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518TWIDW Alert: "42" Moved To 19 May on BBC One Due To Eurovision

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  • Benjamin Elliott
    May 3, 2007
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      BBC One has schuffled its Saturday night schedule for this month to
      keep Doctor Who from airing prior to 7PM.

      5 May 7PM - The Lazarus Experiment - no change
      12 May - Pre-empted!!! - Eurovision night
      19 May - 42 (postponed from 12 May)
      26 May - Human Nature (postponed from 19 May)

      This is the first postponement of a new Doctor Who episode since the
      show revived in 2005, though they considered postponing Gridlock one
      week if a sports match had run too long.

      42 was going to air at 6:40PM. The Empty Child in 2005 and The Age Of
      Steel in 2006 aired early due to Eurovision. The recent Dalek 2
      parter (Daleks In Manhattan, Evolution Of The Daleks) had pre-7PM
      start times. Some people were criticizing the early start times for
      fear that the casual audience was not home for Who till at least 7PM.

      So - Lazarus Experiment in the UK this weekend. No episode for
      Eurovision. Then back to normal with 42 on the 19th.

      Benjamin Elliott
      This Week In Doctor Who