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Practice Tonight

Weather looks great for rapier practice tonight at Gleview's Community Park West (starts 6:30-7pm when enough people get there), though may get a little chilly
Tedesco da Venezia
Sep 16, 2014


Rain has been completely removed from the forecast for this evening, so there definitely will be rapier practice tonight at Glenview's Community West Park
Tedesco da Venezia
Sep 9, 2014

Fwd: Practice tonight

Forecast is calling for 80° and 0% chance of rain. We'll be at Community Park West in Glenview as usual:
Tedesco da Venezia
Sep 2, 2014

Fwd: Practice tonight is on!

Looks like the gray dreary clouds are going to move out by noon, and there are enough people still in the area that there WILL BE fencing practice tonight at
Tedesco da Venezia
Aug 5, 2014

No fencing practice tonight

Looks like weather and schedules aren't cooperating again this week. ~Tedesco da Venezia~
Tedesco da Venezia
Jul 29, 2014

Practice cancelled

Due to the possibility of bad weather (and somewhat a lack of interest) we're not going to hold fencing practice today at Community Park West in Glenview.
Tedesco da Venezia
Jul 22, 2014

Practice tonight is ON

Weather looks like we should be alright as of when I looked last night so let's plan on getting together as normal. Once again here is the location for the
Jim Lai
Jul 15, 2014

Practice tonight!

So the weather forecasts all agree for a change. Glenview should have great weather for fencing tonight. As usual, we've got Community Park West in Glenview,
Jim Lai
Jul 8, 2014

Practice is ON for tonight!

It looks like last night's derecho has passed us over and the forecast looks good for a change. So practice at Community Park West is on for tonight. As
Jim Lai
Jul 1, 2014

Re: Practice is ON at Community Park West in Glenview

Things are looking good. Rain seems to have blown over! Hope folks are coming!
Jim Lai
Jun 24, 2014

Practice is ON at Community Park West in Glenview

It seems like we're getting a break from the Tuesday evening storms this week, so practice is on for anyone who can make it. As always, here's the map:
Jim Lai
Jun 24, 2014

Practice is on for tonight

Practice is on at Community Park West in Glenview:
Jim Lai
Jun 17, 2014

No practice tonight

Looks like rain in Glenview tonight, so Thieves of Hearts practice is off. Things look bad on Wednesday, so if we do have practice tomorrow, it likely won't be
Jim Lai
Jun 10, 2014

Practice is on for TONIGHT

Where: Community Park West, Glenview, IL. Map: http://goo.gl/maps/zMJZy When: 6:30 PM Who: anyone who wants to come out and fight! Kai
Jim Lai
Jun 3, 2014

Practice is on for TOMORROW

According to most of the weather services, we should be at a 50% or greater chance of thunderstorms in Glenview by 7PM tonight: http://goo.gl/urBgwX So
Jim Lai
May 20, 2014
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