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TWIDW Update: WCET Cincinnati OH, WILL Urbana IL, Tom Baker's Age

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  • Benjamin Elliott
    Some updates to the January 19th This Week In Doctor Who column. 1) WCET 48 Cincinnati, OH http://cetconnect.org WILL continue airing Doctor Who beyond this
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 20, 2005
      Some updates to the January 19th This Week In Doctor Who column.

      1) WCET 48 Cincinnati, OH http://cetconnect.org WILL continue airing
      Doctor Who beyond this Saturday (January 22). Doctor Who's
      disappearance on January 29th was just a late change for a special
      (Red Green special in this case). My apologies for any jumping the
      gun here. From WCET:

      "Regarding CET removing Doctor Who, to quote a former Doctor Who
      script editor... Don't panic!

      "Doctor Who is being moved 1/29 for a rebroadcast of "Being Red
      Green: The Steve Smith Story". It isn't on the first weekend of
      February as CET is doing pledge for Superbowl Weekend.

      "Doctor Who returns February 12 at 11pm with "The Daemons" episode 1
      & 2 and continues throughout February 26th with episode 5 of "The
      Daemons". After that, it is up in the air as the Program Director is
      still trying to get hold of her contact with the BBC.

      "Stay tuned... as they say."

      2) WILL 12 Urbana, IL http://www.will.uiuc.edu has announced that
      Doctor Who will end on their station, though it will run through
      February 26. From programming Director David Thiel to a reader of
      this column:

      "Thanks for the note. Unfortunately, I can confirm that our final
      showing of "Doctor Who" for the foreseeable future will
      be "Enlightenment" episode four on February 26.

      "In our case, the reason is strictly budgetary. As you may know,
      we've faced some tough financial challenges this year, including
      decreases in State and University funding, and a 5% increase in PBS
      dues. While we've made other cuts throughout WILL that are largely
      invisible to viewers, we finally had to take a hard look at the
      program acquisition budget. (Besides "Doctor Who," the other
      casualty was "The Nightly Business Report," which left our air at
      the beginning of January.)

      "Our fiscal year runs from July 1 to June 30, and when we raise
      funds, we do so for the next fiscal year. That means that in the
      short run, we simply don't have the money to extend the "Doctor Who"
      contract past February. (This last batch of "Doctor Who" episodes
      was purchased during the previous fiscal year.) Any change in our
      fortunes would not take effect until the new budget year. Your
      membership in the Friends of WILL is, of course, always appreciated
      and contributes to the overall health of our enterprise and the
      programs we can afford, but I don't want to offer any false hopes
      about "Doctor Who."

      "It's entirely coincidental that it's occurring at the same time
      that the remaining public TV stations still running "Who" appear to
      be ending their own contracts; I don't have any information about
      that. And, of course, it's ironic that it will happen just before
      the British premiere of the new series. (We still don't know
      anything about when or how the show will be seen in America!)"

      3) Finally, as many readers pointed out, Tom Baker turns *71* on 20
      January 2005, not *76*. Thanks for the correction, guys.

      Until later,
      Benjamin F. Elliott
      Editor, This Week In Doctor Who
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