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This Week In Doctor Who - July 14, 2004

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  • Benjamin Elliott
    THIS WEEK IN DOCTOR WHO - July 14, 2004 by Benjamin F. Elliott Vol 7, No 28 http://groups.yahoo.com/group/thisweekindoctorwho
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      THIS WEEK IN DOCTOR WHO - July 14, 2004
      by Benjamin F. Elliott
      Vol 7, No 28

      July 13, 1998 - This Week In Doctor Who - The Beta Test appeared on
      the rec.arts.drwho newsgroup. While this first edition was somewhat
      incomplete and hard to read, it got a warm reaction. 6 years later,
      This Week In Doctor Who (TWIDW) has thrived and become the weekly
      source for Doctor Who TV and online broadcasts around the world,
      thanks to the patience and support of the readership.

      With the new TV series approaching, and hopefully networks around
      the world picking it up, it should be an interesting year. New show
      filmed in widescreen, so networks might air it widescreen,
      letterbox, cropped to fullscreen, cropped to 14:9 letterbox. HDTV or
      not. How long will the lag be between airings in different
      countries? How twisted will the episode titles be when translated
      into other languages? Will countries see alternate edits? Will the
      old series start airing in more places to capitalize on the success
      we all hope the new series will have? Oh, all right, most of us
      really care about seeing the episodes themselves - the Doctor
      (Christopher Eccleston) and Rose Billie Piper). But the details are
      fun too - otherwise this column would never have existed. It's an
      easy prediction that this will be the craziest year for Doctor Who
      in all forms since TWIDW began, and hopefully the column will rise
      to the level necessary to keep up with the adventure.

      KTEH/KCAH 54,25 San Jose/Watsonville, CA http://www.kteh.org is
      encoring one of their self-produced Doctor Who interview specials
      this weekend. "Interview With Jon Pertwee" airs Late Saturday at
      1:35AM PDT. KTEH put Eastenders back on the air when enough people
      asked for it and offered to support it. It's well worth a shot for
      Doctor Who. If you want the Doctor back, ask KTEH for it.

      Corrections and updates are always welcome at thisweekindoctorwho-
      owner@yahoogroups.com , bfelliott@... , TWIDW on AOL IM ,
      and thebfe on Yahoo Messenger. Here are the listings:


      Doctor: Christopher Eccleston
      Rose Tyler: Billie Piper
      Written by: Russell T. Davies (8 episodes), Steven Moffatt (2
      episodes), Paul Cornell (1 episode), Rob Shearman (1 episode), Mark
      Gattiss (1 episode)
      Original Aspect Ratio: 16:9
      Premieres: 2005 (date TBA)
      Total episodes for first series: 13
      First broadcaster - BBC One
      45 minute episodes


      BBC http://www.bbc.co.uk/cult/doctorwho
      "Shada" - starring Paul McGann and Lalla Ward. Remake of the classic
      unfinished Douglas Adams story. All 6 episodes are back online.
      "The Scream Of The Shalka" - Richard E. Grant is The Doctor in a
      fully animated 6 episode story. The Shalka prepare to conquer the
      Earth from below. Unfortunately for them, the Doctor is back.
      "Real Time" - starring Colin Baker and the Cybermen. 6 episode
      illustrated audio tale. The 6th Doctor and Evelyn Smythe research a
      temple that has been yanking scientists out of time. The secrets of
      the temple threaten the future and past of two species.

      American Who http://www.americanwho.net
      Online news/talk show. Upcoming editions:
      Week of July 15 - Jon Pertwee tribute
      Week of July 29 - Lars Pearson of Mad Norwegian Press and the I, Who
      Week of August 15 - Keith Barnfather.
      Current episode:
      Elisabeth Sladen is interviewed about her years playing Sarah Jane

      Sci-Fi Overdrive http://www.scifioverdrive.com
      on Business Talk Network http://www.businesstalkradio.net
      Late Sun/Early Mon 2-5AM EDT (11PM-2AM PDT, 7-10AM BST, 4-7PM AEST)
      Live Stream http://www.warpradio.com/popTuner.asp?id=14085
      Hour 1 - News & Comment. Hour 2 - David West Reynolds, "Apollo - The
      Epic Journey To The Moon". Hour 3 - Anthony Chaikin - "A Man On The
      Moon"; Manny Pimenta of the Space Frontier Foundation.



      UKTV Gold http://www.ukgold.tv http://www.onthebox.com/partner/otb
      Saturday 7:05-9AM BST "Warriors' Gate" movie
      Series 18, Episodes 17 through 20. Doctor: Tom Baker.
      The 4th Doctor, Romana, Adric, and K9 come across a gateway that
      could lead back to the regular universe. The gateway seems to have
      attracted a race of time sensitives and slavers who want sensitives
      to power spaceships.
      Sunday 7-9AM BST "The Keeper Of Traken" movie
      Series 18, Episodes 21 through 24. Doctor: Tom Baker.
      The Keeper asks the 4th Doctor (who is looking a bit older) to help
      the worlds of Traken through the dangerous period between Keepers,
      where evil can invade and destroy paradise. Personally, if Traken is
      paradise I'll take evil, but the evil who wants to take charge has a
      decidedly dark agenda. Melkur: Geoffrey Beevers.

      UKTV Gold + 1
      Saturday 8:05-10AM BST "Warriors' Gate" movie
      Sunday 8-10AM BST "The Keeper Of Traken" movie


      ABC http://www.abc.net.au/tv
      Thursday 6:03PM "The Mutants" ep 2 of 6
      Monday 6:03PM "The Mutants" ep 3 of 6
      Tuesday 6:03PM "The Mutants" ep 4 of 6
      Wednesday 6:03PM "The Mutants" ep 5 of 6
      Series 9, Episodes 16 through 19. Doctor: Jon Pertwee.
      The man who the Time Lords want the 3rd Doctor to deliver his
      package to is the terrorist Ky, on the run from the colonial
      authourities. And he's taken Jo hostage. And he may be one of the
      good guys. Empire crumbles in dangerous ways as The Mutants


      BBC Kids http://www.bbckids.ca
      7 Days A Week 1 + 3:30AM EDT (10PM + 12:30AM PDT) - 2 episodes
      weekdays, full stories weekends)
      Wednesday "Genesis Of The Daleks" pts 5+6 of 6
      Series 12, Episodes 15 through 16. Doctor: Tom Baker.
      Thursday "Revenge Of The Cybermen" pts 1+2 of 4
      Friday "Revenge Of The Cybermen" pts 3+4 of 4
      Series 12, Episodes 17 through 20. Doctor: Tom Baker.
      Returning to Nerva, the 4th Doctor and crew find a space plague
      wiping everyone out. But the plague isn't a plague. An enemy from
      the Doctor's distant past is returning. We'd keep their identity a
      secret, but it's in the title of the story.
      Saturday "The Sontaran Experiment" all 2 pts
      Series 12, Episodes 9 through 10. Doctor: Tom Baker.
      A Sontaran performs endurance tests on humans, seeing how long they
      take to die. He hopes to use this information for a Sontaran
      invasion of this part of the galaxy. Poor Sontaran - the Doctor's
      Sunday "Genesis Of The Daleks" all 6 pts (no 3:30AM rerun)
      Series 12, Episodes 11 through 16. Doctor: Tom Baker.
      On a mission for the Time Lords, the 4th Doctor seeks to learn the
      truth behind the birth of the Daleks, and weaken their influence to
      keep the universe from being doomed.
      Monday "Terror Of The Zygons" pts 1+2 of 4
      Tuesday "Terror Of The Zygons" pts 3+4 of 4
      Series 13, Episodes 1 through 4. Doctor: Tom Baker.
      Answering the Brigadier's distress call, the 4th Doctor, Sarah, and
      Harry return to Earth. Oil rigs are being sunk in Loch Ness. The
      Loch Ness Monster is being blamed. But the monster doesn't exist,
      does he?

      NHPTV New Hampshire http://www.nhptv.org
      analog 11, 49, 52
      digital 11-2 (57-2), 49-2 (48-2), 52-2 (49-2)
      Boston DirecTV 11,955
      Boston Dish 11,8781
      Saturday 11PM EDT "The Seeds Of Doom" pt 2 of 6
      Series 13, Episode 22. Doctor: Tom Baker.
      Scorby has his orders. Steal the seed pod. Kill anyone in his way.
      The 4th Doctor is in his way. So is a seed pod that already
      germinated. You'd think Scorby would be a bit worried that the twin
      of his robbery target is very tall, very fast, and very hungry for
      humans. But hey, a job's a job.

      WYBE Philadelphia, PA http://www.wybe.org
      analog 35
      digital 35-1 (34-1)
      Philadelphia DirecTV 35,909
      Philadelphia Dish 35,8162
      Saturday 11PM EDT "The Trial Of A Time Lord" pts 3+4 of 14 (The
      Mysterious Planet pts 3+4)
      Series 23, Episodes 3 through 4. Doctor: Colin Baker.
      The Valeyard continues presenting the 6th Doctor's activities on
      Ravalox as proof that the Doctor is an incorrigible meddler that
      must be executed. But the evidence is incomplete. The Doctor battles
      for his life in the courtroom while watching his earlier battle to
      save the survivors of humanity.

      MPT Maryland http://www.mpt.org
      analog 22, 67, 31, 28, 62, 36
      digital 22-2 (42-2), 67-2 (29-2), 31-2 (44-2), 28-2 (56-2), 28, 54
      DC/Hagerstown, Baltimore DirecTV 22,980
      Baltimore Dish 22,8736
      Late Saturday Mid EDT "The Three Doctors" movie
      Series 10, Episodes 1 through 4. Doctor: Jon Pertwee.
      Patrick Troughton co-stars and William Hartnell gets extended cameos
      in the first multi-Doctor story in the series. The Time Lords call
      in previous incarnations of the Doctor to help when a being from an
      anti-matter universe threatens all Time Lord power and the Doctor's
      existence. Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart and Sgt. Benton enter the
      TARDIS for the first time.

      WCET Cincinnati, OH http://cetconnect.org
      analog 48
      digital 48-2 (34-2)
      Cincinnati DirecTV 48,909
      Cincinnati Dish 48,8356
      Saturday 11PM EDT "The Seeds Of Death" eps 3+4 of 6
      Series 6, Episodes 25 through 26. Doctor: Pat Troughton.
      The Ice Warriors want the T-Mat working to send death to Earth. The
      2nd Doctor, Jamie, and Zoe try to take a rocket to the Moon.

      WILL Urbana, IL http://www.will.uiuc.edu
      analog 12
      digital 9 - not on air
      Champaign Dish 12,7407
      Saturday 11:40PM CDT "The Visitation" pt 4 of 4
      Series 19, Episode 16. Doctor: Peter Davison.
      Will Nyssa's home-made weapon destroy the Android, giving the 5th
      Doctor a chance to stop the Terrileptil conquest of Earth?

      IPTV Iowa http://www.sffn.com/ http://www.iptv.org
      analog 11, 12, 21, 24, 27, 32, 32, 36, 36
      digital 11 (50), 45, 25, 18, 28, 33, 35, 35, 34 - not on air
      Des Moines DirecTV 11,474
      Des Moines Dish 11,9116
      Cedar Rapids Dish 12,9161
      Omaha DirecTV 32
      Omaha Dish 32,9146
      Sioux City Dish 27,7195
      Quad Cities Dish 36,7607 (not yet available)
      Saturday 11:35PM CDT "Nightmare Of Eden" pts 3+4 of 4
      Series 17, Episodes 15 through 16. Doctor: Tom Baker.
      The 4th Doctor and Romana are able to enter the CET projection due
      to how unstable it has become. The Mandrils have escaped to run
      loose on the ship. And the villains behind the Vraxoin are going
      completely undetected.

      KUED/KUEW-DT/KUES-DT Salt Lake City/St. George/Richfield, UT
      analog 7
      digital 7-1 (42-1), 18-1 (18-1), 19-1 (19-1)
      Salt Lake City DirecTV 7,982
      Salt Lake City Dish 7,8536
      Saturday 11:30PM MDT "Enlightenment" pt 2 of 4
      Series 20, Episode 18. Doctor: Peter Davison.
      Turlough can't take it anymore. The Black Guardian's taunts and the
      fear of being discovered by the Doctor is driving him around the
      bend. Turlough breaks down in a big way.

      KBTC/KCKA Tacoma/Centralia, WA http://www.kbtc.org
      analog 28,15
      digital 28-1 (27-1), 15-1 (19-1)
      Seattle DirecTV 28,910
      Seattle Dish 28,8620
      Saturday 7PM + 12:30AM PDT "The Ambassadors Of Death" eps 5,6,+7 of 7
      Series 7, Episodes 16 through 18. Doctor: Jon Pertwee.
      3 episodes this weekend as KBTC concludes the memorable 3rd Doctor
      story. The "ambassadors" are being used in a plot to launch a multi-
      planet war. The Doctor must broker peace on both Earth and in deep
      space to prevent a catastrophe.

      KTEH/KCAH San Jose/Watsonville, CA http://www.kteh.org
      analog 54,25
      digital 50,58 - not on air
      San Francisco DirecTV 54,903
      San Francisco Dish 54,8234
      Monterey DirecTV 25
      Monterey Dish 25,9190
      Late Saturday 1:35AM PDT "Interview With Jon Pertwee"
      Encore of KTEH's exclusive conversation with the actor who played
      the 3rd Doctor. Conducted in 1984. 25 minutes. Doctor Who aired on
      KTEH for 22 years straight. It's not there now because when the
      money was tight, not enough people were interested. If you want to
      see Doctor Who back on KTEH, let them know. Eastenders came back
      after being cancelled because enough people wanted it and offered to
      support it. Why not Doctor Who?

      Thanks for reading. Until next week, take care.

      Doctor Who is a BBC Trademark. Copyright 2004.
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