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Torchwood This Week - November 22, 2006

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  • Benjamin Elliott
    TORCHWOOD THIS WEEK by Benjamin F. Elliott November 22, 2006 Volume 1, Number 6 The weekly guide to Torchwood transmissions.
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      by Benjamin F. Elliott
      November 22, 2006
      Volume 1, Number 6
      The weekly guide to Torchwood transmissions.

      Regular schedule:
      First airing - Sunday 10PM GMT - BBC Three and BBC HD simulcast
      First Terrestrial Airing - Wednesday 9PM* GMT - BBC Two
      Additional airings on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Fridays on BBC Three

      *If you're watching Torchwood on the Wednesday BBC 2 broadcast, note
      these regional variations.

      The 22 & 29 November broadcasts of Torchwood airs at 9PM GMT with the
      following exception:
      BBC 2 Wales Digital - 9:10PM start time.

      The official descriptions of episode 8 of Torchwood have changed the
      title from "They Keep Killing ...", adding the word of who/what they
      keep killing to the title. I'm leaving the corrected title off till
      after the episode airs in the UK, as it strikes me as a bit too much
      of a spoiler.

      The BBC has put up their press releases with TV schedules through the
      22nd of December. Torchwood is definitely airing each week through
      the 17th (20 December on BBC Two). The schedules for the
      Christmas/New Year season will be out on 7 December - we should learn
      then if Torchwood will be airing on Christmas Eve or New Years Eve.
      My suspicion is that the show will be rested those 2 weeks (with
      plenty of repeats to keep viewers aware of it) in order to focus on
      the special programming on BBC One and Two, like the Doctor Who
      Christmas episode, the pilot episode of The Sarah Jane Smith
      adventures, and Billie Piper's film.

      BTW, if you know anyone who is trying to decide between watching
      Torchwood on BBC Three or the new episodes of Lost on Sky One - both
      shows repeat multiple times. Pick one (I'd suggest Torchwood) to see
      Sunday at 10 and catch the other one later. It is odd seeing
      discussions in web forums about the disaster of these two shows
      premiering against each other, when the same forums have threads
      about BBC Three and Sky One repeating their shows too many times.

      Corrections and updates are welcome at torchwood-
      owner@yahoogroups.com , TWIDW on AIM, and thebfe on Yahoo Messenger.

      Torchwood Website - http://www.bbc.co.uk/torchwood
      *Note* - due to rights issues, all the video content on Torchwood's
      website is protected to only be seen in the UK.

      UK Broadcasts:

      BBC Three http://www.bbc.co.uk/bbcthree http://www.radiotimes.com
      Friday 8:45PM GMT "Torchwood De-Classified: Away With The Fairies" ep
      Friday 9PM & 1AM, Saturday 11:45PM GMT 1-06 "Countrycide"
      Friday 9:50PM GMT "Torchwood De-Classified: The Country Club" ep 6
      Saturday 10PM GMT 1-04 "Cyberwoman"
      Saturday 10:55PM GMT 1-05 "Small Worlds"
      Sunday 10PM & 12:50AM, Tuesday 10:30PM & 1:50AM, 1 December 9:10PM &
      1:30AM GMT 1-07 "Greeks Bearing Gifts"
      Late Sunday 1:40AM, 3 December 7:45PM GMT "Torchwood De-Classified"
      ep 7
      3 December 10PM & 12:20AM, 5 December 10:30PM GMT 1-08 "They Keep
      Killing ..."
      Late 3 December 1:10AM GMT "Torchwood De-Classified" ep 8

      BBC HD http://www.bbc.co.uk/hd
      Sunday 10PM GMT 1-07 "Greeks Bearing Gifts"
      3 December 10PM GMT 1-08 "They Keep Killing ..."

      BBC Two http://www.bbc.co.uk/bbctwo http://www.radiotimes.com
      Wednesday 9PM GMT 1-06 "Countrycide" (except BBC Two Wales Digital)
      Wednesday 9:10PM GMT 1-06 "Countrycide" (BBC Two Wales Digital only)
      29 November 9PM GMT 1-07 "Greeks Bearing Gifts" (except BBC Two Wales
      29 November 9:10PM GMT 1-07 "Greeks Bearing Gifts" (BBC Two Wales
      Digital only)


      BFBS 1
      Monday 9:10PM CET 1-07 "Greeks Bearing Gifts"
      BFBS 2
      Friday 10:40PM CET 1-06 "Countrycide"
      Monday 10:50PM CET "Torchwood De-Classified" ep 7
      1 December 10:40PM CET 1-07 "Greeks Bearing Gifts"
      BFBS Navy
      Saturday 4:40AM CET 1-06 "Countrycide"
      Monday 9:10PM, 2 December 4:40AM CET 1-07 "Greeks Bearing Gifts"
      Tuesday 4:50AM CET "Torchwood De-Classified" ep 7

      Future episodes:
      1-09 "Invisible Eugene"
      1-10 "Combat"
      1-11 "Out Of Time"
      1-12 "Captain Jack Harkness"
      1-13 "Apocalypse"

      Thanks for reading. See you next week.

      Doctor Who is a BBC Trademark. Copyright 2006.
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