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Torchwood This Week - September 15, 2007

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  • Benjamin Elliott
    TORCHWOOD THIS WEEK by Benjamin F. Elliott September 15, 2007 Volume 1, Number 45 The weekly guide to Torchwood transmissions.
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      by Benjamin F. Elliott
      September 15, 2007
      Volume 1, Number 45
      The weekly guide to Torchwood transmissions.

      BBC America http://www.bbcamerica.com had its all time highest
      ratings result so far with the premiere of Torchwood - 496,000
      viewers for the Saturday 9PM premiere, 214,000 viewers at Midnight.
      BBC America had been heavily advertising the premiere - lots of on-
      air promotions, billboards in major cities, and the work paid off.
      BBC America treated the premiere about as well as one could expect:

      1) Torchwood started and ended on time (unlike the Hex premiere in
      June - where the whole day was about 2 minutes late).
      2) If you are going to cut a show for time due to your commercial
      load, the Torchwood premiere is a good example of what to do. The
      story flowed comfortably. The story held together, if not as well as
      the original cut. It seemed a very sympathetic edit.
      3) Torchwood aired in the proper 16:9 aspect ratio that it was filmed
      in. BBC America is a bit inconsistent on this. Some 16:9 shows get
      16:9 treatment, some get 4:3 treatment. Doctor Who got 16:9 in Series
      1 but is getting 4:3 now (see This Week In Doctor Who). Thanks for
      getting it right for this show.

      Hopefully Torchwood will continue to be treated well by BBC America.
      BBC America has just added a Tuesday night repeat of Torchwood.
      Torchwood will air Tuesdays at 8PM and 11PM Eastern (5PM and 8PM
      Pacific), replacing the repeat of the previous week's featured Nitro
      Tuesday drama (currently MI-5, soon to be Ultimate Force).

      Meanwhile, the commercial free unedited high definition version of
      Torchwood premieres in the US on HD Net http://www.hd.net this Monday
      17 September. 5 to 6 airings a week on Mondays and Wednesdays (sports
      events may bump individual broadcasts). Specific days and times below
      in the listings. I don't have HD Net myself, so I don't know if they
      still air shows without putting a logo on the screen. If they refrain
      from using a logo, then this will be the best appearance of Torchwood
      anywhere to date. The BBC HD airings of Torchwood had a BBC HD logo
      on screen during the episodes. No high definition DVDs of Torchwood
      are planned at this time - Standard Definition only, so these
      broadcasts will give a picture unlike what Americans can get through
      other sources.

      CBC TV Canada http://www.cbc.ca/television has listed the premiere of
      Torchwood as Friday October 5 at 9PM all time zones (9:30PM

      UK viewers are getting Torchwood Series 1 Fridays at 9PM BST on BBC
      Three, catching viewers up before Series 2 on BBC Two early in the
      new year.

      Doctor Who schedule information is in This Week In Doctor Who
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/thisweekindoctorwho .

      I am trying to find websites and station information for some of the
      more elusive Torchwood sales. If you spot it airing or getting ready
      to air in your country, and I've missed it, let me know so it gets
      into the next edition and more fans get informed.

      Corrections and updates are welcome at torchwood-
      owner@yahoogroups.com , TWIDW on AIM, and thebfe on Yahoo Messenger.

      Torchwood Website - http://www.bbc.co.uk/torchwood
      Australian Website - http://www.ten.com.au/ten/tv_torchwood.html


      Canal 22 http://www.canal22.org.mx/main.html
      Episodes air as 2 parters.
      Monday 10:30PM 1-09 "Random Shoes" pt 1?
      Wednesday 10:30PM 1-09 "Random Shoes" pt 2?
      Canal 22's website is not particularly helpful in determining what
      episodes are airing, unfortunately.


      People + Arts http://www.tupeople.com
      Tuesday 10PM, Wednesday 4AM and 4PM, Friday 7PM 1-04 "Cyberwoman"


      Jimmy http://www.jimmy140.it
      Dubbed into Italian
      Saturday 5PM, Sunday 1:40PM CET 1-02 "Primo Giorno"
      Monday 9:50PM, Tuesday 11:40PM, Wednesday 8:20AM and 10:30AM and
      3:30AM (late night), Thursday 11:50PM, Saturday 22 September 4:50PM,
      23 September 12:55PM CET 1-03 "La Machina Dei Fantasmi"
      24 September 9:50PM, Late 25 September 12:35AM, 26 September 8:30AM
      and 10:40AM, 27 September 4:20AM and 12:15AM (late night), 29
      September 4:30PM, 30 September 12:50PM CET 1-04 "La Donna Cybernetica"
      1 October 9:50PM, 2 October 11:35PM, 3 October 7:55AM and 10:30AM and
      3AM (late night), Late 4 October Midnight, 6 October 4:50PM, 7
      October 1:10PM CET 1-05 "Le Fate Cattive"
      8 October 9:50PM, Late 9 October 12:05AM, 10 October 8AM and 10:35AM
      and 3:30AM (late night) CET 1-06 "Il Villaggio Degli Orrori"


      BBC America http://www.bbcamerica.com
      DirecTV 264 Dish 135
      16:9 Letterbox format
      Saturday 3, 8, and 11PM EDT/Noon, 5PM, and 8PM PDT, 22 September 2PM
      EDT/11AM PDT 1-01 "Everything Changes"
      Saturday 9PM and Midnight EDT/6 and 9PM PDT, Tuesday 8 and 11PM EDT/5
      and 8PM PDT, 22 September 3, 8, and 11PM EDT/Noon, 5, and 8PM PDT, 29
      September 2PM EDT/11AM PDT, 30 September 3PM EDT/Noon PDT 1-02 "Day
      22 September 9PM and Midnight EDT/6 and 9PM, 25 September 8PM and
      11PM EDT/5 and 8PM PDT, 29 September 3, 8, and 11PM EDT/Noon, 5, and
      8PM PDT, 30 September 4PM EDT/1PM PDT, 6 October 2PM EDT/11AM PDT 1-
      03 "Ghost Machine"
      29 September 9PM and Midnight EDT/6 and 9PM PDT, 30 September 5PM
      EDT/2PM PDT, 2 October 8 and 11PM EDT/5 and 8PM PDT, 6 October 3, 8,
      and 11PM EDT/Noon, 5, and 8PM PDT, 13 October 2PM EDT/11AM PDT 1-
      04 "Cyberwoman"
      6 October 9PM and Midnight EDT/6 and 9PM PDT, Late 7 October 1AM
      EDT/10PM PDT, 9 October 8 and 11PM EDT/5 and 8PM PDT, 13 October 3,
      8, and 11PM EDT/Noon, 5, and 8PM PDT 1-05 "Small Worlds"
      13 October 9PM and Midnight EDT/6 and 9PM PDT 1-06 "Countrycide"
      20 October 9PM and Midnight EDT/6 and 9PM PDT 1-07 "Greeks Bearing
      27 October 9PM and Midnight EDT/6 and 9PM PDT 1-08 "They Keep Killing
      3 November 9PM and Midnight EDT/6 and 9PM PDT 1-09 "Random Shoes"
      10 November 9PM and Midnight EST/6 and 9PM PST 1-10 "Out Of Time"
      17 November 9PM and Midnight EST/6 and 9PM PST 1-11 Combat"
      24 November 9PM and Midnight EST/6 and 9PM PST 1-12 "Captain Jack
      1 December 9PM and Midnight EST/6 and 9PM PST 1-13 "Out Of Time"

      BBC America On Demand (certain digital cable systems, not on
      Now playing:
      Preview - Welcome To Torchwood
      1-01 "Everything Changes"
      Starting 17 September:
      1-02 "Day One"
      Starting 24 September:
      1-03 "Ghost Machine"

      HD Net http://www.hd.net
      DirecTV 79
      Dish 9422 (5510 Alaska and Hawaii only)
      High Definition 16:9 format
      Monday 7PM and 10PM and 1AM EDT/4PM and 7PM and 10PM PDT, Wednesday
      11PM and 3AM EDT/8PM and Midnight PDT 1-01 "Everything Changes"
      24 September 7PM and 10PM and 1AM EDT/4PM and 7PM and 10PM PDT, 26
      September 9PM and Midnight and 3AM/6PM and 9PM and Midnight PDT 1-
      02 "Day One"

      UK Broadcasts:

      BBC Three http://www.bbc.co.uk/bbcthree http://www.radiotimes.com
      Series 1 Repeat Run
      Friday 9PM and 2:40AM BST 1-02 "Day One"
      Friday 9:50PM BST Declassified 1-02 "Bad Day At The Office"
      28 September 9PM BST 1-03 "Ghost Machine"?
      28 September 9:50PM BST Declassified 1-03 ?

      BBC HD http://www.bbc.co.uk/hd http://www.radiotimes.com
      No repeats scheduled in next 2 weeks.


      CBC TV http://www.cbc.ca/television
      HD on CBC HD, 16:9 Letterbox analog, co-producer on Torchwood.
      Friday 5 October 9PM (9:30PM Newfoundland) 1-01 "Everything Changes"
      (Canadian Premiere!)
      12 October 9PM 1-02 "Day One"
      19 October 9PM 1-03 "Ghost Machine"
      26 October 9PM 1-04 "Cyberwoman"

      Stations That Will/Have Aired Torchwood:

      CANADA - Ztele (in French) - not on Fall 2007 schedule, probably
      premieres in 2008
      NEW ZEALAND - TV2 http://www.tvnz.co.nz
      FRANCE - NRJ 12 http://www.nrj12.fr
      TURKEY - TRT
      CANADA - Ztele http://www.ztele.com/index.jsp
      Israel - Yes Stars 2 http://www.yes.co.il - Series 1 completed.
      Sweden - TV4 Plus http://www.tv4.se - Series 1 completed.
      SPAIN - Cuatro http://www.cuatro.com - Series 1 completed.
      AUSTRALIA - Network Ten http://www.ten.com.au http://www.sfsa.org.au -
      Series 1 completed.
      There are exclusive interviews and clips on the Ten website as well
      as Torchwood De-Classified - as of this writing, you have to be in
      Australia to view the clips.
      Southern Cross Ten
      (Regional service that carries portions of Network Ten's lineup) -
      Series 1 completed.
      And other countries who I haven't seen identified yet

      Series 2 - coming early 2008. 13 episodes, premieres on BBC Two.

      Thanks for reading. Until next week, take care. Vote Saxon.

      Doctor Who is a BBC Trademark. Copyright 2007.
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