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The Zocalo Today - June 16, 2006

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  • Sandra Bruckner
    THE ZOCALO TODAY – June 16, 2006 WHAT S NEW Hey there. Getting ready to take a few days off and thought I d catch up everyone on some of the latest news –
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      THE ZOCALO TODAY – June 16, 2006

      WHAT'S NEW

      Hey there. Getting ready to take a few days off and thought I'd
      catch up everyone on some of the latest news – and send out the new
      discussion topics that I think we can all have fun with. Be sure to
      send in your favorites to share with readers here at The Zocalo

      Also, don't forget to catch up on the Babylon Podcasts. I had the
      distinct pleasure of being a guest on the last one and had a
      marvelous time with Summer and Tim. Talking about experiences with
      cast and crew – as well as with fans who love Babylon 5 is always an
      enjoyable experience.

      With the coming of summer, some of you may have time on your hands.
      What better way to use that time than to re-watch Babylon 5 -- and
      talk about favorite moments, favorite characters, etc. Let's start
      with season one and work our way forward. What is your favorite
      season one episode? Who is your favorite season one character? Of
      all the wonderful moments in that first season, which one(s) are the
      most memorable to you?

      For those of you who are reading the Babylon 5 Scripts -- what
      material have you liked the most so far? The introductions by JMS,
      reading through deleted scenes, the photos? Every other week, we
      will move forward with another season of episodes. So get out your
      VCRs and DVDs. Babylon 5 is coming to the discussion topic area.


      Jeffrey Willerth (Kosh) - June 5
      Donovan Brown (Optic Nerve) - June 6
      Ann Bruice Aling (Costumes)- June 8
      Mark Walters (Art Department)- June 10
      Susan Norkin (Post) - June 10
      Adrienne Barbeau (Amanda Carter) - June 11
      Enid-Raye Adams (Crusade)- June 16
      Mike Vejar (Director)- June 25

      If there is anyone we have missed, be sure to drop me a note so that
      I can add them to our Cast and Crew Birthday Listing. We want to
      include everyone in our Happy Birthday Wishes.


      Babylon Podcast: Show #20
      by Summer —
      Wednesday, June 14, 2006
      Welcome to Show #20!
      Guest: Sandra Bruckner, ISN News

      Tim and Summer find themselves flying without Jeffrey, and Sandra
      Bruckner joins them for a chat.

      Sandra runs the indepth and informative online resource ISN News:
      The Zocalo Today, currently keeping Babylon 5 fans updated on where
      their favorite B5 cast and crew members can be found in current

      She tells us all about how she became involved with B5, starting
      from the hard copy fan letters through the news updates on the
      website today. Sandra also relates her times spent on the B5 sets
      over the years, covering B5 cast appearances at conventions, keeping
      track of the B5 fan club sales, being an extra in "Objects at Rest",
      and much, much more.

      Next, Tim, Summer and Sandra engage in a roundtable discussion about
      where they feel Babylon 5 ranks all-time in SF television, past and
      present, and discuss how much B5 may have influenced current
      television projects.

      Listener Feedback: Tim and Summer dive into emails: Susan puts forth
      a theory on how Marcus may have been a 30-year-old virgin; Chris
      tells us about the DVD for the Biggs/Carter Experience that used to
      be available from Pipetap Productions, the proceeds of which benefit
      Richard Biggs' children.

      This week's voicemails include messages from Alejandro comments
      on "A Late Delivery from Avalon", and wants to know why Delenn was
      portrayed as the Lady of the Lake; Alan in Dublin sends in an almost
      unintelligible message thanking us for producing the show; Ed from
      NJ sends his appreciation for the production values of the show, and
      wants a comment on Jerry Doyle's pay-per-play podcast of his radio

      Go to <http://www.babylonpodcast.com>Babylon Podcast to listen.

      by Summer —
      Wednesday, June 7, 2006

      Welcome to Show #19!
      Interview: David J. Eagle (Director)
      Tim, Summer and Jeff chat with David J. Eagle, director of 13
      episodes from Seasons 2-5, including the Hugo Award winning "Severed

      David talks about how he came to Babylon 5, the tendency of his
      episodes to be the high-impact ones, the joy of getting a complete
      script to work with from JMS weeks before shooting started, a little
      bit about his friendship with Isaac Asimov, and touches on some of
      his current projects.

      Next, Tim and Summer discuss "Survivors", one of the first set-up
      episodes that has major repercussions throughout the rest of the
      series. We have varying opinions on the strengths and weaknesses of
      the episode.

      Listener Feedback: Tim, Summer and Jeffrey dive into emails from
      Brian asking whether B5 will show up on TV again; Michael corrects
      himself on talking about longer "trailers" instead of the "gag
      reels"; Jason Rennie of The SciPhi Show on alternate audio tracks in
      files available for download; and David comments on the realism of
      the Ranger's pike.

      Babylon Podcast: Show #18
      by Summer —
      Wednesday, May 31, 2006

      Welcome to Show #18!
      Interview: Jason Carter ("Marcus Cole")
      Tim and Summer continue the extended edition of the chat with Jason
      Carter. Here in part two, Jason talks about being a convention
      whore, his time at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts,
      the acting workshops he runs in various parts of the country, and
      The Pirates of Penzance.

      And just another reminder: Jason will be teaching two acting
      workshops in June, "Fundamentals of Acting" at FanOdyssey on June 9
      in Los Angeles, and a Freeplay Acting class at the Synergy Ensemble
      Theatre Company on June 24, in Islip, NY.

      Next, Tim, Summer and Jeffrey dive into listener feedback: Andrew
      comments on "Deathwalker", and Chaz compares the theme
      in "Deathwalker" to "Quality of Mercy" via email. John in KC shares
      an anecdote about Walter Koenig, and John from Dispatches from
      Tuzenor with comments on "Deathwalker" via voicemail.
      Episode discussion will continue next week with "Survivors".


      Lost 10.3
      Medium 6.8
      Alias 4.5
      Ghost Whisperer 4.0
      Smallville 1.5
      Charmed 1.2
      Supernatural 1.2
      Source: Nielsen Galaxy Report, 5/22/06 - 5/28/06.

      Fans of the series will be sad to hear that Billie Piper (Rose
      Tyler) in the very popular DOCTOR WHO series will be leaving at the
      end of season two. The BBC officially confirmed rumors about this
      that have been circulating for months. DOCTOR WHO is currently
      airing in the United Kingdom and on the SciFi Channel (season one. A
      June 15 press release on the BBC's official Web site announced that
      Piper would exit the show "in a nail-biting [season] -two finale."

      30 DAYS OF NIGHT
      According to the Hollywood Reporter, Josh Hartnett is in
      negotiations to star in 30 DAYS OF NIGHT for Columbia Pictures. The
      script, written by Stuart Beattie and Brian Nelson, follows a local
      sheriff (Hartnett) and his wife who is also a sheriff. It is set in
      Barrow, Alaska, the northernmost town in the U.S. where the sun does
      not appear for more than 30 days during the dead of winter. An evil
      force emerges from the darkness, striking terror into the town. The
      husband and wife sheriffs are forced to choose between saving
      themselves and helping the town survive until daylight returns. The
      film is based on the comic book by the same name and will be
      directed by David Slade.

      Ranger Van sent along information about HeroesCon (June 30-July 2 in
      Charlotte, NC). J. Michael Straczynski will be one of the guest --
      along with a ton of comic book writers, artists. Details are on the
      convention calendar.

      Ranger Stephen has send along information about TT20 (July 7-9).
      Mira Furlan and Julie Caitlin Brown have joined the guest list. See
      more information on the calendar below.

      One of the best (if not the best) fan-run conventions around! Shore
      Leave has guests from Stargate SG-1, Enterprise, Battlestar
      Galactica – and more. Be sure to check out the calendar for more
      details or stop over at http://www.shore-leave.com. Dates: July 7-
      9, 2006

      For those of you on the mailing list, it was great to get the new
      update for the San Diego ComiCon coming in July. In the latest
      issue, J. Michael Straczynski has a 3-page interview. He answers
      questions about his comicbook work and talks about Babylon 5.
      Dates: July 20-23, 2006

      There is lots more news for you over at The Zocalo Today
      (http://www.isnnews.net), so be sure to drop over and catch up.

      Have a great weekend.
      Be safe.

      Sandra Bruckner
      ISN News: The Zocalo Today
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