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5410poll on gay marriage

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  • Duncan Smith
    Jul 13, 2005
      Miriam (aka myhopeizyou@ um, i forget the domain), you didn't give a
      reason for opposing gay marriage. Please go ahead and post your reason
      to the list when you get a chance. Now, I have voted in favour, and
      this is the reason. Restricting the right of homosexuals to marry will
      not "cure" them, it will not help them see the "error" of their ways.
      It is a hindrance upon their rights and freedoms, and it is a stain on
      the Bible that conservative Christians in government both in Canada and
      the United States use the Bible as a way of restricting those whom they
      abhor. Just because we may have legalized gay marriage does not mean
      that we heterosexuals have to go out and get married to a gay person.
      It doesn't hurt us to allow it, but it hurts them not to. God is a god
      of love, not one of ostricization, not one of exclusion, not one of
      hate, and using Him as a cover for these crimes against humanity is a
      shame on Him and on all of us. Thank you.

      Duncan Smith