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1Welcome to the This Week In Doctor Who List

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  • Benjamin F. Elliott
    Apr 5, 2001
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      This is largely a test message, to make sure the group is working properly.
      As of this writing, I recognize all the names in the members section, so I
      don't need to go into a long description about the birth of the This Week
      column in 1998, the patience of the readers during the early months, the
      format, etc. By the time I'd expect to have a large number of new readers
      who might want that information, the main TWIDW site should be up, and will
      handle those details.

      What this group will do:
      1) Provide instantaneous distribution of the This Week In Doctor Who column
      when it goes out Friday mornings (Eastern US Time)
      2) Carry announcements of surprise schedule changes, big developments, etc.
      3) Allow for reader polls on issues
      4) Anyone can sign up for the group

      What this group will not do:
      1) Cover Doctor Who fandom in general. I don't have the resources to try
      duplicating the Doctor Who Alliance (http://www.drwhoalliance.com/ ), nor
      would I wish to try.
      2) Be a discussion group. I intend to launch a discussion group in a few
      months, as I think a place to discuss Doctor Who on TV in the past, present,
      and future would be very useful. But this group will be strictly read-only,
      for info purposes.
      3) Become the sole distribution point for the column. This Week In Doctor
      Who will still go out to rec.arts.drwho , Outpost Gallifrey, Nitro-9, The
      Wolves Of Fenric, and the Varos website. The column began in the
      rec.arts.drwho newsgroup, while Shaun, Siobahn, Roger, and Jason have done a
      great deal to help nurture it by including it on their sites. I look forward
      to continuing to provide This Week wherever it will be useful.

      If there are any questions or concerns, please contact me at
      thisweekindoctorwho-owner@yahoogroups.com . And look for the next issue of
      This Week tomorrow morning.

      Benjamin F. Elliott
      This Week In Doctor Who