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5411RE: [Third Day] poll on gay marriage

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  • kayters@comcast.net
    Jul 13, 2005
      Couldn't agree more, Duncan. Unfortunately, I think we are in the minority.

      Katie :)

      Original Message:
      From: Duncan Smith d_smith77@...
      Date: Wed, 13 Jul 2005 19:39:07 -0000
      To: thirdday@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [Third Day] poll on gay marriage


      Miriam (aka myhopeizyou@ um, i forget the domain), you didn't give a <BR>
      reason for opposing gay marriage. Please go ahead and post your reason <BR>
      to the list when you get a chance. Now, I have voted in favour, and <BR>
      this is the reason. Restricting the right of homosexuals to marry will <BR>
      not "cure" them, it will not help them see the "error" of their ways. <BR>
      It is a hindrance upon their rights and freedoms, and it is a stain on <BR>
      the Bible that conservative Christians in government both in Canada and <BR>
      the United States use the Bible as a way of restricting those whom they <BR>
      abhor. Just because we may have legalized gay marriage does not mean <BR>
      that we heterosexuals have to go out and get married to a gay person. <BR>
      It doesn't hurt us to allow it, but it hurts them not to. God is a god <BR>
      of love, not one of ostricization, not one of exclusion, not one of <BR>
      hate, and using Him as a cover for these crimes against humanity is a <BR>
      shame on Him and on all of us. Thank you.<BR>
      Duncan Smith<BR>

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