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This Week In Doctor Who - October 20, 2004

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  • Benjamin Elliott
    THIS WEEK IN DOCTOR WHO - October 20, 2004 by Benjamin F. Elliott Vol 7, No 42 http://groups.yahoo.com/group/thisweekindoctorwho
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      THIS WEEK IN DOCTOR WHO - October 20, 2004
      by Benjamin F. Elliott
      Vol 7, No 42

      Outpost Gallifrey http://www.gallifreyone.com has confirmed that at
      the recent MIPCOM TV sales conference in France a new K9 series was
      marketed. Park Entertainment in the UK has teamed with Bob Baker (co-
      creator of K9) to pitch "The Adventures Of K9". It's the story of a
      dysfunctional family on board a junk spaceship - a cynical captain,
      a female virtual reality computer, K9, and an orphaned boy. The BBC
      would have first refusal on the series in the UK. Live action with
      CGI. There has been no information on whether a pilot has been
      filmed and when or if this show would premiere. K9 has been the
      subject of at least 2 previous attempts at TV shows - the 1981
      pilot "K9 & Company" co-starring Elisabeth Sladen, and an effort in
      the late 1990s which would have featured Tom Baker as K9's voice.

      MPT Maryland http://www.mpt.org made a late schedule change last
      week, starting The Seeds Of Death at 11:57PM instead of Midnight.
      They were also having a number of sound dropouts when I checked
      early in the broadcast. No change in the Midnight start time for
      Doctor Who for the next 2 weeks (as of this writing, at least).

      NHPTV New Hampshire http://www.nhptv.org has issued its November
      schedule, clarifying how the remaining weeks of Doctor Who will play
      Saturday October 23 11PM - The Hand Of Fear parts 1+2
      Saturday October 30 11:30PM - The Hand Of Fear part 3 (special time)
      Saturday November 6 - pre-empted for pledge special
      Saturday November 13 11PM - The Hand Of Fear part 4 (last episode

      Upcoming airings of Doctor Who (the 1996 TV Movie) on the
      Starz/Encore Movie Pack http://www.starz.com . Spanish language
      audio on secondary channel:
      Encore Mystery:
      Sunday 24 October 8:15AM EDT East Feed / PDT West Feed
      Friday 29 October 6:10AM, 6:20PM, & 12:45AM EDT East Feed / PDT West
      Encore MoviePlex:
      Friday 29 October 7:10AM, 7:20PM, & 1:45AM EDT East Feed / PDT West
      The movie is not on the November schedule, so unless you catch one
      of the multiple chances to see it in the next 10 days you may be out
      of luck for a while.

      Corrections and updates are always welcome at thisweekindoctorwho-
      owner@yahoogroups.com , bfelliott@... , TWIDW on AOL IM ,
      and thebfe on Yahoo Messenger. Here are the listings:


      Doctor: Christopher Eccleston
      Rose Tyler: Billie Piper
      Mickey Smith: Noel Clarke
      Jackie Tyler: Camille Coduri
      Written by: Russell T. Davies (8 episodes), Steven Moffatt (2
      episodes), Paul Cornell (1 episode), Rob Shearman (1 episode), Mark
      Gattiss (1 episode)
      Original Aspect Ratio: 16:9
      Premieres: 2005 (date TBA)
      Total episodes for first series: 13
      45 minute episodes
      First broadcaster - BBC One
      Overseas Sales
      1) CBC Canada
      Tie-In Series - Doctor Who Confidential - weekly on BBC Three right
      after each episode's premiere on BBC One.


      BBC http://www.bbc.co.uk/cult/doctorwho
      "Shada" - starring Paul McGann and Lalla Ward. Remake of the classic
      unfinished Douglas Adams story. 6 episodes long.
      "The Scream Of The Shalka" - starring Richard E. Grant as The
      Doctor. 6 episode story. The Shalka prepare to conquer the Earth
      from below. Unfortunately for them, the Doctor is back.
      "Real Time" - starring Colin Baker and the Cybermen. 6 episode
      illustrated audio tale. The Doctor and Evelyn Smythe research a
      temple that has been yanking scientists out of time. The secrets of
      the temple threaten the future and past of two species.

      American Who http://www.americanwho.net
      Current Episode:
      Interview with Maureen O'Brien (Vicki), part 2
      Future Episodes:
      10/23 - Peter Purves (Steven Taylor), part 1
      11/10 - Peter Purves, part 2
      11/24 - Tom Baker (audio from 1983 KTEH 54 Special)
      12/11 - Barry Letts (encore broadcast)

      Sci-Fi Overdrive http://www.scifioverdrive.com
      on Business Talk Network http://www.businesstalkradio.net
      Saturday 8-11PM EDT (5-8PM PDT) http://www.krradio.com (repeat of
      previous week's episode, online audio stream)
      Late Sun/Early Mon 2-5AM EDT (11PM-2AM PDT, 7-10AM BST, 4-7PM AEST)
      Live Stream http://www.warpradio.com/popTuner.asp?id=14085
      Hour 1 - news & comment. Hour 2 - review of the Farscape Peacekeeper
      Wars miniseries. Hour 3 - Denise Crosby on Trekkies 2.



      UKTV Gold http://www.ukgold.tv http://www.onthebox.com/partner/otb
      (All times 1 hour later on UKTV Gold + 1)
      Saturday 7-9AM BST "Timelash" movie
      Series 22, Episodes 10 through 11. Doctor: Colin Baker.
      The Doctor returns to Karfel, a world he saved from oppression once
      before. Now ruled by the cruel Borad, Karfel is a pawn in a
      pointless war that only the Borad once, and only the Borad can
      survive. And maybe Peri, if she becomes "Bride of Borad".
      Sunday 7-9AM BST "The Trial Of A Time Lord" movie, pt 1 of 4 (The
      Mysterious Planet)
      Series 23, Episodes 1 through 4. Doctor: Colin Baker.
      UKTV Gold skips Revelation Of The Daleks and goes to the following
      series. The 6th Doctor finds himself on trial for interference in
      intergalactic events. As evidence, the Valeyard presents the
      Doctor's recent activities on Ravalox, a world that holds nasty
      secrets about Earth and another planet.

      Sky One http://www.skyone.co.uk
      Late Saturday 12:45-2:20AM BST "Daleks: Invasion Earth 2150AD" 1966
      theatrical movie
      Peter Cushing reprises his role as the scientist "Dr. Who" in this
      remake of "The Dalek Invasion Of Earth". The Daleks have come to
      Earth. Dr. Who and his family must save the future. Depending on the
      print of the movie Sky got it will either be cropped to 4:3 pan &
      scan or cropped to 16:9 widescreen.


      ABC http://www.abc.net.au/tv
      Thursday 6:03PM "The Ark In Space" pt 2 of 4
      Monday 6:04PM "The Ark In Space" pt 3 of 4
      Tuesday 6:03PM "The Ark In Space" pt 4 of 4
      Series 12, Episodes 6 through 8. Doctor: Tom Baker.
      As humanity slowly awakens on the Ark, the Wirrn menace masses in
      hopes of an all you can eat buffet.
      Wednesday 6:04PM "The Sontaran Experiment" pt 1 of 2
      Series 12, Episode 9. Doctor: Tom Baker.
      The 4th Doctor, Sarah, and Harry learn that Earth is not as
      abandoned as the people on the Ark believed.


      BBC Kids http://www.bbckids.ca
      7 Days A Week 2AM EDT (11PM PDT) - 2 episodes weekdays, full stories
      Wednesday "Full Circle" pts 3+4 of 4
      Series 18, Episodes 11 through 12. Doctor: Tom Baker.
      Trapped in a pocket universe, the 4th Doctor and Romana face the
      secrets of the Alzarians and the aggressiveness of the Marshmen.
      Thursday "State Of Decay" pts 1+2 of 4
      Friday "State Of Decay" pts 3+4 of 4
      Series 18, Episodes 13 through 16. Doctor: Tom Baker.
      Trapped in a pocket universe, the 4th Doctor finds a civilization in
      collapse, the life sucked out of it by vampiric leaders. And K9
      finds a stowaway.
      Saturday "City Of Death" all 4 pts
      Series 17, Episodes 5 through 8. Doctor: Tom Baker.
      A holiday for the Doctor in Paris goes awry when experiments in time
      cause deja vu. awry when experiments in time cause deja vu.
      Sunday "The Creature From The Pit" all 4 pts
      Series 17, Episodes 9 through 12. Doctor: Tom Baker.
      Lady Adrasta keeps a giant green creature prisoner in a mine for
      mysterious purposes. Those who visit the creature tend to wind up
      Monday "Warriors' Gate" pts 1+2 of 4
      Tuesday "Warriors' Gate" pts 3+4 of 4
      Series 18, Episodes 17 through 20. Doctor: Tom Baker.
      At the gateway from the pocket universe to home, the 4th Doctor and
      Romana learn the secret of the Tharills and face off against a
      somewhat batty space captain whose ship's structure is causing the
      fabric of reality at the gateway to collapse.

      Encore Mystery http://www.starz.com
      "Doctor Who" 1996 TV Movie
      Sunday 8:15AM EDT East Feed / PDT West Feed
      Paul McGann, Daphne Ashbrook, Eric Roberts, and Sylvester McCoy star
      in this continuation of the TV series. The Master's remains turn out
      to be less dead than people thought, forcing the TARDIS to land in
      San Francisco on the eve of the year 2000. After escaping, the
      Master sets a course of action in effect that may suck the planet
      inside out as the New Year begins.

      NHPTV New Hampshire http://www.nhptv.org
      analog 11, 49, 52
      digital 11-2 (57-2), 49-2 (48-2), 52-2 (49-2)
      Boston DirecTV 11,955
      Boston Dish 11,8781
      Saturday 11PM EDT "The Hand Of Fear" pts 1+2 of 4
      Series 14, Episodes 5 through 6. Doctor: Tom Baker.
      NHPTV is dropping Doctor Who after 24 years. Next week Doctor Who
      airs at 11:30PM. No episode November 6. Final episode November 13 at
      11PM. The final Sarah Jane Smith story for the final weeks on NHPTV.
      Sarah discovers a fossilized hand that starts to affect her

      WYBE Philadelphia, PA http://www.wybe.org
      analog 35
      digital 35-1 (34-1)
      Philadelphia DirecTV 35,909
      Philadelphia Dish 35,8162
      Saturday 11PM EDT "Remembrance Of The Daleks" pts 3+4 of 4
      Series 25, Episodes 3 through 4. Doctor: Sylvester McCoy.
      Two Dalek armies are battling for the Hand Of Omega. The 7th Doctor
      wants one faction to get it for reasons unrevealed as yet. But some
      humans get in the way again.

      MPT Maryland http://www.mpt.org
      analog 22, 67, 31, 28, 62, 36
      digital 22-2 (42-2), 67-2 (29-2), 31-2 (44-2), 28-2 (56-2), 62-2 (28-
      2), 54
      DC/Hagerstown, Baltimore DirecTV 22,980
      Baltimore Dish 22,8736
      Saturday Midnight-2:03AM EDT "The War Games" movie, pt 1 of 2
      Series 6, Episodes 35 through 39. Doctor: Patrick Troughton.
      The 2nd Doctor, Jamie, and Zoe come across a crazy quilt of human
      wars all operating within a few miles of each other. The soldiers
      fighting in them have partial amnesia, with no idea how long they
      have been killing and dying. If you are using a digital recorder
      with TV Guide programming to tape this broadcast, it is erroneously
      saying that the broadcast will only be 90 minutes.

      WCET Cincinnati, OH http://cetconnect.org
      analog 48
      digital 48-2 (34-2)
      Cincinnati DirecTV 48,909
      Cincinnati Dish 48,8356
      Saturday 11PM EDT "Inferno" eps 4+5 of 7
      Series 7, Episodes 22 through 23. Doctor: Jon Pertwee.
      In the parallel universe, the 3rd Doctor fears the consequences if
      the Inferno project breaks the Earth's crust.

      WILL Urbana, IL http://www.will.uiuc.edu
      analog 12
      digital 9 - not on air
      Champaign DirecTV 12
      Champaign Dish 12,7407
      Saturday 11:40PM CDT "Arc Of Infinity" pt 4 of 4
      Series 20, Episode 4. Doctor: Peter Davison.
      To save both the universe and Tegan, the 5th Doctor and Nyssa race
      to Amsterdam to battle the being who has tried to rob the Doctor's

      IPTV Iowa http://www.sffn.com/ http://www.iptv.org
      analog 11, 32, 27, 12, 21, 24, 32, 36, 36
      digital 11-2 (50-2), 32-2 (35-2), 27-2 (28-2), 45, 25, 18, 33, 35, 34
      Des Moines DirecTV 11,474
      Des Moines Dish 11,9116
      Cedar Rapids DirecTV 12 (coming 10/26/04)
      Cedar Rapids Dish 12,9161
      Omaha DirecTV 32
      Omaha Dish 32,9146
      Sioux City Dish 27,7195
      Quad Cities DirecTV 36 (coming 11/9/04)
      Quad Cities Dish 36,7607 (not yet available)
      Saturday 11:35PM CDT "The Keeper Of Traken" pts 1+2 of 4
      Series 18, Episodes 21 through 22. Doctor: Tom Baker.
      The 4th Doctor and Adric come to Traken to help the world find peace
      in the vacuum of power between Keepers. The biggest obstacle seems
      to be a calcifying Melkur in the courtyard that is surprisingly

      KUED/KUEW-DT/KUES-DT Salt Lake City/St. George/Richfield, UT
      analog 7
      digital 7-1 (42-1), 18-1, 19-1
      Salt Lake City DirecTV 7,982
      Salt Lake City Dish 7,8536
      Saturday 11PM MDT "Warriors' Gate" pt 2 of 4 (special time)
      Series 18, Episode 18. Doctor: Tom Baker.
      Since most weeks Blackadder airs at 11PM and Doctor Who at 11:30PM,
      but this week they are switched, it is possible that KUED's schedule
      is mistaken. It's one of the better Black Adder episodes (not
      appropriate for children), so just watch from 11PM to be safe. See
      BBC Kids for story details.

      KBTC/KCKA Tacoma/Centralia, WA http://www.kbtc.org
      analog 28,15
      digital 28-1 (27-1), 15-1 (19-1)
      Seattle DirecTV 28,910
      Seattle Dish 28,8620
      Saturday 7PM + 12:30AM PDT "The Daemons" eps 1+2 of 5
      Series 8, Episodes 21 through 22. Doctor: Jon Pertwee.
      The 3rd Doctor and Jo must intervene when an archaeological dig at
      Devil's End goes horribly wrong. Naturally, the Master is involved
      in the situation.

      Thanks for reading. Until next week, take care.

      Doctor Who is a BBC Trademark. Copyright 2004.
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