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New Zealand Broadcaster Prime To Air Doctor Who

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  • Benjamin Elliott
    Prime TV http://www.primetv.co.nz has issued a press release touting their purchase of the new Doctor Who series for the first quarter of 2005. Prime is an
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 5, 2004
      Prime TV http://www.primetv.co.nz has issued a press release touting
      their purchase of the new Doctor Who series for the first quarter of
      2005. Prime is an over the air broadcaster in New Zealand, and only
      the second broadcaster outside of the UK to officially pick up the
      show. The press release contains what might be considered a slight
      spoiler for one of the episodes, but nothing significant in my view.
      If you are avoiding all spoilers regardless, read no further.


      New Doctor Who series licensed to Prime Television

      BBC Worldwide announces today the licence of the new series of the
      cult classic Doctor Who to Prime Television New Zealand. Only the
      second international deal to be finalised, the new series will
      deliver to Prime Television in the first quarter of 2005.

      Starring Christopher Eccleston (The Second Coming, Cracker,
      Elizabeth) and Billie Piper (Canterbury Tales) and written by a team
      led by Russell T Davies (Queer As Folk) the series sees Doctor Who,
      the alien loner and his companion Rose forge a friendship across
      time and space. Fans out there should brace themselves for some
      exhilarating experiences and deadly confrontations.

      This ninth Doctor will take viewers from the natural end of the
      world far in the future to Victorian times for an encounter with
      Charles Dickens, from gaseous monsters with deadly plans for
      humanity to alien crash-landings and conspiracies that lead to the
      very heart of the government. The show delivers all the excitement
      of good drama, with a hero who never carries a gun. The human race
      will survive, but only with the Doctor's help!

      It has been over 40 years since Doctor Who hit our screens and
      sparked a fan base that spans the world. International conventions,
      fan clubs with members numbering in the thousands and books, videos,
      DVDs and merchandise are just part of the on-going phenomenon that
      is Doctor Who.

      David Vine, BBC Worldwide Managing Director Asia Pacific,
      says, "This series has been long anticipated. We are very excited
      that Prime will bring the new Doctor to New Zealand audiences. If
      you are a long-time Doctor Who fan you won't be disappointed but
      equally if you are someone who has never heard of a Tardis or a Time
      Lord you will be able to climb on board and travel through time and
      space for the first time. Prepare for brand-new, spell-binding

      Prime's Programming Manager Andrew Shaw says, "I am delighted to
      have acquired this fantastic new drama from the BBC. Doctor Who
      promises to be an outstanding series.

      "We very much look forward to placing it in our primetime schedule.
      This series will captivate a whole new generation of fans who have
      never experienced the legend that is Doctor Who."

      Prime TV also has an abridged version of this release on their
      What's Hot page as part of their upcoming programming announcements -

      Thanks to the alert folks in the forum of the New Zealand Doctor Who
      Fan Club http://nzdwfc.tetrap.com for breaking the news.

      Benjamin Elliott, This Week In Doctor Who
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