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This Week In Doctor Who - March 2, 2005

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  • Benjamin Elliott
    THIS WEEK IN DOCTOR WHO March 2, 2005 - Vol 8, No 9 The weekly guide to Doctor Who broadcasts worldwide. by Benjamin F. Elliott
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      March 2, 2005 - Vol 8, No 9
      The weekly guide to Doctor Who broadcasts worldwide.
      by Benjamin F. Elliott

      Here we are - March 2005. The expected premiere month of the new
      episodes in the UK. Even BBC 7
      http://www.bbc.co.uk/bbc7/drama/progpages/drwho.shtml thinks that
      the new series will premiere on the 26th of March. Assuming that
      date is right, trailers for the show should premiere on 5 March
      (rumor), with heavy publicity starting Tuesday 8 March (rumor). We
      know that the man running the series, Russell T. Davies, is being
      interviewed on the Steve Wright show on Radio 2
      http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio2 on Thursday 10 March and that Radio 2 is
      supposed to give a lot of attention to Doctor Who in the run-up to
      the premiere. An episode of the quiz show Mastermind
      http://www.bbc.co.uk/entertainment/mastermind will be filmed on
      Wednesday 16 March that is devoted to Doctor Who - contestants are
      already chosen (fans of Mastermind might be able to guess the
      airdate from that information - I could not). I predict we'll be in
      a new series deluge by this time next week.

      The complete list of episode titles for Doctor Who Confidential came
      out on 24 February in a BBC document sent to SFX magazine
      http://www.sfx.co.uk . It was episode titles, episode descriptions
      (the descriptions were rather spoilery), and a nice look at the
      title logo. Alas, the document was released early, and on the 25th
      SFX was asked to pull it from their site. The BBC then put the logo
      on their own site http://www.bbc.co.uk/cult/doctorwho , but there
      has been no re-release of the episode titles themselves. It is not
      clear from SFX's statement if the episode descriptions were the
      problem, or if the episode titles themselves were too much.
      Different sites are handling it their own ways - until the
      information is re-released in a format that doesn't risk annoying
      BBC lawyers (a properly timed press release, TV listings, etc), I am
      not including the extra titles in the column. We'll just stick with
      the previously released first 3 titles to be safe.

      No new networks have been revealed to have purchased the Doctor Who
      series. There was a showcase of BBC programming this week in England
      which many international broadcasters attended, and the new Doctor
      Who was available to buy. Time will tell if the series sold to

      The Starz! suite of movie channels in the US has scheduled several
      more airings of the Paul McGann Doctor Who TV Movie for April - see
      the US section of the listings below.

      WYBE 35 Philadelphia, PA http://www.wybe.org aired episodes 4 and 6
      of The Keys Of Marinus last week for their final Doctor Who
      installments instead of episodes 5 and 6, to make up for the fact
      that episodes 3 and 5 aired the previous week.

      Corrections and updates are welcome at thisweekindoctorwho-
      owner@yahoogroups.com , TWIDW on AOL IM , and thebfe on Yahoo
      Messenger. The listings:


      New Series General Information:


      Rumoured premiere date for new trailers - Saturday 5 March, BBC One
      Rumoured premiere date for new series publicity - Tuesday 8 March,
      everywhere you can imagine

      BBC One http://www.bbc.co.uk/bbcone
      Doctor Who premieres Saturday 26 March 7PM? GMT
      16:9 Widescreen Digital
      14:9 Cropped Letterbox Analogue (expected, not confirmed)

      BBC Three http://www.bbc.co.uk/bbcthree
      Doctor Who Confidential premieres Saturday 26 March 7:45PM? GMT
      Hosted by Simon Pegg (Shaun in Shaun Of The Dead)
      16:9 Widescreen

      BBC Radio 2 http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio2
      Look for a mini-site for Doctor Who on Radio 2 soon.
      Thursday 10 March - "Steve Wright Show" 2-5PM GMT (9AM-Noon EST, 6-
      9AM PST, 1-4AM Friday AEDT)
      Steve Wright interviews Russell T. Davies (series producer) for what
      should be the start of lots of Doctor Who programming on Radio 2 in
      Tuesdays 22 & 29 March - "Project: Who?" 8:30PM GMT (3:30PM EST,
      12:30PM PST, 7:30AM Wednesday AEDT)
      2 part documentary (1 hour per week) hosted by Patrick Stewart
      (I,Claudius, Dune, Star Trek: The Next Generation, X-Men) going
      behind the scenes of the new Doctor Who series.


      Prime TV http://www.primetv.co.nz http://nzdwfc.tetrap.com
      Doctor Who premiere TBA
      Aspect ratio unknown.


      CBC TV http://www.cbc.ca/television
      Doctor Who premiere TBA
      Aspect ratio unknown.

      Doctor Who Series 1 Episodes:
      101 - Rose
      102 - The End Of The World
      103 - The Unquiet Dead
      104 - Aliens Of London
      105 - 10 Downing Street
      106 - TBA
      107 - The Long Game
      108 - TBA
      109 - The Empty Child
      110 - The Doctor Dances
      111 - TBA
      112 - TBA
      113 - The Parting Of The Ways

      Doctor Who Confidential Series 1 Episodes:
      101 - Back From The Future
      102 - Aliens: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
      103 - TARDIS Tales



      BBC Online http://www.bbc.co.uk/cult/doctorwho
      "Real Time" - starring Colin Baker and the Cybermen. 6 episode
      illustrated audio tale. The Doctor and Evelyn Smythe research a
      temple that has been yanking scientists out of time. The secrets of
      the temple threaten the future and past of two species.
      "Shada" - starring Paul McGann and Lalla Ward. 6 episode remake of
      the Douglas Adams story. A retired Time Lord in Cambridge needs the
      Doctor's help to recover a Time Lord book which must not fall into
      the hands of Skagra.
      "The Scream Of The Shalka" - starring Richard E. Grant. 6 episode
      story. The Shalka prepare to conquer the Earth from below.
      Unfortunately for them, the Doctor is back.

      UKTV Gold http://www.ukgold.tv http://www.onthebox.com/partner/otb
      (All times 1 hour later on UKTV Gold + 1)
      Saturday 7:05-9AM GMT "The Sun Makers" movie
      Series 15, Episodes 13 through 16. Doctor: Tom Baker.
      The 4th Doctor and Leela face off against tax collection and
      bureaucratic evil on Pluto, where humanity has once again been
      subjugated by an alien power.
      Sunday 7:05-9AM GMT "Underworld" movie
      Series 15, Episodes 17 through 20. Doctor: Tom Baker.
      The Minyan people want the Doctor's help to recover a race bank to
      repopulate their species, and allow the current Minyans to die.
      12 March - "The Invasion Of Time" (6:05AM)
      13 March - "The Ribos Operation" (7:05AM)
      19 March - "The Pirate Planet" (7:05AM)
      20 March - "City Of Death" (7:05AM)
      26 & 27 March - pre-empted, Carry On movie marathon


      ABC http://www.abc.net.au/tv
      Thursday 6:03PM "The Invisible Enemy" pt 2 of 4
      Monday 6:05PM "The Invisible Enemy" pt 3 of 4
      Tuesday 6:05PM "The Invisible Enemy" pt 4 of 4
      Series 15, Episodes 6 through 8. Doctor: Tom Baker.
      The Doctor's mind continues to suffer the effects of a mind virus
      that wants his brain to lead an army to conquer the galaxy.
      Wednesday 6:04PM "Image Of The Fendahl" pt 1 of 4
      Series 15, Episode 9. Doctor: Tom Baker.
      The 4th Doctor and Leela trace a time scanner which could
      accidentally destroy the planet Earth in the 1970s.
      16 March - "The Sun Makers"


      BBC Kids http://www.bbckids.ca
      Daily 2AM EST (11PM PST) - 2 episodes weekdays, full stories weekends
      Wednesday "Warriors' Gate" pts 3+4 of 4
      Series 18, Episodes 19 through 20. Doctor: Tom Baker.
      The 4th Doctor and company find a way to leave the E-Space Universe.
      The crew of the starship may not be quite so lucky. And the TARDIS
      could be slightly less populated in the near future.
      Thursday "The Keeper Of Traken" pts 1+2 of 4
      Friday "The Keeper Of Traken" pts 3+4 of 4
      Series 18, Episodes 21 through 24. Doctor: Tom Baker.
      Evil grows on the peaceful world of Traken. Evil that is waiting for
      the old Keeper to die. Evil that recognizes the Doctor as an
      old "friend" of interest.
      Saturday "Destiny Of The Daleks" all 4 pts (Weekend stories jump to
      late Tom Baker)
      Series 17, Episodes 1 through 4. Doctor: Tom Baker.
      The TARDIS, now fitted with a randomizer to ensure no one knows
      where it will land next, leads the Doctor and a regenerated Romana
      to Skaro. The Daleks have returned in search of something best left
      forgotten. The Doctor makes some very suspicious new allies.
      Sunday "City Of Death" all 4 pts
      Series 17, Episodes 5 through 8. Doctor: Tom Baker.
      The first Doctor Who story partly filmed outside the UK, as a
      vacation in Paris is interrupted by time experiments that threaten
      to destroy the city and human history.
      Monday "Logopolis" pts 1+2 of 4
      Tuesday "Logopolis" pts 3+4 of 4
      Series 18, Episodes 25 through 28. Doctor: Tom Baker.
      The 4th Doctor is hunted by the Master on Earth and on the logically
      ordered world of Logopolis, where mathematics is the ultimate
      weapon. Get your sums wrong, and the results could be catastrophic
      to the universe.
      9 March - "Castrovalva"
      11 March - "Four To Domsday"
      12 March - "The Creature From The Pit"
      13 March - "Nightmare Of Eden"
      15 March - "Kinda"
      17 March - "The Visitation"
      19 March - "The Horns Of Nimon"
      20 March - "The Leisure Hive"
      21 March - "Black Orchid"
      22 March - "Time-Flight"
      24 March - "Arc Of Infinity"
      26 March - "Meglos"
      27 March - "Full Circle"
      28 March - "Snakedance"
      30 March - "Mawdryn Undead"
      1 April - "Terminus"
      2 April - "State Of Decay"
      3 April - "Warriors' Gate"


      American Who http://www.americanwho.net
      Current Episode:
      Jon Pertwee tribute show from 2004, raising money for the Grand
      Order of Water Rats http://www.gowr.net charity. Nicholas Courtney,
      Barry Letts, Caroline John, Wendy Padbury, Elizabeth Sladen, Katy
      Manning, Dan Harris, John Levene, Gail Bennett, and others remember
      the 3rd Doctor, Worzel Grummidge, and the other personas of Jon
      Upcoming Episodes:
      3/15 - Patrick Troughton tribute (new, he would have been 85 that
      4/15 - Jessica Carney, 30 years after the passing of her grandfather
      William Hartnell (new)
      5/15 - John Nathan-Turner tribute (encore)

      Sci-Fi Overdrive http://www.scifioverdrive.com
      on Lifestyle Talk Radio (LTR) http://www.lifestyletalkradio.com
      and Business Talk Radio (BTR) http://www.businesstalkradio.net
      LTR Late Friday Midnight-2AM EST (9-11PM PST, 5-7AM GMT, 4-6PM AEDT)
      Live LTR Stream http://www.warpradio.com/popTuner.asp?id=14175
      BTR Late Sun/Early Mon 1-4AM EST (10PM-1AM PST, 6-9AM GMT, 5-8PM
      Live BTR Stream http://www.warpradio.com/popTuner.asp?id=14085
      Saturday 8-11PM EST (5-8PM PST) http://www.krradio.com (repeat of
      previous week's episode, online audio stream)
      Hour 1 - News & Comment. Hour 2 - TBA. Hour 3 - BTR only, encore of
      material from a previous episode.

      Starz! Movie Pack - Mystery http://www.starz.com
      "Doctor Who" TV Movie April 2005 airings
      Friday 1 April 2:45PM, 11:05PM EST East Feed / PST West Feed
      Thursday 14 April 6:50AM EDT East Feed / PDT West Feed
      Thursday 21 April 7:40AM EDT East Feed / PDT West Feed

      Starz! Movie Pack - MoviePlex
      "Doctor Who" TV Movie April 2005 airings
      Friday 1 April 3:45PM, 12:05AM EST East Feed / PST West Feed

      MPT Maryland http://www.mpt.org
      analog 22, 67, 31, 28, 62, 36
      digital 22-2 (42-2), 67-2 (29-2), 31-2 (44-2), 28-2 (56-2), 62-2 (28-
      2), 36-2 (54-2)
      DC/Hagerstown, Baltimore DirecTV 22,980
      Baltimore Dish 22,8736
      Late Saturday 12:30-3AM EST "The Green Death" movie
      Series 10, Episodes 21 through 26. Doctor: Jon Pertwee.
      Following the events of Planet Of The Daleks (which you won't get to
      see), the 3rd Doctor and Jo have returned to Earth. The Doctor still
      wants to travel the universe and find Metebelis III. Jo feels an
      attachment to Earth, wanting to be a part of something. Wet fish
      Professor Clifford Jones and his quest to shut down a chemical plant
      grabs Jo's interest. Thankfully for Jo and the audience, this
      chemical plant actually is destroying the Earth, so they don't look
      all that foolish. Sometimes the hardest part of having companions is
      knowing when to let them go, or knowing when to be the hard parent
      and aim a shotgun at the unworthy boyfriend. Stick it out to the
      end - one of the best story endings.
      12 March - "The Time Warrior" (12:30AM)
      19 March - "Invasion Of The Dinosaurs" (Midnight)
      26 March - "Death To The Daleks" (11:59PM)

      IPTV Iowa http://www.sffn.com/ http://www.iptv.org
      analog 11, 32, 27, 12, 21, 24, 32, 36, 36
      digital 11-2 (50-2), 32-2 (35-2), 27-2 (28-2), 45, 25, 18, 33, 35, 34
      Des Moines DirecTV 11,474
      Des Moines Dish 11,9116
      Cedar Rapids DirecTV 12
      Cedar Rapids Dish 12,9161
      Omaha DirecTV 32
      Omaha Dish 32,9146
      Sioux City Dish 27,7195
      Quad Cities DirecTV 36
      Quad Cities Dish 36,7607 (not yet available)
      5,12,+19 March - pre-empted for Festival Pledge Drive
      26 March - "Arc Of Infinity" pts 3+4

      KUED/KUEW-DT/KUES-DT Salt Lake City/St. George/Richfield, UT
      analog 7
      digital 7-1 (42-1), 18-1, 19-1
      Salt Lake City DirecTV 7,982
      Salt Lake City Dish 7,8536
      5+12 March - pre-empted for Pledge Drive
      19 March - "Four To Doomsday" pt 2
      26 March - "Four To Doomsday" pt 3

      Thanks for reading. Until next week, take care.

      Doctor Who is a BBC Trademark. Copyright 2005.
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