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  • unhcr7@umacr.org
    Free Ebook Hi friends, I m SAM, an Iraqi refugee living in Lebanon. I m an activist for human rights, especially for refugees. I m working now on a project for
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 11, 2004
      Free Ebook

      Hi friends,

      I'm SAM, an Iraqi refugee living in Lebanon. I'm an activist for human rights, especially for refugees. I'm working now on a project for publishing ebooks on the net about our cases as refugees. I'm writing about my own experience and I'm translating some articles from Arabic to English. One of my ebooks is for sale and the other are for free. I need some help in proof reading and editing for my free ebook {REFUGEES FARM} it's about a special event in the life of refugees in Lebanon when they went in hunger strike at UNHCR's office in Beirut. I translated articles from local newspaper and also I'll add my comments.

      The book will be available for free, but I need some proof reading (in English). I hope I can find help from any friend who has the ability and the time to do some editing (grammar arranging). The work is in MS word documents. For any friend how speaking Arabic and English there will be articles in Arabic.

      Please notice; I don't have any financial offers for that work. I'll give it free for any one who likes to read. I can offer only to put some announcement in the ebook about any help I'll have to make the book. For example if there is any one who has any kind of work related to book business and he will help me for free I'll put an announcement about his company and his contribution in return for his help or sponsoring if available.

      I appreciate any help.

      I�ll be happy if you look in this page: http://www.unhcr.co.uk/farm/farm.htm there are links to download the work
      for the ebook �refugees farm�.

      There are zip files contain the work, you can download what you like to read and to work on if you like.

      I�ll be happy to hear your opinions and comments.

      Please, use the form in this page: http://www.unhcr.co.uk/email_me.htm to reach me fast.

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