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The Ark In Space Intros - A TWIDW Supplement

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  • Benjamin F. Elliott
    (Originally Published February 8, 2002) Courtesy of TJ Lubinsky, here s a transcript of the Time/Life produced introductions for The Ark In Space, narrated by
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 31, 2002
      (Originally Published February 8, 2002)

      Courtesy of TJ Lubinsky, here's a transcript of the Time/Life produced
      introductions for The Ark In Space, narrated by Howard Da Silva. Notes about
      their production are further down. The restored Howard Da Silva intros will
      be included as an extra on theWarner Video NTSC R1 DVD release of The Ark In
      Space when it is released in the US & Canada in August 2002.


      These were re-created from Time/Life edit logs of the edit seesion at
      Teletronics on August 1978

      Episode #M12005
      (Fade up: shot of Dr. Who meeting Wirrn from Part 4)
      cue v/o: "Dr.Who is attacked by the wasp-like Wirrn on Space Station Nerva,
      where the only survivors of Earth, sleep in a deep-freezed state. The giant
      insects human face gives the Doctor cause for alarm..."

      sound full: Sarah screams "run Doctor, Run"

      (Grass Valley sawtooth wipe pattern #16)
      ((shots of space men shooting bubble-wrap))

      cue v/o:: "When Harry and the rest of the revived crew, find the Wirrn
      - the Doctor's fears are confirmed, they are seeking human hosts, in which
      grow to adult-hood"

      cut to Vira/Noah: "What has happened, sommander are you there - Wirrn are
      here, they will destory the humans, the Eath shall be ours"

      (Grass Valley sawtooth wipe #18)
      ((scene of suspended space people))
      cue v/o:: "The humans, still suspended in the deep freeze chamber, are easy
      prey for the insect army, and a new edition to their group, is very dear to
      Harry and Dr. Who"

      sound full" Harry - "Doctor.....Dr.Who says "Sarah, oh Sarah Jane"

      (commercial stopdown :15 recue)

      (shot of Noah shooting larvae)

      "The commander of the space colony is to impectious for his own good, rushed
      by the larvel mass of the Wirrn, his body becomes a host for its growth, by
      stages - the human will evolve into an adult insect"

      PART TWO - #M12006
      (opening credits)

      cue v/o:: "After finding Sarah in the deep freeze vault, a less familiar
      attracts Harry's attention"

      (shot of Vira and Dr.Who meeting Noah on space walk)

      "Dr.Who suspects the larvae have found there human food source"

      sound full: "keep back, dont touch me"

      (edit - cut to larvae moving)
      cue v/o: "But the rest of the parasidic mass, needs other living beings to

      PART THREE: #M12007

      cue v/o (after open credits): "What was once a human hand, is now a feeding
      ground for insect larvae. AFter persisting 10,000 years in space - the sole
      survivors of Earth, may never live to return home".

      *No voice-over recorded for this episode*
      (scene features Sarah being attacked by Wirrn through grill)

      PART FOUR #M12008
      "Dr. Who comes face to face with a mature Wirrn, who was once the commander
      of Space station Nerva, not only has the creature absorbed Noah's human
      it has retained his human mind"....

      *Ark In Space was one of the last episodes to have been shipped from England
      to the Teletronics producers for screening and reformatting for commercial
      syndication. Since the backlog was so intense for a September 30 launch, a
      2nd editor was brought in to assist Ruth Newald in finishing the project in
      time for the series debut.

      This created a few problems:

      The new editor, was not familiar enough with the format standardized by Ruth
      and the Time/Life producers, and made some edit decisions out of haste -
      since the prodicers were split between writing, tracking (recording audio)
      and editing all 98 episodes over 8 weeks - the last few weeks got sloppy,
      sadly "Ark In Space" suffers from a lack of care and attention the majority
      of the package received under the primary editor/producers supervision for
      the reformatting job at Teletronics.

      #1 - the standard length was 23:56 for the episodes, since the edit
      made in haste caused an over-run in timings for episodes one and two - each
      credit from the principal actors were trimmed by 2 secons to accomidate late
      "crash" fades into the end credits following the teaser scenes. This could
      have been avoided by an earlier audio cross fade -or corrected in the sound
      mix, but wasnn't - and aired this way throughout the life of these versions
      on U.S. commercial TV.

      *Note: For the original 98 episodes, only 4 episodes (Ark In Space 1&2 and
      Genesis Of The Daleks 1&2) feature shortened credits - this was a decision
      made by the 2nd editor of the 1978 syndication package as his solution for a
      timing issue.

      #2 - A bad edit for the ending teaser for Episode One (logo flies back prior
      to commercial break) existed on some tapes in US commercial TV distribution,
      whereby :03 of the ending audio sting was faded early, while the video

      Some copies (aka "prints" - but not really "prints" since its all 2" tape
      "dubs") feature an early fade of the video (logo flying back fades early to
      match the audio) - This was the edit used for the DVD, since this was the
      original editors "fix" chosen, though not fully executed for commercial TV

      #3 - The voice over for Part 3's ending teaser was accidentally erased,
      during the final mix session. (that new editor again) This is the only
      episode of the original 98, that does not contain a full voice-over for Part
      Three's ending teaser.

      Some dubs distributed in US syndication featured a short "Next Time" tag
      (lifted from another session track mixdown), while most copies in commercial
      syndication featured no track at all - just the preview scene. The DVD
      samples the rare-edit "Next Time" tag, slammed in by the Time/Life tapehouse
      during mass duplication of the bycicle tapes.

      Special thanks to: Ruth Newald, and the VCA Teletronics staff for their
      memories of a job they "slammed" together for their clients at Time/Life
      more than 24 years ago.
      Thanks to The Da SIlva estate for permission to edit and re-record Howard's
      voice. Special thanks to the staff at BBC Video - dedicated fans that care
      about our show, and having the care to make this exclusive U.S. extra
      possible for us in the states, that remember Howard's introductions - as our
      weekly guide to the series.
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