watch plus 1.
      Saturday Noon, Sunday 8AM GMT "Doctor Who: The Ultimate Guide"
      Saturday 1PM, Sunday 9AM GMT 2-01 "New Earth"
      Saturday 2PM, Sunday 10AM GMT 2-05 "Rise Of The Cybermen" pt 1 of 2
      Saturday 3PM, Sunday 11AM GMT 2-06 "The Age Of Steel" pt 2 of 2
      Saturday 4PM and 8PM GMT 2-12 "Army Of Ghosts" pt 1 of 2
      Saturday 5PM, 10 January 8PM, 11 January 5PM GMT 2-13 "Doomsday" pt 2
      of 2
      17 Jauary 8PM, 18 January 5PM GMT 1-01 "Rose"
      18 January 3PM and 1:30AM GMT "Dr. Who and the Daleks" 1965 feature
      film with Peter Cushing as Dr. Who.
      24 January 8PM, 25 January 5PM GMT 1-02 "The End Of The World"
      31 January 8PM, 1 February 5PM GMT 1-03 "The Unquiet Dead"
      7 February 8PM, 8 February 5:30PM GMT 1-04 "Aliens Of London" pt 1 of


      SciFi Spain http://www.scifi.es http://www.plus.es
      Series 1 and 2 repeats.
      Monday 10PM, Tuesday 4:20PM, 10 January 8:40PM, 11 January 5:10PM CET
      2-03 "School Reunion"
      10 January 7:10PM, 11 January 5:55PM CET 2-01 "New Earth"
      10 January 7:55PM, 11 January 4:25PM CET 2-02 "Tooth And Claw"
      12 January 10PM, 13 January 4:20PM, 31 January 7:20PM CET 2-04 "The
      Girl In The Fireplace"
      19 January 10PM, 20 January 4:20PM, 31 January 8:05PM CET 2-05 "Rise
      Of The Cybermen" pt 1 of 2
      26 January 10PM, 27 January 4:20PM, 31 January 8:50PM CET 2-06 "The
      Age Of Steel" pt 2 of 2


      SIC Radical http://sicradical.aeiou.pt
      Wednesday 11:30PM CET 1-01 "Rose"


      BBC Entertainment Poland http://poland.bbcentertainment.com
      Airs as Doktor Who. Series 1, 2, and Runaway Bride repeats.
      Saturday 7PM CET 1-13 "The Parting Of The Ways" pt 2 of 2
      Saturday 8PM CET 2-00 "The Christmas Invasion"
      Tuesday 7:25AM and 10PM, 10 January 7PM CET 2-01 "New Earth"
      Tuesday 8:20AM and 11PM, 10 January 8PM CET 2-02 "Tooth And Claw"
      13 January 7:25AM and 10PM, 17 January 7PM CET 2-03 "School Reunion"
      13 January 8:20AM and 11PM, 17 January 8PM CET 2-04 "The Girl In The
      20 January 7:25AM and 10PM, 21 January 7PM CET 2-05 "Rise Of The
      Cybermen" pt 1 of 2
      20 January 8:20AM and 11PM, 21 January 8PM CET 2-06 "The Age Of
      Steel" pt 2 of 2
      27 January 7:25AM and 10PM, 28 January 7PM CET 2-07 "The Idiot's
      27 January 8:20AM and 11PM, 28 January 8PM CET 2-08 "The Impossible
      Planet" pt 1 of 2


      TV4 Science Fiction http://www.tv4.se http://www.tvplaneten.se
      Digital SciFi station.
      Monday 1:45PM CET "Frontios" pt 4 of 4
      Classic Season 21, Episode 10. Doctor: Peter Davison.
      Monday 2:10PM CET "Planet Of Fire" pt 1 of 4
      Monday 5PM, Late Monday Midnight and 2:30AM, Tuesday 1:45PM, Saturday
      10 January 10:35AM CET "Planet Of Fire" pt 2 of 4
      Monday 5:25PM, Late Monday 12:30AM and 2:55AM, Tuesday 2:10PM,
      Saturday 10 January 11AM CET "Planet Of Fire" pt 3 of 4
      Tuesday 5PM, Late Tuesday Midnight and 2:25AM, Wednesday 1:45PM,
      Saturday 10 January 11:30AM CET "Planet Of Fire" pt 4 of 4
      Classic Season 21, Episodes 13 through 16. Doctor: Peter Davison.
      Tuesday 5:25PM, Late Tuesday 12:25AM and 2:50AM, Wednesday 2:10PM,
      Saturday 10 January 11:55AM CET "The Caves Of Androzani" pt 1 of 4
      Wednesday 5PM, Late Wednesday 12:05AM and 2:25AM, Thursday 1:45PM,
      Saturday 10 January 12:25PM CET "The Caves Of Androzani" pt 2 of 4
      Wednesday 5:25PM, Late Wednesday 12:30AM and 2:55AM, Thursday 2:10PM,
      Saturday 10 January 12:50PM CET "The Caves Of Androzani" pt 3 of 4
      Thursday 5PM, Late Thursday Midnight and 2:25AM, Friday 1:45PM,
      Saturday 10 January 1:15PM CET "The Caves Of Androzani" pt 4 of 4
      Classic Season 21, Episodes 17 through 20. Doctor: Peter Davison.
      Thursday 5:25PM, Late Thursday 12:30AM and 2:50AM, Friday 2:10PM,
      Saturday 10 January 1:45PM CET "The Twin Dilemma" pt 1 of 4
      Friday 5PM, Late Friday Midnight and 2:30AM, Saturday 10 January
      2:10PM CET "The Twin Dilemma" pt 2 of 4
      Friday 5:25PM, Late Friday 12:30AM and 2:55AM, Saturday 10 January
      2:35PM CET "The Twin Dilemma" pt 3 of 4
      Classic Season 21, Episodes 21 through 23. Doctor: Colin Baker.


      TVR2 http://www.tvr.ro
      Sunday 7:50PM EET "1 episode without a usable description"


      SCI FI Russia http://www.scifichannel.ru
      All times Moscow
      Saturday 8:10PM, Sunday 11:50AM and 5:40PM 1-05 "World War Three" pt
      2 of 2
      10 January 8:10PM, 11 January 11:50AM and 5:40PM 1-06 "Dalek"
      17 January 8:10PM, 18 January 11:50AM and 5:40PM 1-07 "The Long Game"
      24 January 8:10PM, 25 January 11:50AM and 5:40PM 1-08 "Father's Day"
      31 January 8:10PM 1-09 "The Empty Child" pt 1 of 2


      BBC Prime http://www.bbcprime.com
      Who Series 1 and 2; Doctor Who Confidential Cut Down
      Adjust for local time, which could vary by several hours.
      Sunday 6PM CET 2-01 "New Earth"
      Sunday 6:45PM CET DWC 2-01 "New New Doctor"
      Sunday 7PM CET 2-02 "Tooth And Claw"
      Sunday 7:45PM CET DWC 2-02 "Fear Factor"
      11 January 6PM CET 2-03 "School Reunion"
      11 January 6:45PM CET 2-03 "Friends Reunited"
      11 January 7PM CET 2-04 "The Girl In The Fireplace"
      11 January 7:45PM CET 2-04 "From Script To Screen"
      18 January 6PM CET 2-05 "Rise Of The Cybermen" pt 1 of 2
      18 January 6:45PM CET DWC 2-05 "Cybermen"
      18 January 7PM CET 2-06 "The Age Of Steel" pt 2 of 2
      18 January 7:45PM CET DWC 2-06 "From Zero To Hero"
      25 January 6PM CET 2-07 "The Idiot's Lantern"
      25 January 6:45PM CET DWC 2-07 "The Writer's Tale"
      25 January 7PM CET 2-08 "The Impossible Planet" pt 1 of 2
      25 January 7:45PM CET DWC 2-08 "You've Got The Look"


      Showtime Arabia http://www.showtimearabia.com
      ShowSeries 1 (all airings 2 hours earlier on ShowSeries 1 Extra) -
      Series 3 Encore.
      Saturday 3PM and 11PM, Sunday 6AM KSA 3-01 "Smith And Jones"
      Sunday 3PM and 11PM, Monday 6AM KSA 3-02 "The Shakespeare Code"
      Monday 3PM and 11PM, Tuesday 6AM KSA 3-03 "Gridlock"
      Tuesday 3PM and 11PM, Wednesday 6AM KSA 3-04 "Daleks In Manhattan" pt
      1 of 2
      Wednesday 3PM and 11PM, Thursday 6AM KSA 3-05 "Evolution Of The
      Daleks" pt 2 of 2
      Saturday 10 January 3PM and 11PM, 11 January 6AM KSA 3-06 "The
      Lazarus Experiment"
      11 January 3PM and 11PM, 12 January 6AM KSA 3-07 "42"
      12 January 3PM and 11PM, 13 January 6AM KSA 3-08 "Human Nature" pt 1
      of 2
      13 January 3PM and 11PM, 14 January 6AM KSA 3-09 "The Family Of
      Blood" pt 2 of 2
      14 January 3PM and 11PM, 15 January 6AM KSA 3-10 "Blink"
      17 January 3PM and 11PM, 18 January 6AM KSA 3-11 "Utopia" pt 1 of 3
      18 January 3PM and 11PM, 19 January 6AM KSA 3-12 "The Sound Of Drums"
      pt 2 of 3
      19 January 3PM and 11PM, 20 January 6AM KSA 3-13 "Last Of The Time
      Lords" pt 3 of 3 (end of weekday run)


      UKTV Australia http://www.uktv.com.au http://www.sfsa.org.au
      All times 2 hours later on UKTV + 2. Times listed are Australian
      Eastern. BBC Worldwide has purchased full control in UKTV Australia,
      and it will be one of 5 BBC managed channels on Australian pay TV.
      Tuesday 8:30PM, Saturday 10 January 3PM AEDT 1-02 "The End Of The
      13 January 8:30PM, 17 January 3PM AEDT 1-03 "The Unquiet Dead"
      20 January 8:30PM, 24 January 3PM AEDT 1-04 "Aliens Of London" pt 1
      of 2
      27 January 8:30PM, 31 January 3PM AEDT 1-05 "World War Three" pt 2 of


      Prime TV http://www.primetv.co.nz http://nzdwfc.tetrap.com
      16:9 digital; 4:3 pan and scan analog. - Series 3 repeats.
      Next episode date unknown.

      UKTV New Zealand http://www.uktv.co.nz
      Thursday 7:30PM and 2:30AM, Saturday 10 January 5:40PM 2-01 "New
      Thursday 8:20PM, Saturday 10 January 6:30PM DWC 2-01 "New New Doctor"
      15 January 7:30PM and 2:20AM, 17 January 5:40PM 2-02 "Tooth And Claw"
      15 January 8:20PM and 3:05AM, 17 January 6:30PM DWC 2-02
      22 January 7:30PM and 2:20AM, 24 January 5:40PM 2-03 "School Reunion"
      22 January 8:20PM and 3:10AM, 24 January 6:30PM DWC 2-03 "Friends
      29 January 7:30PM and 2:10AM, 31 January 5:40PM 2-04 "The Girl In The
      29 January 8:20PM and 3AM, 31 January 6:30PM DWC 2-04 "From Script To

      Thanks for reading. Until next week, take care.

      Doctor Who is a BBC Trademark. Copyright 2009.
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