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This Week In Doctor Who - May 19, 2004

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  • Benjamin Elliott
    THIS WEEK IN DOCTOR WHO - May 19, 2004 by Benjamin F. Elliott Vol 7, No 20 http://groups.yahoo.com/group/thisweekindoctorwho
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      THIS WEEK IN DOCTOR WHO - May 19, 2004
      by Benjamin F. Elliott
      Vol 7, No 20

      Welcome to the weekly guide to known Doctor Who broadcasts worldwide.

      Jon Pertwee fans can listen to his Doctor Who radio stories "The
      Paradise Of Death" and "The Ghosts Of N-Space" over the next 2 weeks
      via BBC7. BBC7 is now archiving programming for up to one week for
      fans with Realplayer on their computers. The station can be heard
      live online if you have Realplayer or Windows Media Player. And in
      the UK it's on digital TV and digital radio.

      Maryland Public TV http://www.mpt.org will skip "Day Of The Daleks"
      in June, making it the first time MPT has skipped a story during the
      Terry Nation/Dalek rights renewal issue. Resurrection Of The Daleks,
      Revelation Of The Daleks, Remembrance Of The Daleks, and The War
      Games did air during this period, so presumably they had a better
      contract that has now expired. The Hartnell Dalek appearances were
      not affected.

      KBTC Tacoma, WA http://www.kbtc.org and WCET Cincinnati, OH
      http://www.cetconnect.org will be skipping The War Games in their
      current rotation of Troughton stories, while KBDI Denver, CO
      http://www.kbdi.org will have to skip Day Of The Daleks. The ABC in
      Australia http://www.abc.net.au/tv previously announced that they
      would have to skip Day Of The Daleks when they reach that point of
      the series in June.

      Sky One will air Daleks: Invasion Earth 2150A.D. early morning 1

      Upcoming airings of Daleks: Invasion Earth 2150A.D. on Showtime
      Greats in Australia:
      All airings Australian Eastern Standard Time:
      Early Saturday 22 May - 5:25AM
      Late Monday 24 May - 2AM

      The American Who radio show, covering Doctor Who news and interviews
      with people from all aspects of the series, is officially going
      weekly. See its entry under radio/internet for details.

      Corrections and updates are always welcome at thisweekindoctorwho-
      owner@yahoogroups.com , bfelliott@... , TWIDW on AOL IM ,
      and thebfe on Yahoo Messenger. Here are the listings:


      Doctor: Christopher Eccleston
      Rose Tyler: TBA
      Written by: Russell T. Davies (8 episodes), Steven Moffatt (2
      episodes), Paul Cornell (1 episode), Rob Shearman (1 episode), Mark
      Gattiss (1 episode)
      Original Aspect Ratio: 16:9
      Premieres: 2005 (date TBA)
      Total episodes for first series: 13
      First broadcaster - BBC One
      45 minute episodes


      BBC7 http://www.bbc.co.uk/bbc7/
      Media Player Stream http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio/aod/bbc7_asx.shtml
      Real Player Stream http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio/aod/bbc7.shtml
      "The Paradise Of Death" ep 1 of 5 (online until 24 May)
      6PM archive
      Midnight archive
      "The Paradise Of Death" ep 2 of 5 (online until 25 May)
      6PM archive
      Midnight archive
      Wednesday 6PM & Midnight BST "The Paradise Of Death" ep 3 of 5
      6PM archive
      Midnight archive
      Thursday 6PM & Midnight BST "The Paradise Of Death" ep 4 of 5
      6PM archive
      Midnight archive
      Friday 6PM & Midnight BST "The Paradise Of Death" ep 5 of 5
      6PM archive
      Midnight archive
      Jon Pertwee as the 3rd Doctor. The Parakon Corporation runs a very
      mysterious fun park where you can experience alien life. But people
      are dying. The Doctor, Sarah, and the Brigadier soon discover a
      conspiracy that rages across the vastness of space.
      Monday 6PM & Midnight BST "The Ghosts Of N-Space" ep 1 of 6
      6PM archive
      Midnight archive
      Tuesday 6PM & Midnight BST "The Ghosts Of N-Space" ep 2 of 6
      6PM archive
      Midnight archive
      The Brigadier's great uncle Mario is haunted by ghosts at his
      castle, the same castle a mafia don wants to take over. The Doctor
      (Jon Pertwee) finds a leak between the past and the present.

      BBC http://www.bbc.co.uk/cult/doctorwho
      "The Scream Of The Shalka" - Richard E. Grant is The Doctor in a
      fully animated 6 episode story. The Shalka prepare to conquer the
      Earth from below. Unfortunately for them, the Doctor is back.
      "Real Time" - starring Colin Baker and the Cybermen. 6 episode
      illustrated audio tale. The 6th Doctor and Evelyn Smythe research a
      temple that has been yanking scientists out of time. The secrets of
      the temple threaten the future and past of two species. Viewer
      discretion advised for the illustrations of episodes 4 through 6.

      American Who http://www.americanwho.net
      Monday 5AM EDT (2AM PDT, 10AM BST, 7PM AEST)
      A tribute to Anthony Ainley (1932 - 2004), the Master in the 80s
      Doctor Who stories. Paul Vanezis gives his thoughts. American Who
      will now air weekly.
      Michael Sheard is the guest.
      An episode devoted to Colin Baker.
      Two Hour Easter Special Edition. An extended interview with Barry
      Letts, along with a few surprises. Barry discusses being producer
      from 1970 to 1974, casting Tom Baker, being executive producer, and
      Arnold T. Blumberg discusses the casting of Christopher Eccleston as
      The Doctor.
      Charles Martin discusses the writers for the new series.
      Frazer Hines (Jamie McCrimmon in the 2nd Doctor stories) remembers
      Patrick Troughton.

      Sci-Fi Overdrive http://www.scifioverdrive.com
      on Business Talk Network http://www.businesstalkradio.net
      Late Sun/Early Mon 2-6AM EDT (11PM-3AM PDT, 7-11AM BST, 4-8PM AEST)
      Live Stream http://www.warpradio.com/popTuner.asp?id=14085
      Hours 1+2 - Sci-Fi News & Comment. Hour 3 - Leonard David from
      www.space.com discusses the current status of manned and unmanned
      spaceflight. Hour 4 - American Who, which is now a feature every



      UKTV Gold http://www.ukgold.tv http://www.onthebox.com/partner/otb
      Sat 6-9AM BST "The Invasion Of Time" movie
      Series 15, Episodes 21 through 26. Doctor: Tom Baker.
      Yes, the story is out of sequence. No, we don't know why. The 4th
      Doctor assumes the Presidency of Gallifrey, setting off a chain of
      conspiracies, conquests, rebellions, and general chaos.
      Sun 7-9AM BST "The Pirate Planet" movie
      Series 16, Episodes 5 through 8. Doctor: Tom Baker.
      The search for the second segment of the Key To Time brings the 4th
      Doctor and Romana to the co-ordinates of Callufrax. But Callufrax is
      missing. Another planet has stolen its spot in the galaxy. Is there
      a rule against planet identity theft?
      Pre-empted by another Carry On movie weekend next week.

      UKTV Gold + 1
      Sat 7-10AM BST "The Invasion Of Time" movie
      Sun 8-10AM BST "The Pirate Planet" movie


      ABC http://www.abc.net.au/tv http://www.varos.net/drwho/
      Thursday 6:05PM "The Claws Of Axos" ep 3 of 4
      Series 8, Episode 13. Doctor: Jon Pertwee.
      The Axon plan to absorb the Earth is revealed. What side is the
      Master on?
      Due to French Open Tennis highlights, Doctor Who will be pre-empted
      on ABC for 2 weeks. The Claws Of Axos concludes on 7 June.

      Showtime Greats http://www.showtimeaustralia.com/flash.html
      Saturday 5:25AM & Late Monday 2AM AEST "Daleks: Invasion Earth
      2150A.D." 1966 theatrical movie
      The Daleks return in this remake of The Dalek Invasion Of Earth. Co-
      starring Peter Cushing as Dr. Who and Roberta Tovey as Susan (this
      time not likely to get married - she's about 7).
      Last chances to see the film for now. It's not on the June schedule.


      BBC Kids http://www.bbckids.ca
      7 Days A Week 1 + 3:30AM EST (10PM + 12:30AM PST) - 2 episodes
      weekdays, full stories weekends) (EDT and PDT from Sunday)
      Wednesday "Time-Flight" pts 1+2 of 4
      Thursday "Time-Flight" pts 3+4 of 4
      Series 19, Episodes 23 through 26. Doctor: Peter Davison.
      Concordes are disappearing from Heathrow Airport. The 5th Doctor and
      company believe that they are being taken through time. To find the
      truth, the TARDIS takes a flight on the fastest plane Earth has to
      offer - and lands at its destination millions of years ahead of
      Friday "Arc Of Infinity" pts 1+2 of 4
      Series 20, Episodes 1 through 2. Doctor: Peter Davison.
      The 5th Doctor is hauled in by the Time Lords for interrogation when
      a being from the universe of anti-matter bonds with him in hopes of
      crossing between universes.
      Saturday "Mawdryn Undead" all 4 pts
      Series 20, Episodes 9 through 12. Doctor: Peter Davison.
      The TARDIS crew finds itself split between two time periods - 1977
      and 1983. The linking factors - the space pod used by the being
      Mawdryn in his quest for aid, and Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart.
      Sunday "Terminus" all 4 pts
      Series 20, Episodes 13 through 16. Doctor: Peter Davison.
      A space disease takes a personal toll on the TARDIS crew who find
      themselves trapped on a ship headed for the center of the Universe.
      Monday "Arc Of Infinity" pts 3+4 of 4
      Series 20, Episodes 3 through 4. Doctor: Peter Davison.
      Tuesday "Snakedance" pts 1+2 of 4
      Series 20, Episodes 5 through 6. Doctor: Peter Davison.
      Tegan's dreams are invaded by the Mara again, bringing Nyssa and the
      5th Doctor to its home world Manussa to try to defeat it once and
      for all.

      NHPTV New Hampshire http://www.nhptv.org
      analog 11, 49, 52
      digital 11-2 (57-2), 49-2 (48-2), 52-2 (49-2)
      Boston DirecTV 11,955
      Boston Dish 11,8781
      Late Saturday Midnight EDT "The Android Invasion" pt 4 of 4
      Series 13, Episode 16. Doctor: Tom Baker.
      The 4th Doctor and Sarah use the Krall pods to race to Earth before
      the invasion of androids can begin. Last appearance of RSM Benton
      and Harry Sullivan in the series.

      WYBE Philadelphia, PA http://www.wybe.org
      analog 35
      digital 35-1 (34-1)
      Philadelphia DirecTV 35,909
      Philadelphia Dish 35,8162
      Saturday 11PM EDT "The Two Doctors" 6 ep version, pts 5+6
      Series 22, Episodes 9a through 9b. Doctor: Colin Baker.
      In Spain, an experiment to combine Androgum DNA with a Time Lord
      turns the 2nd Doctor into a lunatic, causing ripple effects on his
      6th incarnation. Guest starring Patrick Troughton as the 2nd Doctor
      and Frazer Hines as Jamie McCrimmon.

      MPT Maryland http://www.mpt.org
      analog 22, 67, 31, 28, 62, 36
      digital 22-2 (42-2), 67-2 (29-2), 31-2 (44-2), 28-2 (56-2), 28, 54
      DC/Hagerstown, Baltimore DirecTV 22,980
      Baltimore Dish 22,8736
      Late Saturday Mid EDT "The Mind Of Evil" movie
      Series 8, Episodes 5 through 10. Doctor: Jon Pertwee.
      Black & white. Professor Keller has built a machine which can
      supposedly rework the minds of criminals, making them productive
      members of society. But its effects are felt far out outside
      Stangmoor Prison. Ripples interfere with a Peace Conference and
      U*N*I*T's disposal of a nuclear missile.

      WCET Cincinnati, OH http://cetconnect.org
      analog 48
      digital 48-2 (34-2)
      Cincinnati DirecTV 48,909
      Cincinnati Dish 48,8356
      Sat 11PM EDT "The Dominators" eps 3+4 of 5
      Series 6, Episodes 3 through 4. Doctor: Pat Troughton.
      The Dulcian authorities will not believe that the Dominators could
      cause them any harm. Fissures develop in the working relationship
      between the 2 Dominators. The 2nd Doctor plays stupid to fool people.

      WILL Urbana, IL http://www.will.uiuc.edu
      analog 12
      digital 9 - not on air
      Champaign Dish 12,7407
      Saturday 11:40PM CDT "Four To Doomsday" pt 4 of 4
      Series 19, Episode 8. Doctor: Peter Davison.
      The 5th Doctor must unite the TARDIS crew behind him before Nyssa is
      lost and humanity is destroyed by the Urbankans.

      IPTV Iowa http://www.sffn.com/ http://www.iptv.org
      analog 11, 12, 21, 24, 27, 32, 32, 36, 36
      digital 11 (50), 45, 25, 18, 28, 33, 35, 35, 34 - not on air
      Des Moines DirecTV 11,474
      Des Moines Dish 11,9116
      Cedar Rapids Dish 12,9161
      Omaha Dish 32,9146
      Sioux City Dish 27,7195 (not yet available)
      Quad Cities Dish 36,7607 (not yet available)
      Saturday 11:35PM CDT "The Armageddon Factor" pts 5+6 of 6
      Series 16, Episodes 25 through 26. Doctor: Tom Baker.
      The 4th Doctor faces a countdown to locate the final segment of the
      Key. Two worlds will be destroyed when a time loop fails. And the
      final segment may be hard to take.

      KBDI Denver, CO http://www.kbdi.org
      analog 12
      digital 12-1 (38-1)
      Denver DirecTV 12,910
      Denver Dish 12,8211
      Late Friday 12:30AM MDT "The Daemons" eps 4+5 of 5
      Series 8, Episodes 24 through 25. Doctor: Jon Pertwee.
      The next time Azal surfaces, he will hand mastery of the Earth to
      someone. Unfortunately for the Master, Azal won't say who.
      Saturday 11PM MDT "The Curse Of Peladon" eps 1+2 of 4
      Series 9, Episodes 5 through 6. Doctor: Jon Pertwee.
      Since The Day Of The Daleks was not available for purchase right
      now, we skip to the following story, where Time Lord interference
      again allows the TARDIS to fly. Peladon is a world trying to join
      the Galactic Federation. Delegates from the major powers are present
      to handle negotiations. But one of the delegates may be a traitor.

      KUED/KUEW-DT/KUES-DT Salt Lake City/St. George/Richfield, UT
      analog 7
      digital 7-1 (42-1), 18-1 (18-1), 19-1 (19-1)
      Salt Lake City DirecTV 7,982
      Salt Lake City Dish 7,8536
      Saturday 11:30PM MDT "Mawdryn Undead" pt 2 of 4
      Series 20, Episode 10. Doctor: Peter Davison.
      See BBC Kids for details.

      KBTC/KCKA Tacoma/Centralia, WA http://www.kbtc.org
      analog 28,15
      digital 28-1 (27-1), 15-1 (19-1)
      Seattle DirecTV 28,910
      Seattle Dish 28,8620
      Saturday 7PM + 12:30AM PDT "The Seeds Of Death" eps 5+6 of 6
      Series 6, Episodes 27 through 28. Doctor: Pat Troughton.
      Fusion makes a choice. The 2nd Doctor rallies the forces of Earth
      (who all seem to be in London) to figure out how to outwit the Ice
      Warriors. Due to the Terry Nation contract issues, The War Games
      will not air on KBTC (a Dalek appears in episode 10). Next week -
      the Pertwee era.

      Thanks for reading. Until next week, take care.

      Doctor Who is a BBC Trademark. Copyright 2004.
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