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127TWIDW Update - Doctor Who Movie on South African, UK, and US Sci-Fi Channels

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  • Benjamin F. Elliott
    Nov 1, 2002
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      Looks like Paul McGann and Daphne Ashbrook will be getting some more

      As previously reported on the Outpost Gallifrey website, the Sci-Fi Channel
      in the United Kingdom http://www.uk.scifi.com/ is airing the 1996 Doctor Who
      movie on Saturday 2 November at 8PM GMT and Sunday 3 November at 2PM GMT.
      The UK Sci-Fi Channel also owns the South African Sci-Fi Channel (same
      website - click on the South Africa tab), so it was logical to assume that
      the Who movie would show up there, too. And it is - in December.

      The airtimes in South Africa:
      Friday 27 December - 6:30 to 8PM Central African Time (CAT)
      Sunday 29 December - 1:20 to 2:50PM CAT
      Tuesday 31 December - 5 to 6:30PM CAT

      It's also getting a December airing in the UK, in addition to those
      previously mentioned:
      Thursday 26 December - 8 to 9:40PM GMT

      Finally, the US Sci-Fi Channel http://www.scifi.com/ , which years ago was
      related to these other Sci-Fi Channels but isn't anymore, has scheduled its
      own airing of the 1996 Doctor Who movie in December. Warning - unless you
      both live in Hawaii and have a satellite dish, you'll have to be a nightowl.

      East Coast/Satellite Feed:
      Late Sunday December 15th - 3 to 5AM EST / 2 to 4AM CST / 1 to 3AM MST /
      Midnight to 2AM PST / 11PM to 1AM Alaska / 10PM to Midnight Hawaii

      West Coast Feed:
      Late Sunday December 15th - 4 to 6AM MST / 3 to 5AM PST / 2 to 4AM Alaska /
      1 to 3AM Hawaii / 5 to 7AM CST / 6 to 8AM EST

      This has been a TWIDW alert.

      Benjamin F. Elliott

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