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This Week In Doctor Who - May 28, 2003

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  • Benjamin F. Elliott
    THIS WEEK IN DOCTOR WHO - May 28, 2003 by Benjamin F. Elliott Vol 6, No 22 http://groups.yahoo.com/group/thisweekindoctorwho
    Message 1 of 1 , May 28, 2003
      THIS WEEK IN DOCTOR WHO - May 28, 2003
      by Benjamin F. Elliott
      Vol 6, No 22

      Those of us in the US who stay up late or know how to set VCRs - the 1996
      Doctor Who TV Movie is airing here on the US Sci-Fi Channel late Sunday June
      15th at 1AM EDT East Feed / 1AM PDT West Feed.

      Boston area Doctor Who fans with the DirecTV local channel package now have
      WENH 11 Durham, New Hampshire (New Hampshire Public TV) on channel 11 for
      new receivers, channel for older receivers. WENH was added on May 21, and
      typically airs a Doctor Who episode on Saturday nights. Boston area Dish
      Network subscribers with the local channel package got WENH back in January.

      KBTC Tacoma, WA http://www.kbtc.org/ is airing a Doctor Who pledge special
      on June 7 from 7 to 10PM, featuring The Three Doctors.

      While I try to keep the column up to date, I do sometimes miss late changes
      to schedules. If you see TWIDW's information getting out of synch with what
      your local station is actually airing, let me know ASAP.

      Additions and corrections are welcome at
      thisweekindoctorwho-owner@yahoogroups.com , bfelliott@... ,
      bfelliott3 on AOL IM, or thebfe on Yahoo Messenger. And now, the listings:


      BBC http://www.bbc.co.uk/cult/doctorwho/
      "Shada" - new 6 episode version of Douglas Adams' TV story left unfinished
      in 1979. Now an audio story with illustrations. Stars Paul McGann as the
      Doctor, Lalla Ward as Romana, and John Leeson as K9.
      Episodes 1,2,3,+4 - online
      Episode 5 - online Friday 30 May at Noon BST
      Episode 6 - online Friday 6 June at Noon BST

      American Who http://www.interstellartransmissions.com/who
      http://www.interstellartransmissions.com/who/52703.mp3 - Jon Pertwee; Gail
      First, a 1982 interview that South Florida broadcaster Chuck Zinc had with
      Jon Pertwee discussing Doctor Who, Worzel Grummidge, and other acting
      topics. The second part of the show has Joey Reynolds' 2001 interview with
      Gail Bennett, fan illustrator whose artwork got used on the UK editions of
      the Doctor Who "Find Your Fate" books of the 1980s, in a discussion
      remembering Jon Pertwee. The 5/19 edition with Wendy Padbury and Charles
      Martin is still online at the American Who website.

      Business Talk Radio Network http://www.businesstalkradio.net/
      Late Sun/Early Mon 2-6AM EDT (11PM-3AM PDT, 7-11AM BST, 4-8PM AEST ) "Sci-Fi
      Overdrive" http://www.scifioverdrive.com/ station list on the scifioverdrive
      http://www.businesstalkradio.net/weekday_host/Archives/sfo.shtml - archives
      in MP3 format
      Live audio link at Business Talk website - requires Windows Media Player.
      National sci-fi radio talk show, sometimes with Doctor Who content. Easiest
      to hear in timezones outside the USA. Program details not revealed yet. For
      the past couple of weeks, portions of the most recent American Who program
      have been included in the 4th hour, which not all stations air. I do not
      know if American Who will be included this week.



      UK Gold http://www.onthebox.com/partner/otb
      Late Fri 12:30-2:20AM, Sat 7:10-9AM BST "Pyramids Of Mars" movie
      In 1911, the Earth was destroyed when an intergalactic secret hidden in an
      Egyptian tomb is unveiled. Or was it? The Doctor investigates.
      Late Sat 1:25-3:10AM, Sun 7:15-9AM BST "The Android Invasion" movie
      A return to Earth brings the 4th Doctor and Sarah to a tiny English village
      and U*N*I*T's involvement in a space mission. But there is a surprising lack
      of people. And no one remembers the Doctor. What has happened to the Earth?

      UK Gold + 1
      Late Fri 1:30-3:20AM BST "Pyramids Of Mars" movie
      Late Sat 2:25-4:10AM BST "The Android Invasion" movie

      Homechoice http://www.homechoice.co.uk
      Video On Demand. Now playing:
      "Robot" all 4 pts
      "The Ark In Space" all 4 pts
      "The Sontaran Experiment" both pts


      TELE 5 Poland http://www.tele5.pl/
      Weekdays 4:40PM CET "Tom Baker episodes with Polish subtitles"
      TELE 5 ran 26 Tom Baker episodes last year, and has been rerunning them on
      weekdays for the last few weeks. Their website is of little use in
      determining which stories are airing, and the episode order was largely
      random, so seeing part 4 of, say, The Brain Of Morbius, would give you no
      clue as to what the next story would be.


      BBC Kids http://www.bbckids.ca
      Weeknights 2 episodes Midnight + 4AM EDT (9PM + 1AM PDT)
      Saturday/Sunday complete stories Midnight + 3:30AM EDT (9PM + 12:30AM PDT)
      Wed "Revenge Of The Cybermen" pts 3+4 of 4
      The Cybermen take over Nerva, hoping to use the station and its surviving
      crew in a plot to destroy Voga, the planet of gold, the only substance able
      to kill Cybermen. Unbeknowest to the Cybermen, the Vogans have their own
      weapon of Mass Destruction, which they plan to use to destroy Nerva.
      Thu "Terror Of The Zygons" pts 1+2 of 4
      Fri "Terror Of The Zygons" pts 3+4 of 4
      Loch Ness is hiding more than a monster - it's also hiding shape changing
      aliens with designs of turning Earth into their new home.
      Sat "Image Of The Fendahl" all 4 pts
      The 4th Doctor and Leela investigate the existence on Earth of a scanner
      whose frequency will rip the planet apart within days if not dealt with.
      Human curiosity has uncovered a shocking secret from the galactic past.
      Sun "The Sun Makers" all 4 pts
      The 4th Doctor, Leela, and K9 find the survivors of humanity living as
      virtual slaves on Pluto, where a ruthless government/corporation combo
      exploits the species for money. Tis a bad idea to mess with the Doctor's
      favorite species.
      Mon "Planet Of Evil" pts 1+2 of 4
      Tue "Planet Of Evil" pts 3+4 of 4
      In the distant future, a scientific expedition is nearly wiped out
      discovering a new form of energy. This is the story of the rescue committee
      that had the misfortune to find the missing expedition.

      Channel numbers in brackets ( ) indicate a digital station that is not on
      the air. All stations currently airing Doctor Who that do not have digital
      transmitters on the air have received wavers from the FCC giving them till
      November 1, 2003 to go on the air. Low power stations do not currently have
      digital assignments.

      NHPTV New Hampshire http://www.nhptv.org
      analog 11,49,52
      digital 57,48,(49) - simulcast of analog begins in 2003?
      Boston DirecTV Local 11,955
      Boston Dish Local 11,8781
      Pledge season. Next episode airs Late Saturday June 14 at Midnight.

      WCNY/W59AU Syracuse/Utica, NY http://www.wcny.org
      analog 24,59
      digital 25-1
      Pre-empted by pledge drives. Next episode June 22nd. Oddly enough, WCNY had
      gone back to Robot instead of airing The Masque Of Mandragora. The listings
      claim that episodes of The Sea Devils will air next month, though in theory
      Robot episode 4 should air next.

      WSKG Binghamton, NY http://www.wskg.com
      analog 46
      digital (42)
      Sat 11:30PM EDT "The Brain Of Morbius" pt 1 of 4
      Morbius. The hot new tourist destination. Lovely naturalistic weather. No
      global warming. Lots of fresh water. No pollen or bug problems. No tourist
      has ever complained. Indeed, no tourist has ever LEFT the planet. Starting
      next week, WSKG airs 2 Doctor Who episodes a week at 11PM for at least 2

      WYBE Philadelphia, PA http://www.wybe.org
      analog 35
      digital 34-1
      Philadelphia DirecTV Local 35,909
      Philadelphia Dish Local 35,8162
      Sat 11PM EDT "State Of Decay" pts 3+4 of 4
      The vampires are hiding another vampire, a Giant Vampire. One of a species
      the Time Lords are committed to destroying, no matter what the cost.

      MPT Maryland http://www.mpt.org
      analog 22,67,28,31,62,36
      digital 42,(29),(62),(44),(28),(56) - simulcast of analog begins in 2003?
      DC/Hagerstown & Baltimore DirecTV Local 22,980
      Late Sat Mid EDT "Attack Of The Cybermen" movie
      Lytton, former ally of the Daleks, entraps the 6th Doctor, Peri, and the
      Cybermen in a cunning deception. Who is he really working for? Will anyone

      WCET Cincinnati, OH http://www.wcet.org
      analog 48
      digital 34-2
      Cincinnati DirecTV Local 48,909
      Cincinnati Dish Local 48,8356
      Sat 11PM EDT "Vengeance On Varos" 4 pt version, pts 3+4
      The Governor's life is endangered when he finally begins to object to the
      vicious methods of "justice" and "entertainment" used on his planet.

      WILL Urbana, IL http://www.will.uiuc.edu
      analog 12
      digital (9)
      Sat 11:40PM CDT "The Seeds Of Doom" pt 1 of 6
      The discovery of alien seed pods in Antarctica draw the attention of the 4th
      Doctor and Sarah, who fear that great danger is about to be awakened.

      IPTV Iowa http://www.sffn.com http://www.iptv.org
      analog 11,12,21,24,27,32,32,36
      digital 50,(45),(25),(18),(28),(33),(35),(35) - simulcast of analog begins
      in 2003?
      Des Moines DirecTV Local coming soon
      Des Moines Dish Local 11,9116
      Cedar Rapids Dish Local 12,9161
      Omaha, NE Dish Local 32,9146
      Sat 11:35PM CDT "The Brain Of Morbius" pts 1+2 of 4
      See WSKG for details.

      KERA/K44FI Dallas/Wichita Falls, TX http://www.kera.org
      analog 13,44
      digital 14-1
      Dallas DirecTV Local 13,889
      Dallas Dish Local 13,8406
      Late Fri 12:30AM CDT "Snakedance" movie
      The Mara reinvades Tegan's mind, forcing the 5th Doctor and Nyssa to go to
      drastic steps to save her and keep her from being used to destroy the
      Manussan civilization.

      KBDI/K32EO Denver/Colorado Springs, CO http://www.kbdi.org
      analog 12,32
      digital (38)
      Denver DirecTV Local 12,910
      Denver Dish Local 12,8211
      Pre-empted by pledge drives. Next Doctor Who episodes air Late Friday June

      KUED/KUES-DT Salt Lake City/Richfield, UT http://www.kued.org
      analog 7
      digital 42-1,19-1
      Salt Lake City DirecTV Local 7,982
      Salt Lake City Dish Local 7,8536
      Sat 11:30PM MDT "Warriors' Gate" pt 3 of 4
      The 4th Doctor and Romana learn the secrets of the civilization of the Time

      KBTC/KCKA/K65BU Tacoma/Centralia/Gray's River, WA http://www.kbtc.org
      analog 28,15,65
      digital 27-1,(19)
      Seattle DirecTV Local 12,910
      Seattle Dish Local 28,8620
      Sat 7PM, Late Sat 12:30AM PDT "Ghostlight" pts 1+2 of 3
      The 7th Doctor's drive to understand one of Ace's phobias leads the TARDIS
      team into a web of murder and devastation. And possibly a betrayal of trust
      that he would not be able to recover from. Why is KBTC skipping

      KTEH/KCAH San Jose/Watsonville, CA http://www.kteh.org
      analog 54,25
      digital (50),(58)
      San Francisco DirecTV Local 54,903
      Salinas Dish Local 25,9190
      Doctor Who is on hiatus.

      Thanks for reading. Until next week, take care.

      Doctor Who is a BBC Trademark. Copyright 2003.

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      Checked by AVG anti-virus system (http://www.grisoft.com).
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