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Co-Executive Director, Health Care Without Harm

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  • Davis Baltz
    Health Care Without Harm Co-Executive Director Health Care Without Harm is a broad based coalition working to eliminate the environmental harm caused by the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 30, 2004
      Health Care Without Harm
      Co-Executive Director

      Health Care Without Harm is a broad based coalition working to
      eliminate the environmental harm caused by the healthcare industry.
      HCWH is a unique organizational model that works through a broad set
      of organizations to accomplish its goals, rather than having a larger
      in-house staff. HCWH operates in North America with nine working
      groups and a Steering Committee of twenty leaders. HCWH has a
      parallel structure in Europe and key nodes of activity, projects and
      leaders in many regions of the world.

      Health Care Without Harm seeks an energetic and experienced leader to
      work in a leadership team to take significant responsibility for our
      organizational coherence and efficiency, and to help us capitalize on
      rapidly emerging opportunities to dramatically increase the
      effectiveness of our network.

      This position is available in either the San Francisco Bay or
      Washington DC area. Candidates interested in either location are
      encouraged to apply.


      A. Organizational Management

      1) Monitoring the overall health and functioning of the
      organization, and participating in problem solving, mid-course
      steering and conflict resolution.

      2) Leading organizational management, including:

      a) developing indicators of programmatic and fundraising success
      and tracking progress;

      b) leading staff and campaign leaders in annual workgroup
      evaluation, program reviews and planning processes;

      c) coordinating strategic planning;

      d) and ensuring a positive and productive working environment, including:

      i) creating and monitoring employee/leader performance and
      participating in performance revision;

      ii) helping to determine leader training and development needs
      and facilitating provision of training;

      iii) and actively advancing policies addressing social equity and
      the promotion of diversity within the organization.

      B. Organizational Coordination

      1) Serving as a liaison between the different parts of the organization

      2) Facilitating cross-program learning and cooperation

      3) Identifying needs and challenges in workgroups and
      organization-wide, as well as linking to European and international

      4) Working with staff/leaders to facilitate effective responses
      to opportunities and challenges

      C. Board relations

      1) Participate in recruitment of board members

      2) Developing and maintaining board relations


      * At least 5-10 years experience in the non-profit arena, with at
      least 3 years service as a senior manager (President, Vice President,
      Operations Director, or Program Director)
      * Demonstrated knowledge of organizational development with a
      variety of non-profit organizations
      * Demonstrated ability to assess organizational and professional
      development needs
      * Experience with program development and management desired
      * Experience with earned income strategies for non-profits desired
      * Experience with progressive advocacy non-profits desired


      * Demonstrated ability to work creatively and effectively with diverse groups
      * Excellent communication and coaching skills
      * Experience working in a multicultural/international team setting
      * An understanding of the politics of progressive non-profits
      * An understanding of non-profit management
      * Excellent writing skills
      * Ability to prioritize, multi-task and problem-solve in fast paced,
      dynamic work environment

      To apply:

      Send a letter of interest and resume via e-mail to Jolie Patterson
      Rosst, Campaign Manager at: jprosst@....

      Deadline for resumes: August 1, 2004

      For more information see http://www.noharm.org/
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