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Sorry about that

Spammer blocked and spam deleted, but that doesn't really do anything for those who already got it. Take care, -- Ruadhán
Oct 2, 2010

Re: Eros as patron of Homosexuals?

Thank you so much for the insight.  I, recently, read in one mythology book that Eros possibly was in a relationship with his father Ares, which might have
Christopher Davis
Sep 30, 2010

Re: Eros as patron of Homosexuals?

... As best as I can tell, this probably started with His worship in Boeotian gymnasia and, if I recall correctly, at the tomb of Hylas around Thebes (in
Sep 19, 2010

Eros as patron of Homosexuals?

How did this actually begin? I cant find any myths on Eros having a gay love affair of any kind which would suggest his involvement in that portfolio.
Nov 28, 2009

Re: Eros as a Creator God

... Of course not - feel free. (: I don't go on that forum anyhoo, haha.
Aug 19, 2009

Re: Eros as a Creator God

By the way, would you mind if I shared this on this forum: http;//forum.hellenistai.com ...or, if you'd rather, you could. -- Ruadhan
Ruadhan J McElroy
Aug 18, 2009

Re: Eros as a Creator God

Thank you! (: I remember reading the Zeus-Phanes myth and being slightly alarmed... but I've since realised it's sort of beautiful. And it redeems the
Aug 17, 2009

Re: Eros as a Creator God

That was very beautifully put. :-) -- Ruadhan
Ruadhan J McElroy
Aug 17, 2009

Re: Eros as a Creator God

There is, strangely, a myth of Zeus devouring Phanes/Protogenos/Elder Eros. Following that, you could logically say that he became the 'Creator' god: and that
Aug 17, 2009

New forum

http://forum.hellenistai.com/ I created this forum over the weekend, and it passes my rigid standards (of not going teh b0rken). Feel free to sign up and start
Ruadhan McElroy
Apr 7, 2009

[x-post] Eros/Aphrodite cult-worship chat

Just spreading the word for an Eros/Aphrodite chat on Tuesday: http://ofthespiae.wordpress.com/2009/03/29/hellenistai-chat/ If you choose not to click the
Ruadhan McElroy
Mar 29, 2009

Re: Eros as a Creator God

I think if by "Creator," you intend to conjure up a more traditional image of a patrician, Father figure-like deity, then Zeus would be it. But if you intend
Dec 23, 2008

Eros as a Creator God

There is a discussion on another list about Zeus as a / "the" Creator God, and honestly, through both mythology and gnosis, I've always felt that to be a
Ruadhan McElroy
Dec 21, 2008

Cult/Patron Worship in my Daily Ritual

http://ofthespiae.wordpress.com/2008/11/14/eros-in-my-daily-ritual/ The following is from my Eros blog (entry linked above); you can read the full post there:
Ruadhan McElroy
Nov 14, 2008

To Eros

Originally from my own book of poetry and ritual, then posted to: http://ofthespiae.wordpress.com/2008/11/11/poetry-to-eros/ First-born Theos, son of maiden
Ruadhan J McElroy
Nov 11, 2008
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