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TWIDW Update: Doctor Who Running In Mexico and Latin America!

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  • Benjamin Elliott
    Big update - several Doctor Who TV Developments. 1) The 2005 Series of Doctor Who has begun airing in Mexico and Latin America on the People + Arts channel
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 24, 2006
      Big update - several Doctor Who TV Developments.

      1) The 2005 Series of Doctor Who has begun airing in Mexico and
      Latin America on the People + Arts channel
      http://tupeople.com/_home/index.shtml . People + Arts claims to be
      co-owned by the BBC and Discovery Channel. Their Doctor Who website
      (en espanol) is at http://tupeople.com/dr_who/index.shtml . Episode
      4 (Aliens Of London) is running this week. The schedule seems to be
      the same for Mexico and other countries, though they give the option
      to switch between versions. It is unclear how many countries this
      channel is available in, and whether it can be seen in South America.

      The website does not make it clear which time zone it is providing
      listings for.

      Based on the website, episodes premiere Fridays at 10PM, repeat Late
      Friday at 3AM, Saturday at 7AM, Wednesday at 10PM, and Late
      Wednesday at 3AM.

      Episodes should air weekly (with repeats) through Friday August 25
      (or Wednesday August 23 if the source is right). Tentative schedule
      if website is right (episodes premiere 2 days earlier otherwise):
      30 June - World War Three
      7 July - Dalek
      14 July - The Long Game
      21 July - Father's Day
      28 July - The Empty Child
      4 August - The Doctor Dances
      11 August - Boom Town
      18 August - Bad Wolf
      25 August - The Parting Of The Ways

      My source is reporting that the People + Arts schedule may not be
      entirely accurate - episodes may be premiering on Wednesday instead
      of Friday, someone should tune in on the 28th and check.

      Here's hoping Doctor Who is a big hit in this new territory.

      2) UKTV Australia http://www.uktv.com.au has added the following to
      their FAQ page:

      Q: Are there any plans to screen Doctor Who?
      A: Yes, UKTV will be screening the new series of Doctor Who in
      October this year.

      We're assuming for now that they mean the 13 Christopher Eccleston
      episodes from 2005. This would be the second showing of the episodes
      in Australia (well, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, maybe more - UKTV likes multiple
      airings). To date they have aired one time on ABC TV.

      3) CBC Canada's http://www.cbc.ca/television repeat run of Doctor
      Who Series 1 *may* be airing at different times on the high
      definition channel and the regular channel. There is a report
      that "Rose" aired at 11PM.

      The HD website unhelpfully has *no* information on any Tuesday night
      shows from that night (June 20), and the only thing listed for June
      27 is Doctor Who at Midnight.

      My suspicion is that there are fewer feeds of the CBC HD channel
      available than the regular channel, so people in a timezone without
      a native HD feed might be getting one from the next zone over and
      thus get everything early from their perspective. Given the scant
      level of detail of the HD website, I can also believe that they
      actually ran Doctor Who an hour early. Something for fans with
      access to the HD and regular CBC feeds to investigate on the 27th.

      Benjamin Elliott
      This Week In Doctor Who
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